Begur Shirt

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Say hello to your favourite garment 

This linen crop-top shirt will be your best ally this season. Every detail has been carefully studied to offer you Clotsy's most comfortable, lightweight and elegant garment.

Goodbye wrinkles, hello freedom

Linen is great, but we don't like it to wrinkle so much, do we?

We've thought about that too! That's why this garment has the perfect fabric to leave wrinkles behind and still enjoy the elegance and lightness of linen.

Its composition is 60% linen, 20% GOTS organic cotton, 20% recycled cotton and, thanks to this, we get a softer finish and it wrinkles much less.

Elegant and cool

Thanks to the special fabric we have chosen, the shirt is both elegant and lightweight, perfect for hot summer days. So you can enjoy yourself while still taking care of the planet with Clotsy.

We've taken care of every detail

Comfort and versatility played an important role in the design. Its length is perfect and its neckline is comfortable and subtle.

Its pattern, side slits and back darts make it a garment with a lot of personality.

 - Maria wears the small size of the shirt. She normally wears size XS-S.

For this shirt we have created two unique sizes: one small and one large. If you wear sizes XS to M, choose the small size. If, on the other hand, you wear L to XL, choose the larger size.

If you have any doubts when choosing, you can write to us at

And remember that size exchanges are free of charge.

Place of manufacture: Murcia, Spain.

Materials: 60% linen, 20% recycled cotton, 20% organic cotton.

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RRHH y nóminas 21,36%

You can wash it by hand or in the washing machine but, in any case, we always recommend washing it in cold water or at a very low temperature (30ºC), because linen can shrink and deform with heat.

If you opt for machine washing, choose a short programme and avoid spin-drying.

Plastic warrior, we're sure you'll like this too ♥