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Get 15% for you and your best friends #plasticwarriors

Hello #plasticwarrior, we know that there are many of you who recommend Clotsy to your closest circle, that you share your orders on RRSS and it makes us very happy. For this reason, we have created this program so that you can enjoy a small discount for being our best influencer ;)

Now you're thinking… ok, great. But how does it work?

It's simple,

  1. Enter your name and email to get a personalized link for you.
  2. Now you can share it by RRSS, by email, by Whatsapp and even put it on your Instagram profile.
  3. With this personalized link, your friends and followers will get a 15% discount coupon on their first sustainable fashion order at Clotsy Brand. The discount is valid with a minimum order of €10 .
  4. When they use it and become #plasticwarriors, you will receive your 15% discount on your next purchase. Your discount coupon is valid with a minimum order of €10.
  5. And that's it. That easy! Everyone a little more sustainable and happy with the discount :P

Let's go into detail (I always leave important things unsaid and this time I don't want it to be like that!!)

How long does the discount last?

The coupon your friend receives expires 30 days after it was issued. Your Clotsy Brand “influencer” coupon never expires.

Can I share my coupon with anyone?

The answer is yes! You can share your coupon with any friend who has never made a purchase at Clotsy Brand before.

How many people can I send my coupon to?

You can share your coupon with all the friends you want, the more people we bet on sustainable fashion, the happier our planet will be. ;)

When can I use my discount coupon?

As soon as you receive the discount by email.

What is the minimum order to be able to apply the coupon?

For both you and your friend, the minimum order amount to be able to apply the 15% discount is €10.

If you have any questions (or think we have missed something), you can write to us at or talk to us on Instagram (@clotsy.brand).


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