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12 Colors that Combine with Beige (Guide 2024)

Beige is one of the great basic colors, widely used and widely chosen, both in looks and in the decoration of environments. It is clear that this is for a reason and that although it combines with practically any color, there are some with which it combines much more. In the post that we bring you today we will tell you which are the 12 best colors to combine with beige and thus create looks both for everyday use and for going out or going to work perfectly. From what to do to what to avoid, at the end of reading you will have found the necessary inspiration to start getting the most out of this color.

What colors combine with beige? 12 best

Beige, that neutral and versatile tone, has become a staple in anyone's closet. Its timeless elegance makes it ideal to combine with a wide range of colors, creating looks that are as sophisticated as they are full of preppy style . Therefore, we tell you below which are the 12 best colors to combine it:

Beige with gray

A classic of elegance, the combination of beige and gray brings sophistication and sobriety to any look. You can play with different shades of gray, from light to dark, to create different effects. A beige suit with a light gray shirt and a dark gray tie is a safe bet for any formal occasion.

Beige and white

A fresh and bright combination. White brings light to any look or space in which it is used and adds freshness to beige, meaning it is a perfect combination for a look on warmer days.

Beige and navy blue

This combination is nautical elegance with a touch of warmth. Navy blue provides a touch of contrast to beige, creating an elegant yet relaxed look.

Beige and burgundy

When we use a lot of beige in clothes for short girls Because we wear our look it easily ends up looking boring, burgundy is an excellent option to add vitality without being too flashy.

Beige and green

Green combines perfectly with beige, both in dark and light tones. If you choose earthy shades of beige, even better.

Beige and pink

Pink, in its softer and powderier tones, adds a touch of femininity, romanticism and delicacy to beige. Although this color is usually scary when it comes to combining it, the truth is that there are many colors that combine with pink .

Beige and yellow

The yellow, Color blocking associated with joy, energy and positivity, will make you transform any basic look into one full of personality and casual style .

Beige and orange

Orange, in its warmer and earthier tones, combines perfectly with beige, creating a cozy and warm look, ideal for the autumn months.

Beige and brown

Brown, in its different shades, combines perfectly with beige as they are shades from the same range. You can wear a monochromatic beige outfit or combine it with different shades of brown to create a more dynamic look with greater depth. Learn other colors that combine with brown

Beige and black

Black is the most classic option and chosen to combine any color, beige is no exception. You can use beige to make it stand out in an all-black outfit or vice versa, in an all-beige look, let the black stand out. Learn other colors that combine with black to have more outfit options.

Beige and gold

Gold is a color associated with luxury, opulence and sophistication, it provides a glamorous and elegant touch to beige. The ideal thing in this case is to choose the color for the accessories, for example, you could use a total beige look and add bracelets, necklaces, earrings or even a bag to elevate the outfit.

Beige and animal print

The latter is not a color as such, but beige is ideal to combine with animal prints. Being a sober and basic color, it lets the animal print stand out and does not divert attention. If you want to start wearing animal print, but you don't know how to combine it, start by choosing clothes that are beige.

Best looks to combine beige color 2024

In this following list we leave you some ideas of simple and very practical looks for beige garments, so that you can get inspired and adapt them to your own comfortable style .

These first three options have the beige color at the top of the look. As you can see, it is perfect for creating day-to-day outfits and you can wear it with both basic jeans and a printed dress. Beige provides less light than white, so it blends better and stands out less.

Now we move on to having beige at the bottom of the look. It doesn't matter if it's pants, shorts or a skirt, beige will always look good. In the first image we give you an ideal option to go out for a walk with that beautiful and delicate dress. Brown goes with many colors and is almost as versatile as beige. On the other hand, the second option is made for going to the office. In the end, the third option wears a white top that highlights the beige color of the skirt very well.

Finally, an infallible classic, dresses. Wearing a beige dress is like having a blank canvas when creating a look. Do you want to create a more elevated look? Add accessories or sustainable sandals golden What do you want to wear to go out with your friends? A brown bag and sandals in the same tone will be perfect. Do you want to use it for the office? Add a blazer in any of the colors we mentioned at the beginning, some black ballet flats and you will have a perfect look for going to work.

You will find each of these outfits available in the vegan clothing store Clotsy Brand, its recycled clothing is ideal for all body types, whether for an inverted triangle body , a hourglass body clothing for short and tall girls, and also offers footwear and accessory options such as vegan belts .

Keys to combine the beige color

Surely it has become clear to you that beige is a neutral and versatile tone, which is why it has become a basic in anyone's wardrobe. But, you have to know how to combine it, so below, we explain some keys to combine the beige color perfectly:

Play with the tones

Beige is not just a color, but a range of shades ranging from light cream to dark brown. Experiment with different shades to create lighter, darker or contrasting looks.

Combines with neutrals

Neutral colors such as white, gray and black are perfect allies of beige. Create monochrome looks or combine them with different shades for a minimalist style and elegant.

Dare with vibrant colors

If you are looking for a more striking look, don't be afraid to combine beige with vibrant colors such as blue, green, Coral color or yellow.

Pay attention to the textures

Different textures always add depth and dimension to looks, especially if you are using colors as inconspicuous as beige. Combine smooth fabrics with marked textures to create more dynamic looks.

Choose the right accessories

Accessories are usually the perfect finishing touch for your beige look. A bag, shoes or belt in a bold color or interesting texture is sure to elevate your look to the next level.

Take into account the occasion

Beige is a versatile color that can be worn on a variety of occasions. For a formal look, opt for classic combinations such as beige and black or beige and gray. For a more casual look, experiment with bold colors, even neon colors.

Trust your intuition

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in the color combination you choose. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with fashion.

What should you avoid when combining the color beige?

Although beige is a versatile and easy color to combine, there are some common traps that you should avoid if you want truly harmonious looks.

Excess beige

A monochromatic beige look can be boring and monotonous. Remember the tip of the accessories and if you don't want to wear a colored garment, add accessories that do have it.

Too similar tones

Avoid combining beige with very similar tones, such as cream or ivory, as this can create a washed out and unattractive effect. Opt for tones with greater contrast to better define the silhouettes.

Too many prints

If you wear clothes printed with beige, avoid combining them with other prints, as this will create a look that is too busy and confusing. Choose to combine prints with solid colors or with a single print in small doses.

Neglecting lighting

Natural and artificial light can always affect the way beige looks. Take into account the lighting of the place where you will be to choose the appropriate color combination.

Not considering your skin tone

Beige tends to flatter all skin tones, but it's important to choose the right shade for your complexion. If you have fair skin, opt for lighter beige tones. If you have darker skin, try choosing warmer beige tones or those with golden undertones.

Wearing clothes that don't fit well

The Ill-fitting aesthetic clothing almost always makes any look look bad, regardless of the color. Make sure you choose clothes that fit well and make you feel comfortable and confident.

Not paying attention to textures

As we explained above, different textures can add interest and depth to a beige look. Don't be afraid to experiment and combine clothes with different textures but the same color.


In short, beige is your best friend when it comes to basics. It's easy to combine, it doesn't draw excessive attention, you can use it for both everyday looks and going out to have fun. The key in all this is, beyond what looks good and what doesn't, the clothes you wear should make you feel comfortable at all times and be another expression of your personality.

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