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Sustainable Jeans

Sustainable Denim

Comfortable and flattering in equal parts :) The sustainable jeans that cannot be missing in your winter looks, recycled cotton and a little elastane to adapt to your silhouette.

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Sustainable Jeans FAQs

What exactly are sustainable jeans?

Sustainable jeans, also known as sustainable denim, are jeans made responsibly, taking into account environmental and social impact. This involves the use of recycled or sustainable materials, resource-efficient production processes and ethical working conditions.

What are the most common materials in sustainable jeans?

Sustainable jeans are typically made from organic cotton, hemp, lyocell or Tencel, and in some cases, recycled materials such as recycled polyester. These materials minimize the environmental impact compared to conventional cotton.

Ours from Clotsy Brand are made of organic cotton and a little elastane so they adapt to your silhouette.

What is the difference between sustainable jeans and traditional jeans?

The main difference lies in the focus on sustainability. Sustainable jeans are produced consciously, with a smaller environmental footprint and respecting workers' rights. This includes practices such as reducing toxic chemicals, efficiently managing water, and promoting fair wages.


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