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12 Best Bikinis and Swimsuits: Secret Trends 2024

The smell of summer can already be felt and with it comes beach clothing. This year, the trends in bikinis and swimsuits promise to be classic but with a certain interesting twist. From bold prints to asymmetrical cuts, swimwear offers options for all tastes and different types of styles . In this article, we tell you everything that is coming this season and how to choose the ideal bikini for you, so if you are thinking of renewing your swimwear closet, keep reading.

Best bikinis and swimsuits trends 2024

Let's start with the first thing and that is what bikinis and swimsuits will be worn this year. This season both types of swimwear are in trend, so whether you like bikinis or swimsuits it won't matter much, you can find and widely enjoy both. Regarding specific trends we find:

  • Cut out details: Strategic cuts on the sides or abdomen area are one of the sexiest trends of the season. They have been seen in both swimsuits and bikinis which is quite interesting.
  • Shiny fabrics: Bikinis and swimsuits with shiny fabrics are in fashion. This trend is very 2000s which is a style that in the last 2 years has become increasingly popular.
  • Asymmetrical: Asymmetrical designs are an original and flattering option that helps stylize the figure and luckily they are one of the star trends of this season.
  • Minimalist: For those looking for a more sober and elegant style, minimalist bikinis and swimsuits in solid colors such as lilac and coral are the best option. Especially in white, they are what have been seen the most, but the classic one-piece swimsuits in basic colors such as navy blue, color blocking , beige and burgundy have also been seen a lot.

Colors of bikinis and swimsuits trends 2024

Now that we've talked about trends in terms of styles, let's talk about colors:


Green is definitely one of the leading colors for summer 2024. From emerald green to olive green, through brighter tones, this color brings freshness and vitality to swimsuits. In addition, green adapts well to different skin tones, which makes it a versatile and very useful option during times when we tan.


Purple remains a popular color in swimwear, and by 2024 it is coming in a wide range of shades. From the soft and romantic lavender-like purple to the darker and more sober tones, this color adds a feminine and cheerful touch to any bikini or swimsuit. Contrary to what was seen until now, where violet tones were not the big favorites, this year this changes and they become the protagonists.

Blue tones

All blue shades for swimwear will be in trend this season. It doesn't matter if you are more into turquoise or navy blue, blue will be a wise decision. This color is very easy to combine and a basic that can be used even for looks that are not just beach.

Earth brown tones

Neutral tones such as beige, brown, terracotta and chocolate remain essential in this year's swimwear fashion. These colors offer a timeless and sophisticated elegance, and are perfect for those who prefer a more minimalist look. Swimsuits in neutral tones can easily be paired with bright or metallic accessories to add a touch of glamour. In addition, they are versatile and flattering for brunette skin tones.

Best bikinis and swimsuits for chubby girls

There are several body types, such as the inverted triangle body , the hourglass body and the curvy body , and for one there are many styles of bikinis and swimsuits that you can wear. So, if you are a curvy or chubby woman and want to know which swimsuits to choose, keep reading as we tell you:


An excellent option to highlight your curves and feel confident is to choose one-piece swimsuits with tummy control. These models usually have a reinforced structure in the belly area, providing additional support and creating a more stylized silhouette. There are many brands specializing in plus sizes that offer a wide variety of designs that guarantee both comfort and style.

Open back swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits with open backs are perfect for those looking for a chic and sophisticated look, but who do not feel comfortable wearing bikinis. Opting for designs with strategic details such as gatherings, pleats or belts at the waist help define the figure and add some personality. Swimsuits with deep V necklines also visually elongate the torso, providing a slimming effect.


The tankini is a versatile and comfortable option, ideal for those who prefer extra coverage without giving up style. Composed of a T-shirt top and a bikini bottom, this set is perfect for hiding your abdomen while allowing you to move freely.

High waisted bikinis

High-waisted bikinis are one of the most flattering trends for curvy women. This retro style not only offers excellent coverage in the abdomen area, but also helps highlight the waist, creating an hourglass silhouette. High-waisted bikinis come in a variety of designs, from vibrant prints to solid colors, allowing you to find the perfect style for you.

Best bikinis and swimsuits for pregnant women

Finding clothes while pregnant can be a real challenge. The body constantly changes, we don't have time to get used to it and it seems like we never quite feel comfortable. Swimwear is of course no exception, but to give you a hand, we leave you below the best bikinis and swimsuits for pregnant women:

One-piece swimsuits with extra support

During pregnancy, comfort and support are essential, so one-piece swimsuits designed specifically for pregnant women offer that extra support needed in the bust and abdomen, adapting to the changes in the body. Look for styles with molded cups, wide straps, and stretch panels that provide support and flexibility, ensuring you feel comfortable and secure while you enjoy the water.

Maternity trikinis

Trikinis are an excellent option to show off that pregnancy belly. Due to their characteristic shape, they highlight the belly a lot, but in a way that does not make it look bigger. There are many models, with more or less fabric, but they are an option that provides a lot of style, goes beyond the norm, is comfortable and greatly benefits the figure.

Bikinis with ruching and side adjustments

Swimsuits with ruching and fitted sides are ideal for accommodating your growing belly during pregnancy. These details allow you to adjust the swimsuit as your body changes, providing a flexible and flattering fit.

Swimsuits with sun protection

During pregnancy, the skin sometimes becomes more sensitive to the sun. Opting for swimsuits with built-in sun protection is a great way to take care of your skin while enjoying time outdoors. Look for swimsuits made with fabrics that offer UPF protection, helping to block UV rays and protecting your skin from potential sun damage.

Keys to choosing the ideal swimsuit for you

Beyond what is supposed to be more flattering and what is not for your body type, you should keep in mind that you can always use what you like the most and what makes you feel good. But, in any case, we want to leave you with some key points for you to have when choosing your swimsuit:

Prioritize comfort

Comfort is key when it comes to choosing a swimsuit. Make sure the model you choose allows you to move freely and safely. Try different styles and check that the straps don't dig into your shoulders, that the fabric doesn't irritate your skin, and that the suit fits well without being too tight. Comfort will allow you to fully enjoy your time at the beach or pool. The one I recommend the most is the aesthetic clothing style.

Consider support

Look for swimsuits with built-in cups, underwires, adjustable straps, or wide bands that offer the necessary support. This will not only give you greater comfort, but will also improve the appearance of the swimsuit, making you feel more comfortable.

Choose colors and patterns that flatter

Colors and prints can have a big impact on how you feel and look in a swimsuit. Dark, solid colors tend to have a slimming effect, while prints can add volume or distract from certain areas. Vertical patterns can elongate your figure, while strategic details, such as ruching or cutouts, can highlight your best assets.

Choose quality materials

The quality of the material is crucial to the durability and fit of the swimsuit. Opt for swimsuits made of chlorine- and salt-resistant fabrics with good stretch and recovery. A good material will not only look good, but will also maintain its shape and color over time.

Consider functionality

Consider the type of activities you will do while wearing the swimsuit. If you plan to swim a lot, do water sports, or just sunbathe, your needs may vary. For more active activities, look for swimsuits that offer more support and coverage, while for relaxing in the sun, a bikini or swimsuit with fashionable details will be more than enough.

Try different styles

Don't limit yourself to just one swimsuit style. Try different cuts, designs, and brands to find the one that best suits you. What may not seem ideal on the hook might surprise you once you try it. Keep an open mind and experiment until you find the swimsuit that makes you feel fabulous.

Confide in yourself

Finally, the most important factor when choosing the ideal swimsuit is how you feel when wearing it. Confidence in yourself is the key to looking and feeling spectacular. Choose a swimsuit that makes you feel good about yourself, that reflects your personal style and that allows you to fully enjoy the summer.

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In short, whether you're drawn to bold prints, innovative cuts or details, there's a trend for you this year. Remember the tips we gave you to choose the ideal swimsuit and get to work to find yours. With the knowledge of what's in style, you'll be ready to face summer with style and confidence.

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