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Types of panties that exist. Know the best!

If you want to buy underwear and you don't know exactly what types of panties are perfect for you , don't worry, because this time you will know all the types that exist and in this way facilitate your choice.

It is important to mention that over the years, panties have been improving in different factors, there are more and more comfortable options with better fabric. Plus, all of the panty variations out there today allow you to play around a bit.

Since there are many types, it is necessary that you know absolutely all of them and choose the most comfortable model and cut for you. There are even models that are especially for a type of clothing, that being said. Let us begin!

Classic panties

They are the most common panties , they have a rectangular shape and completely cover the hips and rear. It is wide at the front and with high sides. It is not the classic panties to look sexy, however, many brands play with this model adding transparency and lace, and without ceasing to be comfortable!

If you're not a fan of showing through your underwear, we don't recommend wearing classic panties with tight clothing.

Bikini panties

They are similar to classic panties, but cut lower on the hips and are usually narrower at the back. They are ideal for any occasion thanks to their extreme comfort and best of all, there are lace, invisible and cotton variations.


This garment is characterized by having a narrow strap at the back and covering only the genital area. There are thongs of different widths and shapes. However, the best-known thongs are those with a low and normal waist, although there are also high-waisted ones with a girdle effect, one of the most sensual thongs out there.

But we must admit that they are not so comfortable, because there are girls who consider that this model is not ideal for any occasion , but there are those who prefer to wear a thong frequently. Remember that everything depends on comfort. Thongs are perfect to wear with tight clothing, since your underwear will not be noticeable.



These panties are similar in shape to classic panties, but are wider on the sides and cover more of the hips and buttocks, especially for girls with wide hips. Generally, this model is low-waisted, which allows you to frame the buttocks and hips. This panty is very sensual and extremely comfortable , in fact it can be said that it is ideal for any occasion.

There is also another model of the culotte panty, known as shorts, it is a type of panty that is more low-cut in the rear area. Its cut is wider and covers more of the rear. The culotte and shorts panty is perfect to wear with dresses and skirts, you will feel so safe and comfortable that you will never regret wearing it.

High waist panties

These panties reach the waist and cover the navel, they usually have a molding effect on the abdomen and hips. They also cover the butt very well . This model is known for its effect of smoothing the hips and stomach. But, beware! Don't even think about wearing low-rise pants with these panties, that would be a sin.

Brazilian panties

They are similar to bikini bottoms at the front, but have a more curved shape at the back, making them more sensual. There are variations of this model, some a little sexier and others not so much.

It is common for them to be used in conjunction with a bra and almost all models have transparency and lace, however, there are also the classic invisible ones. Brazilian panties are frequently worn with mini skirts and bodycon dresses. Super hot!

Seamless panties

These panties do not have side seams, which makes them very comfortable and prevents them from showing through under clothing. They are laser cut and are available in all types of panties, bikinis, shorts, girdles, thongs, and in different heights.

They are the most recommended to use with very tight garments , since absolutely nothing will be marked. But it is essential that you choose your exact size, since if you choose a slightly tight one it will be noticeable with any garment you wear. Avoid this very common mistake!

It is the most discreet panty that exists, you can use it to dress sports outfits and experience what comfort really is. In addition, thanks to all types of panties that also exist without seams, you will be able to look sexy and very comfortable at the same time. The seamless panty is really perfect!

Girdle Panties

This type of panties stylizes the figure and reduces the belly, they are the most suitable to wear with fitted clothing , such as jeans or dresses. Before they were for orthopedic use, but over the years they have been modernized and today they exist in different colors, with tulle and lace.

They are available in two heights, up to the navel and others with a high waist that reach the height of the bra.

Panty girdle pant

Generally, these panties are used to avoid rubbing between the thighs . They smooth the hips, belly and thighs, allowing you to stylize your figure. In addition, they are much less noticeable than ordinary panties. They exist in medium waist and high waist (up to under the bra). You can use them with tight and semi-transparent dresses.

Avoid very tight panties

It is important that you know exactly what the ideal size is for you , otherwise choosing a panty of the wrong size (too small) is unhealthy and you will suffer skin lesions. In addition to being unsightly, since it will be much more noticeable under your clothes.

On the other hand, it is not recommended that they be a little big in size, because they can move and you will feel uncomfortable. We recommend that you try a few sizes and make sure which one is the best for you.

How to take care of your panties correctly?

Read each of the recommendations very carefully and share all the knowledge you have acquired with all your friends, since your panties will indeed stay as good as new if you take care of them correctly.

Follow the instructions on the label

Although sometimes it is not easy to understand the labels, they can save you a lot of trouble . Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions if you want your panties not to be ruined after wearing them in a short period of time.

Now, if you can't understand the symbols on the label, we recommend doing a little research and in a few minutes you'll know how to identify them.

Do not wash your underwear with bleach

Avoid washing with bleach and other harsh chemicals . Using bleach can cause vulvar infections. It even breaks down the fabric of the panties and consequently wears out and causes irritation in the area.

Use panty bags

The use of panties bags is recommended if you plan to use the washing machine, in this way you will avoid damaging and wearing out your underwear in a short time . Be sure to load your panties separately and use cold water, as hot water can ruin the quality of the fabric, color, and elasticity. If you prefer to use the dryer, select the lowest cycle, since the heat will destroy the spandex.

Separate your panties by color

We recommend washing your underwear by color, that is, do not combine white panties or light tones, with panties of dark or strong tones such as red, as they can release a little dye and ruin your panties .



What type of panty do you think would be ideal for you? Surely all, do not limit yourself! It looks sexy, comfortable and sensual at the same time. Take advantage of the fact that there are a wide variety of different models and styles, play a little. But remember how important it is to choose the correct size, as well as to take proper care and, if possible, that they are made of organic cotton to prevent urinary infections.

Also, if they are of good quality and natural fibers, such as those from Clotsy Brand , they will last much longer, since they are sustainable clothing , made on the peninsula with local raw materials and respecting the slow fashion production process! We invite you to visit our category of organic cotton clothing !

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