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On-demand production of our T-shirts ♻️

Who said fashion industry was the second most polluting industry?

At Clotsy we wanted to go one step further towards sustainability. Therefore, we are going to produce all the t-shirts of the SS22 collection on demand, collaborating with local screen printing workshops. 

  • On-demand production

Literally means production on demand. But what does it mean? From now on, Clotsy will only produce T-shirts that are sold. Yes, you'll be buying a t-shirt made only for you. 🥰🌼

Once you place your order for your favorite t-shirt, we get to work and that t-shirt will be made just for you. When the shirt is ready, we'll ship it to you as fast as we can.

Having the workshop right next door (literally one street away🌱🌍) will allow us to get the t-shirts to your home within 2 to 7 working days.

  • W don't generate textile waste

We want to achieve a zero waste model (or get closer little by little). Therefore, in the garments that it is possible (as with the t-shirts) we will only produce what is sold.

In other words, there will be no additional T-shirts that could be left without an owner. In this way, we will avoid creating textile waste and we will create garments in a more conscious way.

  • KM0: We work with local workshops in Valencia

After many frustrated searches, we have succeeded! We now have the screen printing workshop in our own city.

With this we managed to reduce as much as possible our carbon footprint in sustainable fashion. Small details such as the simple fact of taking some t-shirts walking to the workshop, instead of taking them by car or van much further away.

Every detail counts, that's why we try to improve every day a little bit more. All our garments are designed and produced in the Peninsula, in an ethical and sustainable way, between Spain and Portugal. And, now, our t-shirts will be printed on demand in Valencia, just a few steps away from Clotsy House.

The delivery time will normally be 4 to 7 days, with a maximum delay of two weeks. And, obviously, we will always try to reduce the wait as much as possible. 🌍✨

What do you think about this big step, does it mean any change for you when buying one of the new t-shirts we have designed? 🌼💚 We read and listen to you actively, plastic warrior !

Angela, Marta and Alfonso.

Clotsy Team

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Author: Clotsy Brand Team

Clotsy Brand is made up of a team of committed people with the caring for the planet and ethical fashion production. All Clotsy garments are produced in local workshops in Spain and Portugal, using sustainable materials that take care of both the planet and the skin of their customers. We value the opinion of our community, so we are always close to them and willing to listen to their ideas and opinions through different channels, such as Instagram, Telegram, Email and Tiktok.


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