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Clotsy in the media

We want you to get to know us in another way: through podcasts, interviews or articles.

When we started our crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of May 2020, we wanted to make ourselves known and without hesitation we thought of the Social Good, a place for entrepreneurs and conscientious people who want to feel in community. We spoke with its creator, Guillem, and he gave us a short interview about our objectives, our vision in the current COVID situation, sustainable fashion and a few other things. You can read it all by clicking here .

    A few days before finishing our campaign we woke up with a pleasant surprise and that is that in Mecenas Fm they analyzed our campaign in Verkami. We were very excited that two crowdfunding consultants and experts gave us such good reviews. You can listen from minute 31:48 to find out what they said about Clotsy Brand.

      Today we live in the era of communications and social networks and, thanks to Instagram, we were lucky enough to "cross paths" (virtually) with @ivanmedinaoficial . He suggested we do an interview and we didn't hesitate twice. He is a great journalist and community.
      We had a very nice time and talked about very interesting concepts: trashcooking, greenwashing... You can see it here .

      The day we launched our crowdfunding, a magazine like El Attelier published an article about our brand and our campaign, thus giving visibility to another type of fashion such as sustainable and recycled fashion.
      You can take a look at it and gossip about all its news about fashion and lifestyle here .

        From Clotsy we want to thank each of the people who have shown interest in our brand and have wanted to get to know you a little better. THANK YOU!


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