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Traceability of my garment

At Clotsy Brand we are committed to local and proximity commerce , we are committed to artisan production and to making each garment individually, with great care and affection.

Our production process begins in Spain , where the recycled materials we use (cotton and polyester from plastic bottles) are turned into yarn ready to be woven.

When we obtain the recycled thread , we go to Portugal , where the thread is woven to obtain the fabrics that will later become the garment you are wearing. ;)

We continue our trip to the artisan workshop that we have in Murcia , where the ideal pattern for each garment is studied, the fabrics are cut and the garments are made individually and with great care , as has always been done.

This proximity allows us to control the production chain at each point to always have the highest quality and to be able to add details as special as those you will find in this garment.


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