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Sustainable pajamas

100% organic cotton pajamas, with a VERY tasty, highly addictive touch. They respect your skin and the planet. You will have the feeling that it caresses your skin.

Warning: You run the risk of liking it so much that you end up buying both.

Sustainable clothing and slow fashion. I bought myself an ecological and 100% vegan dress. Super comfortable and cool. A marvel.

AndreaClotsy's Client

I bought two personal care t-shirts with a bit of fear because the white on the t-shirts is sometimes very transparent or marks the belly a lot or wrinkles with nothing and I'm delighted... They are beautiful and they fit super well, the fabric is wonderful, I don't mind I would remove them for nothing! In fact, I've already ordered your flip flops and it's going to be hard for me to wait for them to arrive!! ❤️❤️

CarmenClotsy's Client

The best sustainable clothing brand online!!! I bought several clothes and I'm delighted ❤️

LorraineClotsy's Client

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Why buy sustainable pajamas?

At Clotsy Brand, we are proud to present you our line of sustainable pajamas,

Made with care and passion for responsible fashion. Our dedication to sustainability and transparency is reflected in every garment we create. Here's a look at our sustainable pajamas category:

Eco-Conscious Composition

Our pajamas are made with a 100% organic cotton ribbed fabric. This sustainable material is soft to the touch and environmentally friendly, as it does not use harmful chemicals or pesticides in its cultivation. Plus, the ribbed fabric provides an unrivaled sense of comfort, allowing you to relax and unwind in style.

Ethical Production in Portugal

At Clotsy Brand, we believe in the importance of ethical production. For this reason, our sustainable pajamas are manufactured in Portugal, where strict labor standards are applied and the well-being of workers is respected. We collaborate with local artisans who share our vision of social and environmental responsibility. In this way, we not only create high-quality pajamas, but we also contribute to the prosperity of the communities in which we operate.

Cost Transparency

We know that behind each garment there is hard work and a constant commitment to quality and sustainability. At Clotsy Brand, we want to share with you the less obvious but equally important part of our process. We are committed to being transparent about our costs and explaining to you the effort we invest in creating each garment. We believe that knowing the true value of your sustainable pajamas will allow you to appreciate them even more.

When you choose sustainable pajamas from Clotsy Brand, you're opting for comfort, style, and eco-consciousness. Our products reflect our commitment to a better world and a more sustainable future. Join us on the journey towards ethical fashion and experience the Clotsy Brand difference.


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