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16 Fashion Trends Fall - Winter 2024

Each season gives us the opportunity to explore new trends and express our individuality through the clothes we choose. Fashion weeks around the world have already made it clear that autumn and winter 2023-2024 will bring us interesting trends with a combination of tradition, revolution and detail.

Everything seems to indicate that the preppy trend will remain stronger than ever, adapting to all its aspects and merging with different styles. For example, it will merge with the air of 2YK, creating an exciting clash between the nostalgia of the past and the innovation of the present. In addition, the influence of the aesthetics of the 50s will return triumphantly, a style that greatly marks the waist, shoulders and skirts.

As for colors, the cold basics are still present but with some surprises. Although, not only will they have prominence, color and metallic prints are also in focus to satisfy those who love the inclusion of colors and textures in their outfits. Autumn-winter trends call us to explore, remember and rethink what was all the rage at the time. In the next part of this article I tell you the 16 key trends for this season.


The trend of metallic clothing and accessories has gained ground in street style, it is no longer something for night or occasion. Starting with accessories like shoes, bags and jewelry, it has spread to pieces like trench coats, puffers and pants, and has even taken over entire outfits. Without a doubt, metallic garments dominate this season. A pair of silver pants and a top become ideal allies for both day and night. For those looking for a bolder touch, a silver dress paired with sneakers, a jacket and heeled sandals offers diversity for formal events.


Red, a timeless classic, continues to be a trend this fall 2023. This vibrant color has dazzled the world of fashion and art throughout history. She was the center of attention on the red carpets and stood out on the catwalks, attracting all eyes. This season, red is not limited only to clothing, it travels to accessories and jewelry. The total looks with this color are leading the favoritism when it comes to their use.


Gray is a dominant trend for the fall-winter 2023 season. Its versatility to combine with other tones makes it especially attractive. From large-size men's-inspired garments to blazers with XL shoulder pads and pinstripes, gray is present and there is no doubt about it. For both men and women, this color is a standout choice for both back to the office and a date. It can be adopted into a total look that remains impressive throughout the season. Gray is just as chic and easy to wear as classic black, allowing you to play with different shades. From a steel-tone knit sweater paired with suit shorts to charcoal gray ensembles, it offers us versatility without fear of fashion mistakes.


This fall/winter, cinnamon brown is once again one of the main colors. In 2023, this earthy tone evokes the warmth of dried leaves and spices. From coats to sweaters and accessories, cinnamon brown will be present, adding a cozy and natural touch to outfits. In addition, "Fired Brick" is established as the fashionable brown tone for the Fall-Winter 2024 season. This brown with reddish undertones radiates elegance and sophistication. You can combine it with neutral colors such as beige, black or white for a refined and classic style, or dare with striking tones such as mustard yellow or orange for a bold look.

One of the colors that is not mentioned for this trend is green, but if it is your favorite, learn how to combine green and its range . You will also find interesting articles, such as: colorimetry in fashion and color blocking that you could take into account.


Jeans have made a triumphant return every season and the fall-winter season is no exception. . One surprise was the resurgence of capris, which are now popular due to the retro fashion revival of the 2000s. Long pants, with a slightly lower waist than before, have gained popularity. They offer a blank canvas for sartorial creativity, allowing details and personal touches to define the style. Straight cuts and wider legs are increasingly chosen, as their versatility makes them adaptable to every occasion. You can wear them to the office with a shirt and shoes or to go out with a top and heels. A timeless and very versatile garment, which remains relevant this season.


During fall and winter, trench coats become highly functional garments that also add interest to your outfit. Their versatility allows them to be combined with various styles and aesthetics, making them a wild card in your wardrobe. The history of the trench coat, originally a military garment, has led it to be a fashion icon. Whether you prefer a military-inspired design or a modern and elegant one, there is a trench coat to suit everyone.

An outstanding feature of the trench coat this season is that not only will the typical black or beige trench coat be used, but it can be adapted to each person's style, using it in different fabrics or with varied prints.


The next season brings a variety of skirts and miniskirts of varied cuts and styles. The fabrics used range from denim to sheers and knits, offering options for all types of wardrobes. These versatile garments, although they are often not thought possible, can be adapted to warm, temperate and even winter climates, making them a wild card in the wardrobe. In the fall-winter season, the favorites are Midi skirts, especially asymmetrical ones.


Iconic of the '90s, slip dresses have left a lasting mark on fashion. Inspired by silk underwear and nightgowns, these dresses stand out for their delicate and romantic style, with a modern and elegant touch. Their versatility is surprising, as they can vary in length, from mini models to Midi versions. This iconic garment has made a strong comeback this fall-winter, demonstrating its enduring influence on fashion. They can be paired with a wide variety of outfits, from biker boots and a loose jacket to a knit cardigan, or simply shine on their own. Although until now they have been used more as an option for the evening, what this season seems to bring is their use on a day-to-day basis, with much more informal and relaxed outfits, combined with flat shoes or sneakers and socks.

Knitted vest

The knit vest, a once overlooked garment, has re-emerged as a key element in today's fashion. Before, it used to be associated with the clothing of our parents and grandparents, in a style that moved away from contemporary trends. However, in recent times, this outfit has undergone a radical transformation. The revival of the knit vest aligns with the evolution of preppy fashion, which has been embraced by designers and fashion lovers. These garments now come in looser and more modern versions, combining casual and sporty elements. The knit vest has become a versatile canvas for expressing contemporary fashion.


The basics are always a good option. They have remained relevant for decades and adapt to different climates, different occasions and different styles. These essential pieces simplify outfit selection, providing a solid foundation for creating fuss-free, elegant looks. Today's fashion is inspired by the need to get back to basics, an idea increasingly promoted by brands. Oversized shirts, tank tops, straight pants and slip dresses with cashmere sweaters are some of the basic pieces that stand out. In short, less is more this season.


A classic trend, the tartan print remains firmly in fashion for fall and winter 2023. Known for its versatility, this pattern adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to seasonal ensembles. You can find it on a variety of garments, from plaid pants to coats and capes.

Black and white polka dots

Polka dots, a timeless print, are a clear trend. These versatile stitches are found in both formal and informal garments. Designers have opted for sweaters with large, 3D polka dots, as well as almost microscopic polka dot prints. Polka dots add elegance and freshness to your outfits, providing a distinctive touch to your appearance.

Landscape print

Surprisingly, landscape prints are a very strong and very exciting trend for the fall-winter season. These designs capture the beauty of nature in clothing, from majestic mountains to lush rainforests. Although they may be somewhat bold choices and seem complicated to combine, you can always choose complete sets or dresses with this print. This will reduce the number of clothes to choose and combine, making the task easier. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these prints remind us of the importance of appreciating and conserving nature.

The 50s

The style of the 50s returns to fashion with a vengeance. Characterized by the hourglass silhouette, this style highlights femininity and timeless elegance. Soft pastel colors, Midi dresses with full skirts and polka dot prints are key elements of this trend. The striking shoulders, waist belts and low-heeled shoes inspired by that era are the most seen aesthetic for this season.

Marked waist

Following the line of the 50s aesthetic, the marked waist was one of the most seen style details. Whether it was when wearing shirts, a coat or a dress, the waist took center stage. The trend of marking the waist in garments is consolidated as an elegant and flattering option. Dresses with tight belts, coats with belts and high-waisted pants are some of the ways in which this materializes. These garments enhance the curves of the body and add sophistication to any outfit.


Corporate style merges with everyday fashion, highlighting structured and elegant garments. Tailored suits, high-necked blouses and pencil skirts are key elements of this trend. Neutral colors and accessories such as wide belts and low-heeled shoes complete the sophisticated look.


As we approach the fall-winter 2023-2024 season, expectations and excitement for new trends are at an all-time high. The runways have given us a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come, and we'll soon see these trends reflected on the streets and in our own wardrobes. Fashion, after all, is a powerful way to communicate our identity and personal style to the world.

In short, the fall-winter season is almost here, and with it comes exciting opportunities to embrace new trends and styles. From neutral tones to bolder tones, it brings us diversity and tradition combined.

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