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Combine Green and its Range: Colors and Keys 2024

Green is undoubtedly one of the most striking colors that we have when it comes to dressing. It can be used in a more formal and elegant way if we use it darker like forest green, or more youthful and fresh if we use a lighter green. It is a color that makes people talk and here we are going to show you how to incorporate it into this new season that brings a lot of green.

Meaning and symbolism of green

Green is a color that is typically associated with nature. Thallus green, forest green, aquamarine green are some of the most used colors in painting, and they come precisely from nature. It is a mixture of two primary colors, yellow and blue, and our eyes capture it with wavelengths between 496 and 570 nm. Between these wavelengths we perceive various shades of this color, and there are different types of green. Along with red and blue, green is a color for which our eyes have a specific cone type.

In general, green has a positive connotation. First of all, it is linked to birth, life, strength and energy. It is a color deeply associated with spring and linked to fertility and growth, giving it a youthful character. In this sense it is also a symbol of innocence. Another element related to its link with growth occurs economically: it is a symbol of wealth.

Already speaking of metaphysics, healing and spirituality, green is associated with healing and healing ; not for nothing is the color associated with hope and good luck. It is one of the colors most linked to the idea of ​​balance, serenity and calm, as well as to the spiritual.

Depending on the hue and light

But also, like all colors, the effect it will have on us will depend on the hue and light (or darkness, failing that). Among them stands out the association with poison and toxicity, probably derived from the coloring of many plants and reptiles and the use of green dyes made from copper that turned out to be poisonous.

Origin and history

Do you know why the green color is not very well seen among playwrights and artists? Many years ago, when we still did not master the world of dyes well, there was a green that everyone wanted to use: emerald green. Also known as Paris green, Vienna green and Schweinfurt green, it is the product of the combination of copper acetate with arsenic trioxide, producing copper acetoarsenite. This dye was widely used both in high-ranking dresses and in dramaturgy and its consequences were lethal. Many actresses and actors were dying to wear these fabrics. The toxic pigment was developed commercially in 1814 by the Wilhelm Dye and White Lead Company in Schweinfurt, Germany. It was used everywhere from clothing and wallpaper to fake flowers and paintings.

It is also related to, and is probably its best known negative association with, envy. The same goes for betrayal, including concepts such as infidelity. Do you remember the phrase “old dirty man”? It was precisely for a French king, Henry IV of France, famous for his multiple younger lovers and his virility, that this term was coined, since he was always dressed in green when he met them.

Green Psychology

If we already think of light green, it can connote immaturity and naivety. Does the phrase “being green” ring a bell? It comes from saying that someone is not mature enough, like the fruits on the tree. Also to vanity and authority. Socially, it has also been identified as the color of the bourgeoisie.

Psychologically speaking, this color has been associated with characteristics such as calm and affection, joviality. The green color also usually generates relief, allowing calm down which in turn improves emotional stability and favors the use of reason and logic. It is also usually linked to optimism and vitality, improving energy and motivation levels and helping to maintain hope. The 4th chakra, the heart chakra, is green and in balance, it shows us harmony and peace in our relationships. But in imbalance it shows us a deep pain.

Colors that go with green

Green wears very well on its own but also gets along very well with other colors. Here we give you the keys to dress it in accordance with other tones.


To add more light and a feeling of freshness, we recommend white. You can create an outfit with a white shirt and green pants, which will show your dynamism and freshness. You could also dress in white and add green accessories, which will give a more youthful and bold image.


If you are looking for a more elegant and serious look, black can be your ally color. It will denote sophistication and freshness at the same time.



Do you remember the color wheel? Green and brown are colors that are almost opposite on the color wheel. When using them, and more if you use them in the same range (that is, greens and light browns; or greens and dark browns) it will denote calm, tranquility and a feeling of being a centered person.


Brown's little brother and even more practical. Imagine using it to balance out a brighter or darker green. You can also use it in accessories so that it transmits solidity (like wood).

Navy blue

This combination is one of the most beautiful since it brings back memories of the ocean, rivers and seas. It will give you a great sense of sophistication thanks to the use of blue but you will keep the youth of green.

What colors go with pastel green?

  1. White: the white color brings even more light to the green and gives a more classic image.
  2. Arena: gives it warmth and achieves a look close to the Nordic style.
  3. Pink: The combination of pastel green and pink colors generates cheerful, romantic retro looks with a certain childish air.
  4. Grey: Create a color combination in which the pastel shade of green aligns with gray, since they are close on the color wheel.
  5. Old gold: It is once again a tone that rescues pastel green from that childish halo that always surrounds it to give it a sophisticated retro touch.
  6. Olive green: For a total green look, the combination of pastel green and olive colors is a great success. In this type of decoration, the pieces in natural materials such as wood or fibers are perfect.

What colors combine with military green?

  1. Brown: if we want something discreet and a combination that works, this is undoubtedly the right one.
  2. Red: especially if it is colder and darker, it will give a striking and sober touch. Think about it for accessories, so they will highlight your best features. You can also combine it using it as lipstick.
  3. White: the great wild card, white will give a feeling of lightness and will make you look more ethereal.
  4. Black: another wild card, in this case, it will add sobriety. If you prefer to go slow, try some glasses or sunglasses or even some sandals.

What color combines with the color aqua green?

  1. Fluorine: Do you want to look bold? A great combination of water green is the range of fluorine colors, and here you have a range of options. Pink, orange and yellow are good options when creating a more daring look, but remember moderation (as we saw in color blocking).
  2. Night blue: For a much more formal option, opt for dark blue or night blue clothing. This will "land" your look much more to something more formal and more elegant, without losing the freshness of the aqua green.
  3. Pink: a fresh color that goes very well because it is the opposite of green on the color wheel.

Practical Tips for the Use of Green

Monochrome combinations

Create outfits using different shades of green. Combine garments or decorative elements in different intensities of green to achieve a sophisticated and harmonious look. In addition, it will help to give verticality to your figure.

Clever contrasts

Pair green with complementary colors like red, purple, or orange. These contrasts create a bold and vibrant look that will capture attention.

Subtle neutrals

Green looks great combined with neutral colors like white, beige, or gray. These colors help bring out the green and create a balanced, elegant look.

Prints and patterns

Try incorporating prints and patterns in shades of green into your clothing or decor. You can opt for floral, geometric or tropical prints to add visual interest and a touch of freshness.

Eye-catching accessories

Use green accessories to add a touch of color to a neutral outfit. A green bag, shoes or scarf can be the focal point of your look.

Combinations with denim

Green looks great combined with denim garments. Try wearing a green shirt with jeans for a casual and cool look.

Accents in green

If you don't feel comfortable using green as the main color, you can add green accents through accessories or decorative elements. You can include green cushions in your living room or a green scarf in your bag.

Examples of green outfits

Here we leave you some casual looks designed for women from the Clotsy Brand brand, see how they combine different clothes, so that you are comfortable and above all, you look very stylish. You will find even packs in tops and green underwear!

Check your sustainable clothing store, you will see that there are garments made of vegan leather ,corduroy fabric , organic cotton , recycled polyester, lyocell fabric , linen fabric , among others and each one is combinable. Try and play with the tips we give here!


As we have seen, green is an extremely versatile color. You can convey feelings of hope, calm and peace by wearing calmer greens. But you also have the opportunity to make a very strong statement with the boldest greens. Don't be afraid to incorporate this color into your wardrobe for the new season and have fun with its many combinations.

I recommend that you read the article: colorimetry in fashion and everything about color blocking in fashion .

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