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Inverted triangle body: How to identify it, the dos and don'ts to dress it

Body types, also known as body morphologies or somatotypes, refer to a person's physical characteristics and weight distribution. These body types are a way to classify and understand the differences in people's body structure. While it's important to remember that each individual is unique and may not fit neatly into a specific category, body types provide a general guide to understanding how we store fat, how muscle mass is distributed, and what our genetic predisposition is in terms of body shape. 

What is an inverted triangle body?

The inverted triangle body is a type of body morphology in which the shoulders are wider than the waist and hips. This body shape is characterized by having a relatively wide upper body compared to the lower body. It is often called an "inverted triangle" because it visually resembles a triangle with the base facing up. In terms of exercise, many people with inverted triangle bodies focus on strengthening their lower body to create a more balanced and harmonious appearance. However, it's important to remember that there is no single "ideal" body shape, and beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes. The most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Characteristics of an inverse triangle body

Wide shoulders

People with this body shape usually have broad, well-defined shoulders.

Narrow waist

The waist tends to be thinner compared to the shoulders and chest.

Relatively narrow hips

The hips are usually narrower in relation to the shoulders.

What flatters an inverted triangular body?

This body type is commonly associated with a person's genetics and bone structure. Women and men can have inverted triangle bodies, and their appearance can vary based on the amount of muscle mass and fat in different areas of the body.

When it comes to fashion and style, people with inverted triangle bodies often look to visually balance their figure. This can be achieved by choosing clothing that adds volume or detail to the lower part of the body, such as flared skirts or pants with wider legs, while avoiding clothing that further highlights the shoulders, such as jackets with pronounced shoulder pads.

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Clothing that flatters inverted triangle bodies tends to balance the figure, highlighting the waist and softening broader shoulders.

Tops and blouses

Blouses with V-neckline or heart-shaped neckline

These necklines help soften the shoulder line and draw attention to the waist area.

Blouses with raglan sleeves

Sleeves that extend from the neck to the armpits can help visually reduce the width of the shoulders.

Blouses with details at the waist

Any garment that has details at the waist, such as belts, bows, or ruching, can help highlight this area.

Pants and skirts

Flared or pleated skirts

Skirts that flare downward can add volume to the lower body, which helps balance the shoulders.

Wide leg pants

Pants with wide legs or palazzo can create a visual balancing effect.


Dresses with empire waist

These dresses have the waist just below the bust and then fall gently downward, which can accentuate the waist and soften the shoulders.

Dresses with flared or A-line skirts

These dresses have skirts that gradually flare downwards, which helps balance the figure.


Jackets and coats fitted at the waist

Opt for clothes that have a fitted waist to create the illusion of a more balanced shape.

Belted Jackets

Jackets with a belt or sashes can emphasize the waist and soften the shoulders.


Long necklaces

Long necklaces can draw attention to your upper torso and away from your shoulders.


Adding a belt to the waist of your outfits can enhance this area and create a more defined shape.

Colors and patterns

Opt for dark colors on top and lighter colors or prints on the bottom to visually balance the figure.

As for dark colors, if you are a person who loves the color black, I advise you to read the article: Colors that combine with black . Otherwise, if you love vibrant colors read “ Combining green and its range

Inverted triangle body look What you should wear!

  • The lower garments should be those that attract attention. One way to do this is with pieces that have pleats, embellishments, or prints. So that the attention is focused on this part of the body (Like in the skirt in the first look).

  • Opt for wide-leg or even flared pants. This is the most efficient way to balance small hips with broad shoulders.

  • Straight pants also work great.

  • Light colors should be worn below, dark ones above. This way the attention will be for the legs. Look at the post: Color Blocking in fashion

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What doesn't suit you if you have an inverted triangle body?

When you have an inverted triangle body, there are certain styles and clothing items that may not flatter your figure or further accentuate the difference between broad shoulders and a narrower waist.

Tight clothing on top

Avoid blouses, T-shirts or jackets that are extremely tight on top, as they can highlight your broad shoulders too much and create an imbalance in your figure.

Pronounced shoulder pads

Large or exaggerated shoulder pads can make your shoulders appear even broader, so it is best to avoid them.

Blouses or dresses with square necklines

Square necklines tend to accentuate broad shoulders, so it's best to opt for V-necklines, sweetheart necklines, or round necklines.

Puffed sleeves or volume on the shoulders

Sleeves with volume at the shoulders can make this area appear larger than it is, so it is best to avoid them.

Tight bottom pants

Tight or skinny pants at the bottom can create excessive contrast with broad shoulders. Opt for pants with wider legs or skirts to balance your figure.

Horizontal stripes on top

Horizontal stripes can visually expand the upper part of the body, so it is better to choose vertical patterns or avoid stripes on the upper part.

Jackets or coats that are too short

Short jackets or coats that end right at the shoulder line can emphasize this area. Opt for clothes that hit the waist or lower to create a smooth transition to the waist.

Bags or backpacks crossed over the chest

Carrying bags or backpacks across your chest can accentuate broad shoulders. Instead, opt for bags that hang along the hip.

Garments without definition at the waist

Avoid shapeless clothes that don't highlight your waist, as they can make your shoulders look wider in comparison.

Body of famous inverse triangle. How do they dress it?

To know how to dress for an inverted triangle or pear body , just look at Angelina Jolie or Demi Moore. This body type is also called an athletic body because it has a wide back and shoulders, but thinner hips and legs. The objective is to hide the upper part and highlight the hips.

On the torso, it is advisable to wear dark colors with V, round or asymmetrical necklines to make you look narrower and not draw attention to the shoulders. Thus avoiding ruffles, shoulder pads and prints. Contrary to the pear body, we have to divert attention to the hips. So we will use volume, prints and more striking colors at the bottom. We will leave aside tight clothing and vertical stripes, and we will wear flared pants, elephant leg pants and pleated skirts. In the case of dresses, they should have a flare at the bottom such as an empire cut or long slits that show the leg. Remember to choose colorful or floral prints and wear good heels to stylize your figure.

The best fabrics and colors for a V-shaped body

For a V-shaped body, where the shoulders are wider than the waist and hips, you can choose fabrics and colors that help visually balance your figure.

Better fabrics

Light and fluid fabrics

Opt for fabrics such as silk, chiffon, chiffon or satin for blouses, dresses and skirts. These fabrics usually fall softly on the body and do not add additional volume to the shoulders.

Elastic fabrics or with some spandex

Fabrics that stretch, such as jersey or stretch knit, can adapt to your shape and be comfortable for tight-fitting clothing without looking too tight in the shoulders.

Structured denim

For pants, choose denim or structured fabrics that help create a more defined shape at the waist and hips.

Textured fabrics on the bottom

If you want to add some volume to your lower body to balance your figure, you can opt for skirts or pants made of textured fabrics such as tweed or wool.

Best colors

Dark colors on top

Dark colors, such as black, navy blue, or gray, can help visually reduce the size of your shoulders and create a more balanced appearance.

Lighter colors at the bottom

Lighter colors, such as white, beige or pastel, can draw attention to the lower part of the body and soften the shoulder line.

Colors and prints at the bottom

You can use vibrant colors and bold prints on skirts, pants or dresses to focus attention on the bottom of your figure and balance the top.


Experiment with the color-blocking technique, which involves using solid colors in strategic sections of your clothing to create a balanced visual effect. For example, a dress with the top in a dark color and the bottom in a light color can work well.

Diagonal or vertical prints

Diagonal or vertical prints can help create visual lines that soften the difference between the shoulders and waist.

Neutral tones

Neutral hues, such as beige, gray or creamy white, can be elegant and versatile, and you can use them in a variety of clothes for a sophisticated and balanced look.

Tips for dressing a V-shaped body

Highlight the waist

Use belts to accentuate your waist. Wide, bold belts are great options.

Opt for items with details at the waist, such as gathering, pleats or seams, to create the illusion of a more defined waist.

The Helena blouse, from Clotsybrand, accentuates your waist.

Necklines and collars

V-necklines or sweetheart necklines will soften your shoulder line and elongate your neck.

  • You can also opt for round or U necklines to visually balance your upper body.

Sleeves and shoulders

  • Choose three-quarter length sleeves or long sleeves to bring visual balance to your shoulders.
  • Avoid pronounced shoulder pads or puffed sleeves that can highlight your shoulders even more.

Skirts and pants

  • Flared or A-line skirts add volume to the lower part of the body, creating a balancing effect.
  • Opt for wide-leg pants, Palazzo pants, or pants with wider legs to counteract the broadness of your shoulders.

Here we show you Jean Nuria by Clotsybrand

Jackets and coats

Jackets fitted at the waist or with a belt will help highlight the waist and create a more defined shape.

  • Avoid short jackets that end right at the shoulder line, as it can accentuate them.

Prints and patterns

  • Diagonal or vertical prints can soften the shoulder line and create a more balanced look.
  • Bold prints and patterns on the bottom of your clothing can draw attention to that area and away from your shoulders.

The Anna dress by ClotsyBrand has a bow at the waist ideal for this body type.


Remember that these tips are general guidelines and that fashion is a form of personal expression. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in the clothing you choose, and there are no hard and fast rules. Experiment with different styles, such as the office look , the oversized style , the casual look , the preppy trend and the comfy style , and find what makes you feel better about yourself and highlights your natural beauty.

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