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Oversize Style: What it is and How to Wear It Correctly 2024

Today we are going to tell you about a style that has been gaining more and more followers, for a couple of seasons ago, but that has always been in force: "Oversize Style".

When we refer to the XXL trend, the first thing that comes to mind is a shirt or dress that is too big for us. However, it is a predilection for what has volume, what is extensive, what is wide and above all loose. Let's think of maxi dresses, bamboo shirts or large jackets.

Some urban theories maintain that this trend was born as a reaction to the "Slim" fashion, of which we are so accustomed to wearing chupine pants, stretchy bodycon dresses and t-shirts that fit well at the waist and hips (2010 calling the phone to complain!)

The truth is that, as always, there is something for all tastes, now, in addition to choosing to mark the figure well, we can also choose loose garments that give us comfort and elegance at the same time.

What is the oversize style?

In fashion, the oversize trend consists of wearing baggy clothes. Its translation from English is literally 'too big'. It is a type of silhouette that does not fit the body and exaggerates some parts of the garment. For example, the sleeves are wider and the shoulders are dropped, or the pants are not fitted at the hips and thighs and fall freely, with wider figures like elephant feet. However, it is key to understand that it is about style and not about wearing larger size clothes. In other words, when buying an oversize garment, you will probably find it in your size, but it will have a looser silhouette. This is key: it is not about looking for plus size clothes. Sometimes we make the mistake of buying something in the largest size, but it won't fit us if we do that.


Although we've been hearing about the oversize concept for a couple of years, the style was on the streets much earlier, in the 80's, when baggy began to be used under the concept of vintage clothing. Currently, we can see it in those typical old dad clothes, second-hand clothes and sportswear. Many attribute the origin to the designer Giorgio Armani, who tried to break away from the trend that fitted women in tight dresses to highlight their silhouette.

Oversize style characteristics

Oversize garments have become a basic to have in the closet. Although it may not seem like it, they can be adapted very well to show off a relaxed look, but also elegant and even sexy. Pay attention to the following keys that will help you show off this trend!

Combine the wide with the tight

One way to elevate your outfit to a more chic and elegant level when using the oversize style is to mix the tight garments with the loose ones. In this way a balance is created. For example, if you wear wide pants you can wear a top that is tighter to the body or that shows some skin.

Also, if you have an oversized sweater that shows off your shoulders, wearing lace underwear can make it sexy too. On the other hand, a tight-fitting turtleneck jumpsuit, with an oversized blazer on top, usually gives a very professional and elegant appearance.

Use accessories

The accessories allow you to give a more feminine touch to the oversize style. However, they must be discreet and delicate to generate contrast. For example, a few thin chains on a loose jumper.

Dress with layers

Oversize jackets, jackets and blazers are perfect for layering, which means 'dressing in layers'. That is to say that it goes very well if you have several clothes underneath. You can add a blouse, sweater, scarves and accessories. In this sense, it is something ideal for cold climates or for the autumn and winter season.

Have a pair of oversized t-shirts

Wide-legged t-shirts are a classic of the oversize trend that is convenient to have in your closet. They are found in multiple colors and patterns. They are perfect to wear to university or to spend a day in comfort. They go great with jeans or jeans.

Combine fabrics in the oversize trend

In general, when talking about the oversize trend, the focus is usually on the silhouette and shape of the garments. However, the fabrics are also important.

In fact, so that the outfit does not look too heavy and careless, the ideal is to combine fabrics of a more fluid material and other heavier ones. For example, a baggy jean with an organza or linen blouse, or a wool sweater with smooth, flowing pants.

Garments to get an oversize style

Next, we show you the appropriate garments that Clotsy Brand offers you to create and combine the appropriate Oversize Style.

Oversized t-shirts

They are larger than normal, loose and comfortable shirts.

Oversized sweaters

Baggy, roomy sweaters that will give you a cozy feeling.

Oversized jackets

Large jackets that add a casual touch to any outfit.

Wide trousers

Opt for loose-fitting pants, such as boyfriend pants or cargo pants.

Boyfriend jeans

Straight and wide cut jeans that give a relaxed look.

Long and wide skirts

Skirts with a lot of flare and fabric that create an elegant oversize look.

Oversized dresses

Wide and flowing dresses that allow you to move easily.

Baggy sweatshirts

Oversized sweatshirts for a sporty and comfortable style.

Long shirts

Long-length shirts that can be worn as a dress or combined with leggings.

Wide coats

Oversized coats to keep you warm and fashionable during the winter.

How to wear the oversize style?

The most important thing when using this style that you understand that comfort comes first. It is not a style where your figure will attract attention, but the details. If you have a large pullover, and it runs slightly, it is where you can show your shoulder a bit in a casual way. It is not a formal style at all so we do not recommend you to wear it for formal events or to go to work as it will not present you in a serious way. Think of it more like weekend clothes. What size to buy if it is oversize?

Buy your size if the garment is advertised or communicated as "Oversize". Here it will not be necessary to do anything, but buy your usual size. If it is not communicated as oversize, you can buy two sizes more than the traditional (if it is upper garments). We do not recommend doing this with pants as you will need a belt to keep them in place.

How to know if the clothes are oversize?

You have to see the moldings. Oversize garments, which are usually indicated on the labels, are made to look baggy but respecting the dimensions of your body, such as the length of your arms or trunk. The key is to look at the trunk so that it is not so wide or so long and that the sleeves do not drag from the cuffs. Another recommendation is if you want to buy the ideal oversize, we recommend Korean online stores, because fashion in South Korea is very popular for loose and large silhouettes, you can also find quite cute clothes.

How to wear an oversize shirt?

Wearing an oversize shirt can be a comfortable and stylish option for many looks. For example, you can combine it with skinny jeans, thus creating a balance in your outfit and highlighting the comfort and spaciousness of the shirt without losing the figure at the bottom. In addition, this outfit is ideal for a relaxed style and a casual look , perfect for different occasions. On the other hand, if you want to add a more sophisticated touch, you can choose to wear the oversized shirt with a tight skirt or leggings.

How to wear an oversize sweatshirt?

A very strong trend within the oversize style is the "baggy" pants, which are loose pants. Whether straight leg or wide leg, they are definitely a must have if you want to add something oversized to your wardrobe. Whether it's baggy, slouchy cut or even the famous mom jeans are part of this style. To make an outfit with this garment is very easy, either a fitted top or a loose top both look great. If you are looking to mark your figure, we recommend a short blouse or you can also try using them with a knitted vest.


You can wear a complete outfit either just cinch the waist for a little more definition or if you opt for a loose set, try different prints, colors and textures. Monochromatic outfits are also perfect, you can add accessories and that's it, you have a complete outfit. With bright tones such as orange or grass green, the 'oversize' trend strikes as modern and fresh. But also cool pastel colors such as apricot, soft yellow or light blue are very much in trend.

If you are interested in following 2023 clothing styles and being fashionable, I recommend that you also read the blog articles that talk about Preppy Style and aesthetic clothing , they will interest you.

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