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Women's Ecological Dresses

Made between Spain and Portugal

In local workshops with organic cotton, which takes care of the planet and your skin.

vegan dyes

We go one step further, taking care of both the planet and the animals.

free changes

Write to the chat if you have questions. If you still need to change, we will make it easy for you and at no cost.

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FAQs Women's Sustainable Dresses

What does "sustainable clothing" or "ecological clothing" mean?

A sustainable or ecological dress is one that has been produced taking into account the environmental and social impact generated by its production. Sustainable materials are used and fair and ethical production practices are applied to minimize environmental and social impact.

What materials are used in sustainable dresses?

The most common materials used in sustainable clothing are organic cotton, linen, lyocell, and tencel (a cellulose fiber produced from wood).

Are sustainable dresses more expensive?

Sustainable dresses are often priced higher than conventional dresses due to the high costs of sustainable and ethical production. However, it is also important to note that sustainable clothing is often of higher quality and durability, which means that it can last longer and be considered more of an investment than a cost as it is cheaper in the long run.


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