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20 Ideas Outfits for Jeans Dungarees: Best 2024

Denim overalls have made a strong comeback for the 2024 season, establishing themselves as a key piece in the wardrobe of those looking for comfort and style. This garment, which has been able to reinvent itself over the years, is now presented with a versatility and convenience that makes it indispensable for any occasion. Whether you prefer a casual, sporty or chic style, denim overalls offer you an important range of possibilities to express your personal style. In today's post, we will be telling you how to combine it and we will give you 20 outfit ideas, so that you never run out of options and give the maximum possible use to the denim overalls you have in your closet.

What are denim overalls?

Denim dungarees, also known as denim overalls or overalls, are versatile and resistant vegan clothing , made with denim or denim fabric. This one-piece is distinguished by its practical features and functional design, combining comfort and style. Dungarees have their roots in work clothing from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally, they were designed for miners, farmers and other manual workers, who required a durable and functional garment for their daily tasks. Over time, this garment has transcended its initial purpose to become a popular fashion piece.

Today, denim overalls are worn by both men and women, and have been integrated into a wide variety of contexts. From casual looks for everyday life to more sophisticated combinations for formal events, they are used a lot, and their main characteristics are:

  • Top: The top resembles that of jeans, but includes a bib or straps that extend over the shoulders and meet at the back.
  • Pants: The pants section varies in length and style, there are short, long, straight, flared versions.
  • Pockets: Denim overalls are usually equipped with both front and back pockets, to provide additional space for use.

How to combine a denim overalls? Best outfits 2024

Denim overalls are a timeless garment that is reinvented every season. Therefore, below we leave you a list of ideas for looks with denim overalls so that you always have on hand and can make the most of those in your closet.

Casual look with a t-shirt


A classic that never fails. Combine your denim overalls with a basic white or black t-shirt and add a personal touch with a necklace, bracelets or a scarf. If you don't know how to dress for a midday meal , this type of outfit is the right one.

Chic look with shirt


For a more polished look, combine your dungarees with a plain shirt in neutral tones or with a striking print such as stripes or flowers. Complete the outfit with high heels or ballet flats.

Sporty look with sweatshirt


If you're looking for comfort, combine your women's cotton overalls with a sweatshirt with or without a hood and sneakers.

Daring look with a lingerie top


For a sensual and feminine look, combine your overalls with a lingerie top. Add a leather or biker jacket for a rocker touch and complete with heels or platform sandals.

Original look with a turtleneck sweater


Combine your dungarees with a turtleneck sweater for an original look with a preppy style , perfect for autumn or winter. Add a coral-colored scarf or hat for a pop of color.

Vintage look with crochet blouse


For a vintage and romantic look, pair your overalls with a crochet blouse and flat sustainable sandals .

Rocker look with band t-shirt


If you like the rocker style, combine your dungarees with a t-shirt from your favorite band, a faux leather jacket, and platform boots.

Boho chic look with floral top

For a boho chic look, pair your overalls with a floral top, platform sandals and a straw hat.

Minimalist look with oversized t-shirt


If you like minimalism, combine your dungarees with an oversized white or black t-shirt and sneakers.

Elegant look with a black bodysuit


For an elegant and sophisticated look, combine your overalls with a black bodysuit, a blazer and heels.

How to wear denim overalls in winter?

Denim overalls are not just for summer, in winter they can also be a key garment for your winter outfits this 2024 as a woman ! How to combine them and not die trying? We leave you some key points and some looks:

The power of layers


Pair your denim overalls with a turtleneck or sweatshirt underneath for added warmth, and underneath this garment, put on a thermal t-shirt.

Saving accessories


The scarf, hat and gloves are your allies to protect you from the cold and to be able to play when creating looks. Choose vibrant colors or fun prints to give that touch of personality to your outfit and not everything is sober winter colors like burgundy .

Appropriate footwear


Wear warm boots, you can choose between different types of styles , such as: snow boots or ankle boots with marked styles, which will not only dress you, but will also keep your feet warm and dry. If the weather permits, sneakers can also look great, as long as you wear thick socks.

Coat or parka


For colder days, don't hesitate to wear your dungarees under a coat or parka. For a comfortable and stylish look at the same time, choose a long or oversized coat that will add some personality and that casual touch.

Play with prints


Lilac or neutral-colored overalls with a sweater and/or shirt with a striking print, or conversely, a printed overalls and a basic warm sweater. Dare to experiment!

Summer denim dungarees look

You don't have to sacrifice comfort or style to wear dungarees in summer. Here are ideas for summer outfits with denim overalls:

Basic and fresh


Festival look


Nautical style


Boho chic




How to wear long denim overalls? Tips

Wearing long denim overalls can be as comfortable as it is chic if you know how to combine them and adapt them to the corresponding occasion. So that you can do it perfectly, we give you these tips:

Choose the right cut

Long denim dungarees come in various cuts, from slim to loose. Select the one that best suits your body type and your personal style, remember that a tight cut can highlight your hourglass body , while a looser cut offers a casual and relaxed look for your curvy figure .

Combine it with basic clothes


For a casual and simple look, wear your long denim overalls with a basic short or long sleeve t-shirt. Neutral colors such as white, black or gray are ideal for keeping attention on the dungarees.

Add layers for more style

Layering can transform long denim dungarees into a more interesting outfit. Try a soft cardigan for a cozy look or a blazer for a more polished and sophisticated look. You could also tie a shirt around your hip.

Appropriate footwear

The footwear you choose can completely change the look of your denim overalls. Sneakers offer a casual and comfortable style, boots add a touch of ruggedness, and heels can elevate your outfit for a night out.

Accessories that complement

Accessories are key to personalizing your look. Opt for a wide-brimmed hat for a bohemian look, or add a belt to define the waist and give the overalls more structure. On the other hand, minimalist jewelry provides a touch of elegance without overloading the outfit.

Play with colors and prints

Don't limit yourself to long denim overalls in shades of classic blue. Overalls in different colors, such as black, white, color blocking or those with printed details, always manage to provide that feeling of freshness and modernity to your look.

Double the bass

If the dungarees are too long or you want to give them a more relaxed look, folding the hems is an excellent option. This also allows you to show off your shoes better and play by putting on tights in bright colors or with fun motifs.

Consider the season

Adapt your long denim overalls to the different seasons. In summer, pair it with sandals and a tank top. In winter, add a thick sweater underneath and tall boots to stay warm without sacrificing style.

In the vegan and sustainable clothing store Clotsy Brand you will see super cute recycled cotton dungarees for your outfit that you won't want to miss. In addition, there are many garments made of different vegan fabrics that you can combine without leaving aside this ecological fashion . Here are some examples:



If you combine this sweater with the denim overalls you will have an excellent outfit for a birthday and if you add an ecological jacket you will have a special outfit for autumn and winter this 2024


In summary, denim overalls have proven to be a garment full of versatility and timelessness, perfect for those seeking a balance between comfort, fashion and sustainability. With these 20 outfit ideas, we hope to have given you the necessary inspiration to explore and experiment with different combinations, adapting them to your personal style. Whether you choose more relaxed options or more sophisticated outfits, having a pair of denim overalls in your closet is a wise and very useful decision.

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