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Organic Cotton Clothing

By using recycled organic cotton , with a single garment, we save 94% in water consumption compared to a conventional cotton garment. 2,000 liters of water are consumed to make a T-shirt, 3,000 or 4,000 for a sweatshirt normally.

With a Clotsy t-shirt, for example, we managed to save 1,880 liters of water by using recycled cotton. Our fabric suppliers have the Global Recycled Standard certificate.

Ribbed Tops

95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. A basic with details. Clotsy embroidered to the tone. Light and breathable to wear it 24/7, alone, with an overshirt, with dungarees... you'll always be right.

Ropa Interior 100% Algodón Orgánico

Experimenta una comodidad incomparable y cuidado para tu piel sensible con nuestra exclusiva línea de ropa interior 100% algodón orgánico. Diseñada pensando en ti, nuestra suave y transpirable ropa interior ofrece una sensación natural y libre de irritaciones. Confeccionada con algodón cultivado sin pesticidas ni productos químicos agresivos, brindamos a tu piel la delicadeza que se merece.

Gingham clothing

Designed in Valencia and ethically made in Madrid with recycled fabric. Organic cotton so that it breathes and recycled plastic bottles so that it does not wrinkle.

100% Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

100% organic cotton. The feel of the fabric is very soft, you will notice the quality every day. Choose your favourite with or without hood or zip. Made with recycled materials in Spain. Thanks to the recycled cotton we save 3760 litres of water and recycle 8 plastic bottles.

100% Organic Cotton Sweaters

The fabric is thick and very soft, ideal for autumn/winter. 100% organic cotton. They are one of those jumpers of extraordinary quality. One of those that are a pleasure to touch.

100% Organic Cotton Socks

Clotsy Socks will make you fall in love. 100% organic cotton...  like your second skin. Made in a small village in Burgos. Respectful with your skin and the planet.

100% Organic Cotton Dresses

Adjustable dress with bow. One of the most special Clotsy summer garments.100% organic cotton, breathable and cool. 

Organic Cotton Bags

Our first community-designed vegan and sustainable bags.

Certified organic cotton, grown without chemicals or pesticides. Suitable for all skin types. Vegan. 98% organic cotton 2% elastane.

I was looking for good quality recycled organic cotton garments that were not mixed with polyester or other fabrics. Very happy, as all Clotsy clothes are of excellent quality.

MelaClotsy's Customer

Without a doubt, the best shop when I'm looking for 100% organic cotton clothes. Clotsy's clothes have a very long life span.

AmparoClotsy's Customer

Every day I am more and more amazed by their launches. The 100% organic cotton socks are amazing. Let's see when they come out with more organic cotton underwear!!!

I'll be back!

LuzClotsy's Customer

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FAQs Organic Cotton Clothing

What is organic cotton clothing?

Organic cotton clothing is clothing made from cotton that has not been treated with chemicals.

What are the benefits of organic cotton clothing?

Organic cotton clothing is important because it does not contain chemicals that can damage the skin. It is also a more sustainable material throughout the production chain.

What are the advantages of organic cotton clothing?

The advantages of organic cotton clothing are that it is better for the skin, is more environmentally friendly and contains no chemicals.

Why is organic cotton clothing better for the skin?

Organic cotton clothing is better for your skin because it contains no chemicals that can damage it. Organic cotton is softer and stronger than conventional cotton, and is better for sensitive skin.


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