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Solidary T-Shirts

Discover our solidarity t-shirts and the history of each one of them.

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Sustainable clothing and slow fashion. I bought myself an ecological and 100% vegan dress. Super comfortable and cool. A marvel.

AndreaClotsy's client

I bought two personal care t-shirts with a bit of fear because the white on the t-shirts is sometimes very transparent or marks the belly a lot or wrinkles with nothing and I'm delighted... They are beautiful and they fit super well, the fabric is wonderful, I don't mind I would remove them for nothing! In fact, I've already ordered your flip flops and it's going to be hard for me to wait for them to arrive!! ❤️❤️

CarmenClotsy's client

The best sustainable clothing brand online!!! I bought several clothes and I'm delighted ❤️

LorraineClotsy's client

organic cotton

Slow Fashion, a lifestyle

We live in times in which many resources are used to generate clothes that end up in the garbage garbage can after a short time, this phenomenon is repeated more and...

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FAQs Solidarity T-shirts

What is a solidarity t-shirt?

A charity t-shirt is a t-shirt that is sold to raise funds for a specific cause. Typically, charity t-shirts have an awareness message or slogan that represents the cause for which money is being raised. All our solidarity t-shirts are sustainable and vegan.

How do you choose the cause for which you are going to raise money with the solidarity t-shirts?

The cause can be chosen in several ways. Sometimes the organization that is selling the shirts already has a specific cause that they are raising money for. Other times, the organization may allow buyers to choose the cause for which they want their funds used.

How much does a solidarity t-shirt cost?

Prices for charity t-shirts vary, but are usually a bit more expensive than regular t-shirts. This is because the money raised goes to the specific cause.


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