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Recycled Flip-flops

Sustainable flip-flops 

Recycle 0,5kg of waste with every pair of flip flops. Made with recycled matress. ♻️ Walk and recycle, every step.👇🏽

The story of how they were born

Sustainable flip-flops: between Valencia and Elche

This story goes back to last summer, when we met our footwear supplier, although I won't go that far hehe.

The thing is that we have a great relationship with him, Raúl. He is always thinking about us and a few months ago he told us that he had a product that was "perfect for Clotsy".

He told us that he had some flip flops that were made with recycled mattresses ♻️😅, obviously we didn't believe anything and we went there to see it with our own eyes.

Honestly, we were shocked 😂 when we saw the pictures we are just sharing with you (below 👇🏽), and how they were able, from something that apparently is a waste, to produce flip-flops.

Then we received the product tests, to choose the materials we were going to use for the upper, the padding (also recycled) and.... We have managed to make a 100% recycled flip flop, which is really amazing! ?

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It is a committed company of kind people who offer beautiful, quality garments in an environmentally friendly way. Some of my favourite garments are from this brand

HelenaClotsy's client

I bought the sustainable flip flops for myself and when I saw them my partner wanted them too and I had to ask him for some. Super comfortable, practical and beautiful.

MariaClotsy's client

I really liked black recycled flip flops when I visited their physical shop in Valencia. A few days later I couldn't stand it and had to order them from your online shop.

IvánClotsy's client


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