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#05: Diary of a #plasticwarrior: Black Friday: I think, then I buy.

Hello plastic warrior,

today I'm here to tell you about the super limited and exclusive offers we found on Black Friday... now almost a whole month of discounts! now almost a whole month of discounts... Lucky us, eh! How many things we're going to buy at a super discounted price...😂

Now seriously, let's talk about these sales practices that we see on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the whole Christmas season and even the sales, shall we?

As I always say, the important thing is to consume consciously.😎🧐

Who hasn't been tempted to buy something on sale just because it was on sale? NO ONE 😄. Most of these purchases are impulse purchases and we don't need them.

I would like to make one thing clear: BUYING/CONSUMING IS NOT BAD. Doing it without thinking is. When you are going to buy something, think about the use you will make of it, its origin, traceability, place of production, etc. and don't be fooled by those super offers, because they are not: it's very expensive for the planet!😭🆘

During these days of cyber sales, pollution increases
because of all the shipments, unsustainable packaging used... 😳 

I would also like to invite you to reflect on the companies that make these offers, how can they take 50%, 60%, 70% off...? 😆 

One thing is clear: they produce at very low prices, their working conditions leave much to be desired and their margin is very large. Something that small businesses like us, and in general, businesses in the sustainable and ethical sector, cannot afford. That is why we are not part of BLACK FRIDAY.

We don't want you to consume because we create a need for you, but because you want to make a positive impact on the planet and show that we can change the rules.💚🌱

So...plastic warrior let's bring out our sustainable side and make a list of things we need to buy or might need to buy and try to stick to it. It will be easier to turn down an offer if it wasn't on our list!🤓

We can also have a second list of "whims". As I said, shopping is not a bad thing as long as we do it with a bit of sense. We all buy, but the important thing is to control ourselves and learn to consume sustainably and ethically.🌱

As an advice I will tell you not to get overwhelmed, you will learn over time to consume differently and I will be with you in this learning process. It's not easy for anyone 😉.

Remember: think, then buy #plasticwarrior.

I wanted to invite you to join our Clotsy family
here to tell you about our experiences, be the first to know about new products and receive a little gift from time to time.❤️

Angela from Clotsy Brand

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