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How to Dress for a Midday Meal: Best 15 Looks 2024

The way we dress often affects the way we feel. When we have a date or a special event, such as going out to eat, whether with family or with the company, it is normal that we want to dress accordingly. In this post we will give you 15 simple look ideas for different midday meals. Read on and take note so you are never caught off guard.

Family food outfits

Although a family meal is an event of relaxation, connection and the objective is to share, there is no reason why we should not put a little effort into what we wear. We are not talking about super producing yourself, but about creating looks that look good, make you feel good and at the same time, be comfortable. To help you, we leave you these simple options:

Shirt dress: A classic that never fails. Opt for one with a fluid cut, in neutral tones or with discreet prints. Pair it with sandals or ballet flats for a comfortable and chic look.

Pants + blouse: A versatile set that you can adapt to different types of style . Choose dress pants or more casual pants, depending on the occasion. The blouse can be plain, printed, short or long sleeved. Complete the look with comfortable shoes and also a belt or necklace to add some extra personal touch.

Jeans + blazer: If you are looking for a more informal look, but without losing preppy style , go for jeans with a blazer. You can choose a basic, printed blazer or a fabric that you like, such as viscose fabric . Complete the look according to an appropriate colorimetry , for example: with a plain t-shirt or shirt and some sneakers also in neutral colors. If you like bright colors, you can choose to choose burgundy shoes and keep the rest of the outfit in the same tones.

Looks to eat with friends

Going to eat with friends is always an incredible plan. The union of delicious food with talks and laughter never fails. So that your look represents that “mood” of relaxation, we give you some options:

Top + shorts: A very feminine, youthful and incredibly versatile set. Choose a pretty top, whether plain or printed, and combine it with shorts in your favorite style. You can opt for a short one, one that is formal that reaches almost to the knee, one made of linen or the most chosen one, the one made of jean, for example. For the feet you can choose whatever you prefer from boots to shoes.

Jumpsuit: A comfortable and chic garment or clothing for a modern 40-year-old woman that will allow you to look perfect without much effort, for those days when you don't really feel like thinking about what to wear. Choose a jumpsuit in a color that flatters you and combine it with sandals or flat shoes.

Short dress: If the weather is good, a short dress is an ideal option for eating with friends. Choose a dress that fits you well and makes you feel confident. If you like heels, take advantage and combine it with some high-heeled sandals. If you are one of those who prefers sneakers, you can wear ones in lilac or classic neutral colors.

Looks for business food

Choosing what to wear to work events is almost always complicated. It is clear that you do not want to be dressed “over” but you want it to be seen that you have put effort into it and to feel put together. To make the decision more enjoyable, you can be inspired by some of the following three looks:

Suit jacket: An infallible classic for business meals. Choose a suit in a sober color, such as colors that match black , colors that match green , gray or navy blue. Combine it with an elegant shirt or blouse and high heels. If you are one of those who prefer prints, choose a set like the one in the image, which is matching pants and jacket.

Dress: If the meal is more formal, you can opt for a cocktail dress. Choose an elegant dress, in the color you like the most and let it be the protagonist of the look. Complete the look with high heels and accessories.

Palazzo pants + blouse: A comfortable and chic set at the same time. Choose palazzo pants in a fluid fabric and an elegant, voluminous blouse like the one in the image. The secret to making this look look extra formal is to use sober colors. If you chose long suit pants, take advantage and wear high-heeled shoes.

Dresses for a casual meal

Having a series of looks already decided for those outings to eat that go out without much plan and without anticipation, believe us that they will save you on more than one occasion. Our recommendations are:

Dungarees: A classic that can save you both spring and fall. Choose cotton dungarees in a light color and floral print, or whatever you prefer. Combine it with flat sandals or boots and a straw bag.

Skirt+blouse: If you like to dress femininely, this is your ally option. Blouses elevate any outfit a little and if you add a corduroy skirt to this, even more so. Choose both in the same color tones and shoes, you can opt for high-heeled ankle boots or little pumps.

Maxi dress: A comfortable and elegant dress that will allow you to be perfect without much effort. Choose a maxi dress in a fluid fabric and a color that flatters you. Complete the look with flat sandals or heels.

Looks to go to lunch on a Sunday

Going out to eat on a Sunday is the perfect excuse to dress up a little more on a day that we would perhaps think of spending resting in our pajamas. Our suggestions for these moments are:

Jeans + t-shirt: A comfortable and informal look ideal for going to lunch on a Sunday. Choose jeans that fit you well and a nice t-shirt. Complete the look with sneakers or sandals. If you want to add something extra to the look, choose a colored jacket or knitted cardigan.

Dress + sweater: A comfortable and chic set at the same time. Choose your favorite dress, whether short or not, in a fluid fabric and a knitted sweater. Complete the look with boots or ankle boots.

Knit: Knit tops paired with a knit cardigan make any look look more thoughtful in some way. Put on your favorite jeans and some low sneakers. This way you will be comfortable, organized and with a simple look.

How to dress for a midday meal? Tips

When it comes to attending a midday meal, whether it's a business meeting, a casual date, or a social event, choosing the right outfit can make the difference between looking good and feeling uncomfortable. Here we leave you some tips to dress with style and comfort for any occasion of this type by choosing clothes from the vegan clothing store Clotsy Brand.

Keep in mind the dress code

Before selecting your outfit, make sure you know the dress code of the venue you are attending. Some locations may require formal attire, while others allow for a more casual approach. This will help you choose the right cotton clothing and avoid uncomfortable situations.

Casual elegance can be your ally

For a midday meal, casual elegance is key. Opt for clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. For example, a good quality button-down shirt with chinos or a midi skirt can be a great option for men and women respectively.

Play with colors and prints

Colors and prints can add a touch of style to your outfit. For a daytime meal, consider bright colors and subtle prints that reflect daylight. However, make sure that the colors and prints you choose are in harmony with the environment and the occasion.

Don't neglect the details

Details make the difference in any outfit. Pay attention to accessories such as belts, jewelry and shoes. Opt for pieces that complement your outfit and add a touch of sophistication without being too flashy.

Prioritize your comfort

Last but not least, prioritize comfort. Make sure your outfit allows you to move easily and makes you feel confident. Breathable materials and flattering cuts are key to ensuring comfort throughout your meal.


In conclusion, you must find that middle point between your style and the looks for each occasion. Whether you opt for a smart casual style or a more formal approach, always remember to prioritize comfort and authenticity. Short clothes dress you, but you are the one who gives life to the style, don't forget that.

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