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12 Colors that Combine with Navy Blue: Best 2024

Navy blue is the favorite color of many people, especially those who like to dress in a formal tone. It is no news that this color is one of the most chosen for uniforms or for special occasions. This association has made it become a basic, but formal, but it does not always have to be like this, navy blue has much more potential. In the following article we will explain in a simple and practical way how you can combine navy blue perfectly, from which colors look best with it to what to avoid doing so as not to end up with boring or excessively busy outfits.

12 colors that combine with navy blue

Navy blue is a deep shade and has become a wardrobe and home decor staple. Its timelessness makes it ideal for creating sophisticated combinations full of casual style , being one of the most used colors in the minimalist style for example. But, what colors combine with navy blue? The answer is that there are many options! To help you get the most out of these vegan clothes or color in your decoration, we present 12 winning combinations:

Navy blue and gray

A timeless classic that exudes sophistication and sobriety. Ideal for formal or elegant casual looks. Combine both colors in different intensities to create a dynamic visual effect.

Navy blue and black

Absolute elegance. This combination is perfect for occasions that require formality and sobriety. There is no way to go wrong when using these two colors in one look, since black combines with so many colors .

Navy blue and green

A fresh and vibrant mix that evokes nature. Combine navy blue with emerald green, military green or bottle green for a striking look full of personality.

Navy blue and yellow

A bold and radiant contrast that radiates energy. Mustard yellow or pastel yellow are ideal tones to brighten an outfit with navy blue and create a spring or summer look.

Navy blue and pink

An unexpected combination full of romanticism. Quartz pink, baby pink, bubblegum pink or coral color They blend perfectly with the navy blue, creating a feminine and modern look.

Navy blue and white

A classic and versatile pairing that never fails. Combine both colors in equal parts for a fresh and minimalist look, or use white as details to highlight the navy blue.

Navy blue and beige

A warm and welcoming mix that evokes naturalness. Combine navy blue with sand beige, taupe beige or cream beige to create a casual and sophisticated look at the same time.

Navy blue and red

A vibrant and passionate contrast that does not go unnoticed. Deep red, brick red or burgundy red are ideal shades to add a touch of boldness to a navy blue look.

Navy blue and silver

A luxurious and elegant combination that exudes glamour. Silver details on accessories or clothing enhance the elegance of navy blue and create a sophisticated look perfect for special occasions.

Navy blue and orange

A citrus contrast full of energy that illuminates any look. Burnt orange, terracotta orange or pastel orange combine perfectly with navy blue for a vibrant and original look.

Navy blue and burgundy

An elegant and sophisticated mix that evokes distinction. Wine burgundy, purple burgundy or garnet burgundy are ideal shades to create a formal and full look. preppy style .

Navy blue and light blue

A harmonious and fresh combination that is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. Combine navy blue with different shades of light blue to create a casual and relaxed look, perfect for summer days.

Best outfits to combine navy blue 2024

Now that you know which colors go perfectly with navy blue, we give you simple outfit options to serve as a reference and inspiration.

Did anyone wear a total navy blue look? Either of these two options show that a navy blue jumpsuit is a sure hit. In these cases, the ideal is to play with accessories to create either a casual and simple look like the one in the photos, or a more party look with some silver earrings and necklaces.

Blue and green get along very well, this image makes it clear. If you wanted to elevate the outfit a little more, you could add a blazer or a thin cardigan in blue tones as well.

Women's cotton dungarees are the saviors for those days when you don't want to think about what to wear. In this case we have chosen it with a white t-shirt, but it could well be a garment in any of the colors that we mentioned above in the post.

Finally we leave you two options for looks with navy blue on the bottom and various colors on the top like the color blocking and burgundy color . As you can see, it brings a little more light to the most used alternative, which is black, but it goes perfectly with beige, white or pink.

Keys to combine navy blue

Navy blue is one of the colors most chosen by those people who have formal jobs or who like to use colors that are not excessively flashy in their daily lives. However, mastering it when it comes to combining it can be a challenge. But don't worry, we are here to help you and these are the keys that you should be clear about to combine it perfectly:

  • Define your style: Before starting to combine, it is important to take into account your personal style. Do you prefer classic and sophisticated looks or go for something more daring and striking?
  • Consider the occasion: The event or situation you are dressing for will also influence the choice of combinations. A formal office look will require a different palette than a casual outing with friends.
  • Play with textures: Textures add dimension and depth to your looks. Combine navy blue with plain, printed, shiny or matte fabrics to create interesting contrasts.
  • Don't be afraid of accessories: Accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any look. Red shoes, a yellow bag or a silver necklace can give an unexpected twist to your navy blue combination.
  • Get inspired by others: See how other people combine navy blue and look for inspiration in fashion magazines, blogs or social networks.
  • Experiment and have fun: The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident with the combination you choose. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with fashion!

What should you avoid when combining the color navy blue?

Navy blue, in all its depth and versatility, has earned a privileged place in the world of fashion and decoration. However, despite its ease of combining, there are some pitfalls that, if not avoided, can ruin a look or decoration. What should you avoid? We explain it to you:

  • Too much black: While black and navy blue may seem like a classic combination, combining them too much can create a look that is too dark and monotonous. Choose to add other colors or textures to break the monotony.
  • Very similar shades of navy blue: Combining different very similar shades of navy blue can be confusing and unappealing.
  • Inharmonious prints: Prints add a touch of personality to your looks, but be careful when combining them with navy blue, always choose the classics like stripes.
  • Excess metals: Although gold or silver accessories can give an elegant touch to your navy blue combinations, avoid using them in excess.
  • Colors that “clash”: Some colors, such as neon orange or lime green, tend to clash with navy blue.
  • Forget the details: The details make the difference. A well-chosen belt, scarf or bag can take your navy look to the next level.
  • Clothing or furniture in poor condition: The quality of the clothing is noticeable, choose those made with quality materials and if they are recycled and organic, the better. A good option is to choose clothes from the Clotsy Brand vegan and sustainable clothing store , it has a wide catalog of garments made of recycled cotton and different vegan fabrics so that you can lead a sustainable life without ceasing to belong to ecological fashion.
  • Inadequate lighting: Light plays an important role in the perception of colors, so it is ideal to take it into account when choosing which tones and colors to use.


In conclusion, don't stick to wearing navy blue only to work or for serious occasions. Dare to use this look in summer or you can make it an autumn and winter outfit this 2024 , both for going out and for your day-to-day looks. Don't be afraid to combine it with bright colors like pink, red or silver, but you do have to always keep in mind that it doesn't go as well with prints or neon tones. Of course, all of these are just suggestions and as long as you like it and it is comfortable for you, use it without a problem.

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