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How we create our RECYCLED FLIP FLOPS

How have we produced the flip flops? How long has it taken us? With which provider? Where? Has it been easy? 😅👇🏽

Hello, plastic warrior! When it comes to creating a new sustainable fashion product, there are thousands of unknowns and new challenges... Stay because we are going to tell you step by step from start to finish.

Let's rewind to February and that's how I tell you about the roller coaster that flip flops have been, since it was a product that we didn't have planned... so it has been a long-distance race. 😂🙈

FEBRUARY. We got the surprise!

It all started in Elche when we went to see other things, and our friend and supplier Raúl showed us a unique flip-flop for the first time. It was made from recycled mattresses. Honestly, we didn't believe it. 🤣

As a curiosity we tell you about it on Instagram, and I am not exaggerating if I tell you that more than half of the messages were asking for those flip flops with Clotsy . It was out of our plans, but we started to investigate. (Plastic warriors, you mess with us 🤣).

MARCH 22. Search, create, design…

We spent the whole month looking for inspiration. What colors do we want? What shape is the flip-flop going to be? What fabrics would we like to use? 

After a few video calls with the supplier, we had already left some key points of what we wanted to create: An ergonomic plant to make them comfortable , a unisex size , basic colors , recycled mattresses as the main material...

And you will ask yourself, "but mattresses... why?" Well, according to what the manufacturer told us, they work hand in hand with a mattress company that generates a lot of waste with the leftovers . Before all this was sent to a landfill , now we give it a second life. Creating the recycled flip flops.

APRIL 22 . The earthquake begins.

April 12th

With some fabric samples we were looking for basic colors that are versatile, easy to combine . Hello, sustainable capsule wardrobe ♀️ 🙋🏻!

April 19th

We returned to Elche , because we needed to see how the flip flop plant was made with recycled mattresses . It is a factory located on the outskirts of the city, which buys the waste from other companies and gives it a second life.

They themselves separate by color, grind and give the desired shape to the new product. In our case, we created the sole for the flip-flops and the padded fabric for the upper. 

This time we are leaving Elche with everything already determined. It only remained for Raúl to work his magic by creating the first two prototypes . In beige and black .

April 27

We get the final sample of the flip flops. THERE ARE NERVES!

So we check that everything is correct and we try them in our day to day to confirm that they are comfortable . Ergonomic plant and foot supported by padded fabric. AND... THEY ARE GREAT: PRETTY AND COMFORTABLE. ❤️😭

We have given it a… 10 FOR RAÚL AND THE FLIP FLOPS!

MAY. Last details and we will reveal it to you.

Photo session of the flip flops, this time we did it in the same Clotsy House. And the meeting, how are we going to reveal every detail and the tasks of each one.

Above all, the crowdfunding part ... I tell you. In the fashion and footwear industry there are very high production minimums , in this case 500 units . For young and small companies like us, it is very difficult to assume that cost. That's why we launched these recycled flip-flops in pre-sale for two weeks . And later they will go into production . And ready to send them to you! In this way it is possible to offer you these recycled flip flops.

With a lot of nerves and illusion, yesterday, Thursday at 8:00 am we reveal everything to you.

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Author: Clotsy Brand Team

Clotsy Brand is made up of a team of committed people with the caring for the planet and ethical fashion production. All Clotsy garments are produced in local workshops in Spain and Portugal, using sustainable materials that take care of both the planet and the skin of their customers. We value the opinion of our community, so we are always close to them and willing to listen to their ideas and opinions through different channels, such as Instagram, Telegram, Email and Tiktok.


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