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How to Wash Underwear: Step by Step in the Washing Machine and by Hand

Do you remember when your mom told you that you would be great the day you wash your own underwear well? Beyond the embarrassing moment that mom put us through, the hygiene of our clothes is key to keeping our body healthy and comfortable. There are soaps that are stronger and softer, depending on your need. It's not science, but with the right steps, we'll ensure you get the ideal results.

How to wash underwear in a washing machine? Step by Step

Use the program to wash delicate garments: most washing machines have different programs depending on the needs of your clothes. In these cases, we recommend using the one for delicate clothes. The clothes are spun only once at a very low temperature (maximum 40 degrees) and at a very low speed to avoid wrinkling. To achieve a perfect finish, it is best not to load the drum with more clothes and, in addition, use a special ecological detergent .
  • Opt for an underwear laundry bag: cumbersome as it may seem, using a soft fabric bag protects bras, laces, underwear, socks, and any small items, reducing curling and distortion in the washer or dryer.

  • Avoid the spin system
  • Do not apply fabric softener: the fewer chemicals, the better for washing your clothes.

Before continuing, it is important to remember that you must know how to calculate the bra size correctly, to avoid being too big or too small.

How to wash your underwear by hand?

  • Soak underwear: place it in a bowl or bucket with hot water and leave it there for a while.
  • Avoid squeezing or squeezing hard: wash gently with your hands, do not use brushes either.
  • Do not use bleach or bleach: they are VERY harsh on your clothes and can leave a residue that is not good for your skin.
  • Rinse with plenty of cold water: the key is that there is no soap left.
  • Tips for drying underwear
  • Do not use the dryer with hot air: the ideal is to let it dry in fresh air.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure
  • don't iron it
  • Do not place it near heating equipment

How to wash underwear according to the fabric?


Cotton is one of the most common materials in underwear. You can wash it in the washing machine with warm water, at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.

In Clotsy Brand you will find several garments made with organic cotton , obviously among them bralettes and panties. Look at their catalog!



Lace garments are delicate, so it is better to hand wash them in lukewarm water, around 30 degrees Celsius.


Microfiber underwear can be washed in the washing machine with lukewarm water, at a temperature of about 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.


Silk is a delicate fabric, so it is recommended to wash it by hand with cold or lukewarm water, at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. It is important to use a mild detergent.

Modal or viscous

The viscose fabric together with the modal are usually mixed with cotton, and can be washed in the washing machine with warm water, at around 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.


Polyester underwear is durable and can be machine washed in lukewarm water, around 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.


Nylon is another strong fabric that can be machine washed in lukewarm water, around 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Tips for washing underwear well

What soap to wash underwear with? That will depend on the fabric of your clothing and, in addition, on the needs of your skin. White soap is ideal in all cases as it is good for the body and fabrics. Always try to use milder soaps unless they are more difficult stains.

  • Separate by colors and fabrics. Each garment has its need, therefore, separate by colors so that they do not mix with each other and ruin your garments.
  • Remove excess water with a clean towel
  • Read the garment label before washing

How should women's underwear be washed to avoid infections?

Water and the most neutral soap you can find. You are going to place the garment first in very hot water (it kills germs) and rub the white soap all over the garment. Use your hands, not a brush. You let it soak for a bit. You take out the water and rinse it in cold water. From there, check that there are no stains or soap left either. We do not recommend using fabric softeners. You drain it well and hang it up. It will be very important that it dry well. Ideally, don't use anything that transfers scents and odors.

These washing techniques will help us prevent irritation and/or itching on the skin . It is important that we dedicate time to our personal health, so as not to expose ourselves to annoying symptoms. In addition to taking special care with washing underwear, we must also be careful with our daily intimate hygiene, using specific products.

Never take advantage of the shower to wash your underwear or leave it drying right there! This can lead to a vaginal yeast infection, such as yeast infection, due to excess moisture in the shower. Take into account that places with little light and very humid are ideal for the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Remember to wash new clothes before wearing them. Keep in mind that in order for it to reach the place where you bought it, during its manufacturing process the garments go through many hands and places and have been exposed to dust and germs.

You must also renew it every six months or once a year. Wearing very worn underwear and damaged fabric can leave your intimate area unprotected, favor infections and irritation.

What soap is the right one to wash underwear?

White or delicate clothes. You can buy special soaps for underwear or use the usual white soap. To wash women's underwear, it is extremely important that you always use neutral soap without perfume or even soap paste that you find in any supermarket, and that has no aroma or dye. Also, it is important that you check the garment label but more importantly that you do not mix the clothes in the washing machine, always try to wash by hand.

How to avoid bad smell in underwear?

Do not leave it unwashed for a long time. We understand that you're not going to wash every day (or yes) but don't let it accumulate because bacteria are, by far, your worst enemies. Also, after hanging your clothes, don't forget to remove them and put them away. Remember, humidity is the worst both because of the smell and because of the bad bacteria for your flora.

Fortunately, there is a formula that is especially useful for removing the musty smell from freshly washed clothes. You only need a bottle of baking soda, that multifunctional product that should always be in our pantries. Bicarbonate, on this occasion, interests us because of its ability to neutralize and absorb odors. If the smell is located in a very specific part, because it is the product of sweat, make a paste with baking soda and water, spread and rub over the area and wash as you usually do.


You should not be afraid or worry about more. Remember that the simplest and easiest is the ideal. Wash with care and love, using white soap or delicate soap and hang it up. Think that you will be in contact with a very sensitive part and it is extra care for yourself to have your underwear in good condition.

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