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Office Look: 10 essential garments in 2024

This 2023 will be your year, do you want to know why? Because with the 10 office looks that we will cover throughout the article, they will be more than enough to provide you with style every day during your workday. Each of the looks are impeccable and essential to feel comfortable all day. Are you ready to work in style?

All of our options are sustainable fashion made from organic cotton, linen, viscose and tencel , the best fabrics to look good and be environmentally responsible at the same time. Find out what is tencel

How to dress to go to the office?

It all depends on the dress code that the company you work for has established. However, it is ideal to opt for simple but elegant garments, options that you can combine with all the clothes available in your closet and not only build one look but more than five.

Your options can be like the looks that we indicate below, you will have formal options, but also less formal and extremely elegant options.

Look 1 - Green corduroy pants + overshirt

These corduroy pants are a perfect garment from the corduroy clothing collection to look comfortable and impeccable in your office. Best of all, these green corduroy pants can be combined with any item of clothing, it can be with a hoodie, a button-down shirt, whatever you want! This type of corduroy is organic cotton and its fabric is stretchy and warm, which means it will keep you warm during the winter. It is 100% cotton, ideal for all skin types. We recommend you visit the 100% cotton women's clothing category .

The world will be at your feet every time you wear these two garments. You will never go unnoticed! Its fabric is made of organic cotton and thanks to its elasticity, it will mold perfectly to your body.

Look 2 - Blue Corduroy Mahón Overalls

Look radiant with this long blue dungarees for women . Its straps are adjustable and it has large pockets. It is composed of organic cotton and elastin, which gives you elasticity to carry out your activities comfortably. It is the dream garment that you can use at all times during the year. Looking good, without so much effort, has never been so easy. In a very short time, we will also release the linen dungarees for summer, so you already have your option for winter, halftime and summer.

Look 3 - Ocean Shirt and Pants

If you are looking for a slightly more formal option, this look is especially for you. Its denim blue color will transmit professionalism and security. It is a loose-fitting shirt with matching buttons. On the other hand, the pants are very comfortable and great to wear all day. Without a doubt, these two garments are the perfect set!

Look 4 - Hyggie sweater + jeans

When you feel like rocking something completely different, take a chance with this beautiful striped jumper. It is super soft to the touch, since it is made with organic cotton . It is an oversize garment that you will not want to stop using.

Over jeans, you can use these microcorduroy pants that simulate the effect of a jean. However, they are much more comfortable and sustainable ;)

Look 5 - Gingham Set: Shirt and Short

This is a perfect look for spring-summer. Made from organic cotton and recycled bottles to prevent wrinkles. We recommend combining it with ribbed tops if you feel like wearing it open.


Look 6 - Amalfi Dress

Imagine arriving at your office looking spectacular in this beautiful dress, you will feel so feminine, empowered and fresh. There is nothing better than this dress, since it is made of 100% organic cotton and is breathable, ideal for intense sunny days.

Look 7 - Marea Dress

Blue denim dress with adjustable belt, it is a simple garment, but it brings a lot of style. When you don't feel like wearing colorful or flowery dresses, this dress is just what you need. It is made of lyocell fabric and is suitable for all skin types. You show all your capabilities by looking amazing!

Look 8 - Green Noja Jumpsuit

Another very comfortable, elegant and feminine option to go to the office is this green noja jumpsuit. It's made from organic cotton and linen fabric , and it's so soft you'll want to wear it every day. Do not miss the opportunity to look simple and comfortable, but like a professional.

Look 9 - Thaw Pants

There is nothing better than the combination between husband blue and ecru. The thaw pants have a thick but super soft fabric. It is made of 100% sustainable ECOVERO viscose .

It is perfect for those days when you feel daring and want to get out of your comfort zone a bit. In fact, we assure you that all eyes will be on you, as these pants definitely scream, look at me!

Look 10 - "It's okay not to be okay" T-shirt

This cotton t-shirt is perfect for those gray days. Every time you look in the mirror and read "It's okay not to be okay" you will feel that warm comforting hug that you so need. Therefore, it is a perfect motivational shirt to cheer you up in your office.

Each of the looks displayed here are ideal for your work days, since they are elegant, simple garments, and they are not even close to being boring , since with each one you can put together a large number of wonderful outfits.

Don't miss the opportunity to look amazing with Clotsy Brand 's slow fashion clothes . With these clothes you will not only look great but you will have a sustainable lifestyle.


Why is sustainable fashion important?

Reduces waste production

Sustainable brands aim to reduce waste, through the production of garments with durable and high-quality materials. That is, they imitate seasonal fashion trends to reduce the waste that is produced in the long term.

Guarantees fair wages and an optimal work environment

Since, most of the fast fashion garment companies have a deplorable work environment and the workers do not receive a living wage. While sustainable fashion companies guarantee fair remuneration and a well-deserved work environment.

Emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are reduced

In the production of sustainable garments, biodegradable components that are generated by recycled or natural fibers are used. In addition, all these components are produced without pesticides or fertilizers and consume less water and energy.

How should you dress for the office in summer?

Creating looks in the summer for the office, without a doubt, is much easier than building looks for the winter, however, there is a risk of crossing the line of casual and looking a bit informal and not so appropriate within the work context.

Now, what kind of garments are the best?

Light fabrics are always the best option , choose organic cotton and linen garments. They are fresh and extremely angry fabrics. Consider opting for garments such as dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts, clothing with bright and light colors.

If you want to take care of your clothes to always look radiant, you can use ecological detergent

How should you dress for the office in winter?

During the winter it is advisable to go out with several layers of clothing , it is a technique that consists of controlling the cold and maintaining body heat. You can wear two layers of clothing, depending on the temperature outside.

It is important to mention that if you wear a lot of clothes you can sweat, make your clothes wet and therefore cause you to catch a cold. We recommend you use corduroy fabric garments , since it is breathable and super warm, however, you can also choose other types of garments that avoid cold and humidity.

On the other hand, you can also put together looks with high-waisted pants, a turtleneck sweater, and a coat that adds elegance to the whole outfit.


Can jeans be worn in the office?

Yes, jeans are included in the dress codes, you definitely should wear them. We recommend you opt for jeans without tears and colors such as denim blue, white or black and combine them with shirts or blouses. In addition, you can also combine them with unicolor tops or printed blouses.



Looking impeccable during your workday is not as difficult as you think, with the right combination of clothes we assure you that you will look perfect and feel better than ever. Remember to buy combinable garments and do not contribute to the production of waste, always betting on what is sustainable. Go ahead and have these clothes in your capsule wardrobe !

It is never too late to contribute to the protection of the environment. I invite you to read about vegan leather .

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