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Sustainable Women's Corduroy Clothing

Corduroy Garments and Clothing 100% organic cotton

Produced ethically in a local workshop in Madrid. Corduroy clothing is one of the most popular options for winter. It is warm and resistant, perfect to be very comfortable and warm on cold days.

Production between Spain and Portugal

In local workshops in an ethical way and taking care of every detail.

Organic and recycled fabrics

Who take care of the planet and your skin... top quality so that our garments will last you for many years :)

free changes

Write to the chat if you have questions. If you still need to change, we will make it easy for you and at no cost.

Acquire Clotsy accessories

Organic Cotton Socks

The Clotsy Socks fall in love. 100% organic cotton... like your second skin . Made in a small town in Burgos.

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