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Vegan T-Shirts

The natural vegan fibers we use for our T-shirts are animal friendly and care for the planet.

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FAQs Vegan T-Shirts

What is a vegan t-shirt?

A vegan t-shirt is a t-shirt that does not contain any products of animal origin.

Why are vegan t-shirts made?

For people who lead a vegan lifestyle. There are many people who do not eat any type of animal products, including meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese. Some people are vegan for religious reasons, while others are vegan for ethical considerations towards animals. There are also those who are vegan because they believe that it is a healthier way of living.

What are the main differences between a vegan t-shirt and an organic cotton t-shirt?

Organic cotton t-shirts are those that are made from cotton that has been grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. On the other hand, vegan t-shirts do not contain any product of animal origin in their manufacture nor do they test on animals.

And yes, a t-shirt can be organic cotton and vegan at the same time.


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