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Sustainable Sweaters

100% Organic Cotton Sweaters

Or were you looking for a sweatshirt?

The most comfortable sweatshirt 100% Organic Cotton. For your looks with joggers or jeans.

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Sustainable flipflops

Recycle 0.5kg of waste with each pair of flip-flops.Made from recycled mattresses. ♻️ Walk and recycle, every step of the way.👇🏽

I haven't touched an organic cotton sweatshirt like this in years. You can tell it's QUALITY.

LeireClotsy's costumer

I bought the beautiful blue organic cotton sweatshirt together with the joggers, now it has become my favourite outfit for sports. Amazing quality and texture. You can tell that what you pay for is good quality.

IratxeClotsy's costumer

I was looking for an organic cotton sweatshirt that lasts a long time and can withstand anything. I also wanted it to be warm as I was moving to another country. It was the right choice.

ConsueloClotsy's costumer

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FAQs Sustainable Jerseys

What is a sustainable jersey?

Asustainable sweater is a jumper that has been manufactured in a sustainable way, i.e. using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

What materials are sustainable jerseys made of?

Sustainable jumpers can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, tencel, linen etc. Our Jerseys are 100% Organic Cotton

How do you ensure that a jersey is sustainable?

To ensure that a jersey is sustainable, should be ensured that it has been fabricado utilizando materiales y procesos sostenibles. This means that organic and/or recycled materials must be used, and that the manufacturing process does not harm the environment or the conditions of workers.

Why is it important to buy sustainable jerseys?

Buying sustainable jumpers is important because it helps reduce the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing. By buying sustainable jerseys, is helping reduce the amount of toxic waste that are released into the environment, and it is helping to conserving natural resources.


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