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Black Friday Men's Clothing

Vegan and Ecological Clothing

Vaqueros Sostenibles

Los denim veganos que no pueden faltar en tus looks de invierno, algodón reciclado y un poquito de elastano para que se adapten a tu silueta.

Ribbed Tops

Or also known as the famous Tank Tops. Some essential basics to combine your sustainable garments on a day-to-day basis.

Sustainable Sweaters

100% organic cotton. The fabric is thick and very soft, ideal for autumn/winter. They are one of those jerseys of extraordinary quality. One of those that is nice to touch.

Gingham clothing

A flattering plaid print that goes with everything. Cotton so that it breathes and recycled plastic bottles so that it does not wrinkle.

Sandalias Sostenibles

-Sujeción totaldel pie con las tiras blanditas.
-Con velcro. Facilidad para ajustar la sandalia a tu pie.

Para TODO. Las hemos diseñado para que puedas llevarlas:
🍝 Una cena con amigas
💻 Para ir a trabajar bien mona
✨ Para un evento especial

Sustainable flip flops

Recicla 0,5kg de residuos con cada par de chanclas.Hechas a partir de colchones reciclados. ♻️ Camina y recicla, en cada paso. 👇🏽

Sustainable socks

Los Clotsy Socks enamoran. 100% algodón orgánico... como tu segunda piel. Fabricados en un pueblecito de Burgos. Respetuosos con tu piel y con el planeta.

Vegan and Sustainable Bags

Here they are. Our first vegan and sustainable bags designed by our family.

Pañuelos Sostenibles

Los primeros pañuelos que hemos creado junto a Irene Nortes. ✨Ella ha puesto su esencia diseñando a mano cada pincelada y en Clotsy los hemos hecho realidad de manera ética. Confeccionados en un pequeño taller de Madrid.

Sustainable clothes and slow fashion. I bought an ecological and 100% vegan dress. Super comfortable and cool. Wonderful.

AndreaClotsy's customer

I bought two t-shirts with some fear because the white on the t-shirts, sometimes is very transparent or marks the belly a lot or wrinkles with nothing, but I'm delighted... They are beautiful and look great, the fabric is wonderful, I wouldn't take them off at all! In fact I've already ordered your flip flops and I'm going to have a hard time waiting for them to arrive!!!! ❤️❤️

CarmeClotsy's customer

The best sustainable clothing brand online!!!! I bought several garments and I'm delighted ❤️

LorenaClotsy's customer

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FAQs Women's Sustainable Clothing

What is sustainable clothing?

Sustainable clothing is a term used to describe clothing that is produced ethically and responsibly, taking into account environmental and social impact.

Sustainable clothing is produced with natural materials that are biodegradable or recyclable, and that do not harm the environment.

In addition, it is also produced fairly, that is, the workers who produce it receive a fair wage and have decent working conditions.

Why is sustainable clothing important?

Sustainable clothing is important because it allows us to reduce the negative impact that the clothing industry has on the environment and on the people who work in it.

How is sustainable clothing produced?

Sustainable clothing is produced using materials and processes that do not harm the environment or cause harm to the people who produce it.


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