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Best 10 Colors that Combine with Yellow 2024

Yellow is an incredibly energetic color that attracts a lot of attention and that few dare to use on a daily basis. Whether in eco-fashion , home decor, or graphic design, combining yellow with other colors sometimes gets a little complicated. So that you can use yellow without major headaches, we leave you in this post the best colors to combine with yellow, what to take into account when using it and we will give you some look ideas.

What colors combine with yellow? Top 10 2024

Yellow, that vibrant and energetic color, can be a little intimidating when it comes to combining it. However, there is no need to fear it! With the right palette, yellow could be the key to creating looks and spaces full of different types of style and personality.

  • White: This classic never fails. White infuses light and neutrality into yellow, generating a contrast that could be said to be fresh and clean. Perfect for casual looks, minimalist decoration and small spaces.
  • Blue: Blue complements yellow perfectly, generating a vibrant and harmonious combination. It is perfect for summer looks, to play with pops of color and for slightly different office looks.
  • Green: Green intertwines naturally with yellow, creating a fresh and relaxing combination. This pair together screams spring and is ideal for playing with flower and leaf prints on a yellow background.
  • Pink: Pink softens the yellow, creating a combination that could be said to be sweet and romantic. Ideal for very feminine looks.
  • Orange: Orange is intensified with yellow, resulting in a vibrant and especially striking combination. It is widely chosen in sporty looks, especially using a neon yellow.
  • Brown: Brown adds some earthy undertones to yellow, creating a warm and very sophisticated combination. In this case, for the combination to be harmonious, the shade of yellow cannot have much light and more matte tones must be used.
  • Black: A combination of elegance and sophistication. Yellow is one of those colors that combine with black and adds sobriety, creating a mix that conveys modernity and boldness. Ideal for formal looks, evening events and avant-garde decoration.
  • Purple: Purple contrasts with yellow in a bold way, generating a vibrant and very original combination. Along the same lines as purple, also choose the color lilac , which is a great favorite.
  • Grey: An industrial touch. Gray balances the intensity of yellow, creating looks that convey informality, avant-garde and balance.
  • Multicolor: Dare to do more! Yellow pairs well with a wide range of burgundy colors , so don't be afraid to experiment with multicolor combinations. If you have a shirt with many colors, yellow shorts or pants are a perfect option.

What colors should you avoid combining with yellow in clothes?

Although there are colors that it is recommended to avoid combining with yellow, nothing is written in stone. The reality is that you can wear the short clothes you want, as long as you like it and it is comfortable for you. Casual style guides are just that, guides, not laws, so take the following colors if you want:

  • Deep orange: Two colors so close on the color spectrum can create a combination that is too strident and overwhelming. If you want to use orange with yellow, opt for softer tones.
  • Bright red: Like orange, bright red can compete with the intensity of yellow, creating a visual shock that is not always pleasant. If you want to use red with yellow, do it in small doses or choose more muted tones.
  • Lime green: This bright green can create a combination that is too discordant with yellow. If you want to use green with yellow, opt for darker or earthier tones.
  • Fuchsia: One of the most repeated fashion “rules” is that yellow and fuchsia should never be combined. This is because both colors have a lot of light and do not complement or contrast well.

What should you take into account to combine yellow color? Tips

If what you are looking for is to start using yellow more in your looks, but you are very scared of having to combine it, keep reading because we give you all the key tips you need to know to always make the right decision:

Contrast with neutral colors

Yellow stands out especially when combined with neutral colors such as white, black, gray or beige. These shades act as a backdrop, allowing the yellow to shine without overpowering. So for starters, it's a great way to use it.

Complement with earth colors

Earth tones such as brown, terracotta or olive green can soften the impact of yellow, creating a harmonious and natural palette. Experiment with combinations in your daily looks, such as green pants and a yellow top.

Accentuate the colors with accessories

Yellow is at the opposite end of the color blocking spectrum to purple and violet. Therefore, these shades complement yellow in a very contrasting way. Use details in purple or lilac tones to highlight the yellow and create a striking combination.

Add touches of color

For a bold, modern look, pair yellow with other bright, saturated colors, such as cobalt blue or crimson red. This combination creates a dynamic contrast that is sure to turn heads. It is not the most traditional or the most basic option, but they can work perfectly together.

Use cool colors to balance

Cool tones, such as light blue or mint green, balance the warmth of yellow, forming a feeling of balance. Experiment with different proportions of these colors to find the balance that you like best and that makes you feel most comfortable.

Always consider the context and occasion

Consider the setting in which you will be wearing yellow and the occasion you are dressing for. While bright yellow is usually perfect for casual or summer events, softer, muted tones are best suited for formal or winter situations.

Don't forget about confidence and attitude

Finally, the most important thing when wearing the color yellow is confidence and attitude. This color is cheerful and lends itself to personal expression and individuality. Dare to use it with confidence and a positive attitude.

Yellow Outfit Ideas 2024

You already know everything you need to combine yellow perfectly, so just to give you some inspiration, we leave you the following outfit ideas with the clothes of the sustainable brand Clotsy Brand :

Dresses are our best friends on those days when there is no time to debate what to wear. They dress you very well in an easy way. In addition, you can play with the shoes, choose high-heeled and pointed ones if the occasion is formal or flat sandals like in the photo if you want to wear them on a daily basis.

A black top with a yellow skirt/short is an ideal combination for when we want to use color but not too much. In addition, these garments are very cool and very comfortable, perfect for the heat.

In the same vein as the previous look, a slightly more “covered” version in case we know it will be cooling. Black pants and a yellow top, with boots, are the perfect outfit for going out with friends to drink or eat something.

This look is cute, comfortable and very feminine. Although simple, the detail of the top tied at the front adds personality. You can combine it with sneakers or sandals.

Remember how pink and yellow get along well? Well, this look proves it. In addition, there is a play of textures and patterns, perfect for creating an outfit full of personality. Wear it with platform sneakers or neon accessories.

This combination and the next one are two perfect yellow and white options. The first is something more informal and the second something more for a date or an outing. Wear white sneakers with the first and low-heeled sandals for the second option.

Don't forget the prints. These white pants with a print and the yellow top combine perfectly. Also, the details of the pants are in black, they are perfect!

Finally, continuing with the prints, we leave you these two options with the same shorts but in a different color. Both combine perfectly with the yellow top, not only in color but in style. The viscose fabric and the cut of the shorts make it a little more dressy, but relaxed at the same time. Perfect for walking with ballet flats and a summer hat.


In conclusion, whether you are redecorating your home or updating your wardrobe, consider these color combinations to make the most of the beauty of yellow. Experiment with different shades and find that perfect combination that reflects your style and personality.

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