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Best Yoga Mats 2024 (Non-Slip)

Just like selecting good running shoes or quality gloves for boxing, choosing your mat when doing yoga is crucial. It is the only material you will use throughout your practice, so it should adapt to your needs. If you are thinking about buying a new mat or are about to buy your first mat, keep reading because in this post we tell you everything you should take into account when deciding on one.

What is a yoga mat?

A yoga mat, it can also be called a yoga mat, is a widely used accessory for the practice of this ancient discipline. It is a rectangular rug on which the postures or asanas are performed.

Its main function is to provide stability and grip during practice, preventing the body from slipping on the floor. In addition, it insulates the body from the cold and humidity of the ground, and cushions the joints in impact positions.

There are different types of yoga mat styles on the market, varying in thickness, material, texture, and size. Choosing the right mat will depend on the needs and preferences of the practitioner, as well as the type of yoga to be performed.

Benefits of being non-slip

The non-slip capacity of a yoga mat is one of its most important and therefore most sought-after characteristics. A mat that is not non-slip could even be dangerous, as it can cause slips and falls, especially in balance positions. The other specific benefits of a non-slip yoga mat are:

  • Greater safety: A non-slip mat helps you maintain balance and stability during practice, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Greater confidence: Knowing that your mat will not move under you, you will feel more secure and confident when performing the postures.
  • Better concentration: When you don't have to worry about slipping, you can focus on your breathing and the alignment of your body in the postures, which is the goal of the practice.
  • Greater Enjoyment of Practice: A non-slip mat allows you to fully enjoy your yoga practice without having to worry about falling or getting hurt.

Fundamental elements of a good mat

It has become clear that choosing the right yoga mat is crucial to enjoying a safe, comfortable and therefore beneficial practice. The fundamental elements that you should take into account and look for when purchasing are:


As mentioned above, non-slip ability is essential to prevent slips and falls, especially in balance or dynamic postures. Look for mats with a rough texture or materials known for their grip.

Suitable thickness

The thickness of the mat should adapt to your needs and preferences. Thinner mats (2-5mm) are lightweight and portable, ideal for travel or gentle practice. Thicker mats (6-10 mm) offer greater cushioning and joint support, making them preferable in restorative yoga or impact practices.

Durable and eco-friendly material

Choose durable materials that can withstand regular use and frequent washing. Look for ecological options made with natural rubber, cork or recycled TPE, contributing to the care of the environment.

Appropriate size

The mat should be large enough to accommodate your body in all postures without restrictions. Standard measurements are between 180-200 cm long and 60-80 cm wide.

Comfortable texture

The surface texture should be pleasant to the touch and suit your practice style. Some mats offer rough textures for greater grip, while others are smooth for greater fluidity in movement.

Ease of cleaning

Choose a mat that is easy to clean to maintain hygiene and prevent bacteria buildup. Look for waterproof or machine washable materials in a simple way.

Attractive aesthetics

While functionality is paramount, choosing a mat with a design you like can motivate you to practice more frequently. Look for colors, prints or patterns that inspire you and match your personal style. For example, if your personal style is the comfy style , a good idea is to learn which colors combine with black .

Best mats 2024

Now that you have understood very well that you must have a good yoga mat to achieve a pleasant and accident-free practice, we will tell you about the best mat options currently on the market:

Turquoise mat

Turquoise is the color of serenity and this mat was designed with that in mind for free spirits and nomads. Its open cell construction allows optimal breathability, absorbing moisture to keep you cool and comfortable with every movement. Light and thin, it is perfect to take with you on your adventures. Plus, its super grip design keeps you connected with stability in every pose, giving you the support you need for your daily practice.

Black mat

Perfect for athletes looking for comfort and additional support, or for amateurs, its thickness and superior cushioning give you the stability you need in the most intense practices. With OEKO-TEX certification, this mat guarantees full compliance with ecological requirements, taking care of both you and the environment. In addition, due to its design and material, it has just the right amount of breathability and grip.

Yellow mat

Light up every session with the vibrant energy of this yellow mat. Versatile and with a material that has antibacterial properties, it gives you the safety and cushioning you need for any practice. With ISO 9001 certification, you can trust its quality and durability in every practice. Furthermore, the very design of this yoga mat is designed to offer optimal grip, ensuring stability in each movement, making each practice an unparalleled experience.

Eggplant mat

Find stability and well-being in every practice with this eggplant mat. Versatile and cushioned, this mat is your ideal companion for the daily routine. Not only does it have correct breathability and optimal anti-slip capacity, but the latex of the material itself has antibacterial properties and it is only recommended to wash in the washing machine every 6 months.

Dark blue mat

OEKO-TEX certified, eco-friendly and respectful of your well-being, manufactured under ISO 9001 standards for exceptional quality and with materials of non-animal origin, this mat is everything you are looking for for your yoga practice. Free of synthetic antibacterial, it takes advantage of the natural properties of latex, has a design with maximum grip, which is easy to wash and helps you maintain freshness after each practice. Elevate your yoga experience with comfort, safety and sustainability.

Pink mat

Designed to accompany you every step of your adventures, this mat is a reflection of your active and conscious lifestyle. Made without the presence of synthetic antibacterial, you can rely on the natural properties of latex to keep your mat odor-free at all times. It has a special pattern that ensures optimal ventilation and a lightweight design that offers a perfect grip, giving you that confidence and stability that you are looking for when practicing. Despite being light, it has the necessary thickness for adequate cushioning and the material used for its manufacture is not of animal origin.

Blue mat

This blue mat has been subjected to rigorous quality standards, obtaining ISO certification. Its manufacturing has been carried out under strict controls to ensure outstanding performance in all your practice sessions. Thanks to its open cell structure, it allows optimal ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable. In addition, its innovative design with super grip gives you that non-slip security that you need, providing you with the necessary stability to achieve serenity and balance in each posture. This mat, in addition to being comfortable and cushioned, is certified vegan material and is undoubtedly your perfect ally in yoga and meditation.


This yoga mat was made with high-density closed-cell polyurethane foam, offering superior joint cushioning and support for all yoga poses. This mat gives you good grip, even in wet or sweaty conditions, and was designed to last for many years.

Jade Yoga

The Jade Yoga Mat is an excellent option for yogis looking for an ecological and sustainable mat. Made from sustainably harvested natural rubber, it is biodegradable, toxin-free and offers exceptional grip. Its lightly textured surface provides a comfortable and secure feel, even during the most vigorous yoga practices.


Liforme Yoga Mat is a high-performance yoga mat that offers a unique combination of grip, cushioning and comfort. Its high-density EVA foam base offers comfortable cushioning for the joints and is an excellent option for yogis of all levels looking for a mat that can withstand the most demanding practices.


In short, choosing the right yoga mat is essential to enjoy a safe and comfortable practice as is wearing the right yoga clothes or at least comfortable clothes from the sustainable brand Clotsy Brand .

Consider your personal needs, preferences, and experience level when selecting the perfect mat for you. Whether you're looking for an affordable, professional, or environmentally friendly option, these non-slip mats will help you achieve your goals with every yoga session.

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