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Casual Look: What it is and How to Get It - Examples 2024

We all love to do our hair, put on our makeup and make ourselves very cute when we have an important event (although, to be honest, every day we are the most important). But there are times when we want to go more informal, without going through messy. Imagine that you meet your friends for brunch on Sunday, or you go out to the movies with her and you want to be more comfortable, the casual style is ideal for these events. Here we tell you how you can implement it without dying trying and looking great.

What is the casual look?

The Casual look, as its name says, tells us about a much more comfortable and functional fashion. If we think of heels, they will not be the classic stiletto heels but platforms with a bow on the ankle. Think of it as an everyday look and also much more accessible.

Benefits of a casual look


One of the main advantages of a casual look is the comfort it provides. You can wear looser, more relaxed clothing, allowing you to move freely and feel comfortable throughout the day.


The casual look is very versatile, since you can adapt it to different situations. You can dress casually for work, out with friends, or just to run errands. It is a practical option that fits multiple occasions.

Relaxed style

The casual style allows you to look relaxed and carefree. You don't have to follow strict dress rules, which gives you the opportunity to express your personality more freely. You can creatively combine clothes and show your unique style.

Time saving

By having a casual wardrobe, you won't have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear. Basic and casual garments are easy to combine with each other, saving you time in choosing your daily outfit.


 The casual style tends to be timeless, which means that the basic and classic pieces that make up this type of look do not go out of style easily. This allows you to build a long-lasting wardrobe and avoid following fleeting trends.

Appropriate for various ages

The casual look is suitable for people of different ages. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, you can easily adopt this style. In addition, the casual look conveys an image of youth and freshness, regardless of your age.

How to dress casually?

The essentials in your casual look will be the basics.

Basic t-shirts: less is more

About the t-shirts, choose the basic ones, in 4 main tones: black, white, gray and dark blue. Choose the cut that suits you best, which can be a round, V or boat neckline. Here are 2 ways: if you are not sure what your ideal style is, you can choose to buy cheaper fabrics and yarns until you find your ideal style. Ideally, you should opt for better quality fabrics, such as organic cotton , 100% and sustainable. We advise you to invest in quality and durable garments.

Invest in some good Jeans

Over trousers look better for Jeans. Think of cuts that, first, favor your style and your body, and then trends. If you feel that straight-leg pants look better on you, invest in them. Dark blue will make you look more formal and elegant, while light blue will make you look more youthful. Black Jeans are usually a wild card that go better at night, while a white or off-white Jean can make you look more sober if you wear it during the day.


Color palette according to your skin

As for the color palette, neutrals are your ideal companions. Dark colors like black, dark blue, and forest green work well on their own or in mixed looks. Thinking of light colors, beige, cream and white will bring light and greater dimension to your style. Remember to check what kind of colorimetry you have to adjust it even better to your style. Small pops of color such as vermilion red or indigo will help bring more vivacity and boldness to your looks. Here you also have the option of putting together a monochrome but relaxed look.

White Shirts, a must

White shirts are, without a doubt, a piece that cannot be missing from your casual look , given their practicality. You can play with the tightest style to the body or the oversize. If you want to look more modern, you can opt for those that have appliqués such as chains, glitter and studs. This way you will make your look look casual but a little more trendy and more challenging. Do you dare to wear it under a lingerie dress? It is one of the great trends of this year, so as to be able to wear a dress that would be more romantic but in a casual way and during the day.

Jacket or Blazer?

Do not think so much about looks that incorporate blazers and dress jackets and opt for both jean jackets or parkas. If you feel more comfortable wearing blazers anyway, you're free to experiment with textures in this case (come on, a dotted or striped blazer would look great, or even with a nice pattern!).

If we think about fabrics, it is convenient that you invest in more noble fabrics and that "support" more, since they are garments that you will wash more often given the use. Do not look for fabrics so stiff or starchy, but softer and more elastic.


For footwear you can opt for urban sneakers, such as some Nike or Converse models, for low boots and square heels in winter; and in the case of summer, mules or moccasins. In this case, we also recommend color pops.

When it comes to accessories, you have even more room to play. Since we are talking about a more casual look, you can mix and match and try combining gold and silver accessories. You can also incorporate color, something that we see extremely trending for this new season.

What is smart casual wear?

Smart casual clothing is a combination of casual clothing and more sophisticated or formal elements. It is a style that seeks a balance between comfort and elegance, and is ideal for occasions in which a more refined appearance is required without completely giving up informality.

As we have seen before, you have several options to dress casually. But if you still want to look more elegant because it is something typical of your style, we recommend you opt for neutral colors, more traditional cuts (such as straight cuts), and more sober accessories, keeping a single color. Here he opts for cardigans and blazers over jackets and leaves urban sneakers aside.


Ideas to achieve a casual look

Jeans and T-shirt

 Opt for skinny or straight-cut jeans and pair them with a basic t-shirt. You can choose a cotton T-shirt in a solid color or with a subtle pattern.

Casual dress or skirt

If you prefer something more feminine, choose a casual dress or skirt made of soft and comfortable fabric. You can combine them with sneakers or flat sandals for a more relaxed touch.

Plaid shirt and jeans

For a casual look with a slightly rustic touch, combine a plaid shirt with jeans. You can roll up your shirt sleeves and add a belt for a more polished look.

Sports set

A sports outfit consisting of leggings and a sweatshirt or sports jacket is a comfortable and fashionable option. You can complement it with some sneakers for a casual and athletic look.

Jumpsuit or short dungarees

Jumpsuits or short dungarees are versatile and easy-to-wear garments. Combine them with a basic t-shirt underneath and add some sneakers or sandals for a casual and fresh look.

Printed T-shirt and chino pants

Combine a printed t-shirt with chino or cloth pants. This look is relaxed but with a touch of street style.

Over shirt over

For a casual and feminine look, combine a light dress with an overshirt. You can add some white boots or sneakers for a modern touch.

Don't forget the details

Pay attention to details to give a special touch to your casual look. You can roll up your shirt sleeves, tie a knot in your T-shirt, or add a belt to your outfit for a more polished look.

Examples of casual look

Here we leave you some casual looks designed for women. Take a look at how at Clotsy Brand we play with fabrics, so that you are comfortable, but at the same time look very stylish. Check your sustainable clothing store, you will see that there are garments made in vegan leather , corduroy fabric , recycled polyester, lyocell fabric , linen fabric , among others and each one is combinable. Try and play with the tips we give here!

Remember that you can distribute the weight of the garments depending on where you want the eye to go, whether towards the hip or towards the bust.



Here you can see men's looks where comfortable fabrics and the most monochromatic sets reign. This way you will always look elegant but casual (remember not to mix many colors, so it will be much easier for you to dress).


A good idea and advice is to read the article on colorimetry in fashion , this will help you to have more knowledge about how to combine clothes according to your skin tone. Also, you could read everything about color blocking in fashion, you will see that there is a relationship and it will help you with your looks.


As we have seen, the casual style is based on small tips such as choosing the right color palette, the fabrics and seeking to relax the looks. Always stay true to your style, and seek to add this style for those days that you want to be more comfortable and practical. But remember, you will never lose your light and your shine!

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