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Have you ever been taught to be nice to others? To be nice to people? I bet you have.

However, how many times have you been told to take care of yourself, to stop, listen and prioritize? I bet far fewer.

We are taught to take care of each other, but forget the essential: SELF LOVE.

That's where the inspiration for this spring collection comes from...


Let's blossom, to give ourselves time and seek balance in the chaos of everyday life.... and what better than to keep it in mind thanks to your new favorite t-shirt? 🌼

Plastic warrior, tomorrow we present you FOUR NEW T-SHIRTS designed by two wonderful illustrators, Fabiola Correas and María Sagrera.

It has been a long journey to capture all this theme in our new garments.

We wanted you to have at least one garment that reminds you every day of the importance of self-care and mental health
. Above all, a T-shirt that normalizes feeling and not being 100%, because we are not perfect, but we do try to learn to love ourselves better.


Behind a design, as you can imagine, there is a lot of brainstorming... It's difficult to get to "THE DESIGN", the one that conveys just what you imagined when you were planning the collection.

For the first time, I want to share with you every step of the process, so you can better understand everything behind these four t-shirts (and any Clotsy garment really hehe).


Working with María and Fabiola has been a learning experience. With Fabiola it was the first time and with María we already had more experience together.

How do we work?

  • The starting point comes from the heart of Clotsy... what do we want to contribute with this collection?

       This time the theme was easy, because MENTAL HEALTH is very present, even more so since the pandemic began. It is a topic that touches us all, and seeing that it is still taboo, encouraged us to create garments to normalize it.
       Going to therapy and going to the eye doctor is the
 same thing, and if you don't see it that way... check it out ;)

  • Second step: look for inspiration from illustrations, garments, colors, designs and share them with the designer. For her part, she does the same.
  • Third step: Fabiola and Maria present me with their brainstorming and from there, we make a selection to develop those "ideas" and turn them into designs.
  • Fourth step: Presentation of designs and modifications... (This is really hard for me... I'm a perfectionist and insecure hehe😂).
  • Almost last step: Test on physical garments in local workshops in Valencia
  • Last step: Prepare the launch, make a photo shoot of the garments, plan the marketing strategy... and SHARE IT WITH YOU. (Fingers crossed that you connect, like it and decide to support us by buying your favorite t-shirt😊).


      Tomorrow Friday, April 1st at 8:00AM you can get your favorite t-shirt.

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      Author: Clotsy Brand Team

      Clotsy Brand is made up of a team of committed people with the caring for the planet and ethical fashion production. All Clotsy garments are produced in local workshops in Spain and Portugal, using sustainable materials that take care of both the planet and the skin of their customers. We value the opinion of our community, so we are always close to them and willing to listen to their ideas and opinions through different channels, such as Instagram, Telegram, Email and Tiktok.


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