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Corduroy Clothing: What it is, What it is made of and Types

Corduroy clothing has been considered for many years as an old-fashioned and warm type of fabric. However, over time it has gained recognition and has become the fabric of current trends. In addition, it is widely used in autumn and winter garments thanks to its warm fabric.
This type of fabric was indispensable in the 18th century, since it was used for the uniforms of English workers in the industrial revolution . It was also used to make school uniforms and some time later it became the essential fabric of the British aristocracy to make their hunting suits.

What is corduroy clothing?

It is a velvety fabric produced with organic cotton. Its ribbed texture is what differentiates it from the rest of the fabrics. But best of all, there are 4 types of corduroy fabric, which can be differentiated by their type of thread.

The most recognized is made with 10 to 25 threads, while the finest is made with 40 threads, surprising isn't it? In addition to being extremely soft, it is one of the most resistant fabrics , because it is possible to keep it in good condition if handled with care.

As sustainable fashion advances progressively, she is not afraid to incorporate old fabrics and mold it to new trends. That is why we currently see trending corduroy fabric garments, such as pants, miniskirts, jackets, coats, among others.

 What is corduroy made of?

corduroy clothes

This type of sustainable fabric is made from organic cotton . In order to produce corduroy, manufacturers must use a loom to weave a large number of threads individually. The threads are intertwined with each other, and in this way the shape and quality of the fabric is determined.

 How is corduroy made?

Its production method depends on the materials used for its manufacture. Wool and cotton are usually used , raw materials obtained from animals and nature, but polyester and rayon can also be used, materials that are produced in factories.

Its manufacturing method follows a series of steps that we will explain below:


Generally, this type of fabric is characterized by its smooth weave. They are weft threads that are intertwined above and below the warp threads . It can also be done using a twill weave, however this method is not as common.

 After the main fabric is ready, the textile producers incorporate the “pile yarn”, which is progressively cut to form the typical ridges of the corduroy fabric.

 2. Fix

Glue is added to the back of the fabric after it has been woven, to secure the pile thread so that it does not come off while the fabric is being cut. Then the manufacturers take care of extracting the glue.


Textile producers use an industrial cutter to cut the pile yarn . Once cut, it is brushed and burned to obtain, as a final result, uniform and silky ridges.


To create a unique pattern, corduroy fabric is fully dyed with pigments . Later, this pattern is accentuated much more, progressively with washing, offering a unique finish of this fabric.

Types of corduroy that exist

corduroy clothes what is it made of and types
The type of corduroy generally depends on the number of grooves per inch it contains. These grooves are known as wales and are located vertically throughout the fabric. Now, the less number of wales the fabric has, the thicker they are. On the other hand, the greater the number of columns, the more wales the fabric will have,
Now that you know this fact, we will tell you what are the types of corduroy that exist:

Standard corduroy

Standard corduroy is characterized as having 11 gal per inch. So, if you are looking for corduroy fabric of this type, you should look to see if the fabric has between 8 and 12 columns per inch. This fabric is very common in pants, miniskirts, jackets, among others.

Corduroy pinwale

Each inch is made up of many small gals. Even many of these fabrics can be up to 21 gal per inch. This fabric is generally used in garments for babies, children and to sew stuffed animals.

Corduroy elephant

This fabric adopted this name, because its folds are similar to the skin of an elephant. It is characterized by having thick wales and around 1.5 and 6 columns per inch. This fabric is considered one of the warmest compared to other types of corduroy, which is why it is used for winter clothing.

Pigmented corduroy

It is known for its pigmentation and for its noticeable difference in color after each wash. In fact, this type of fabric is one of the most used in various types of garments. Its pigmentation process begins before the tissue is cut and sewn.

Corduroy spandex

In productions, they generally mix cotton, polyester and wool corduroy with spandex, with the aim of generating a flexible corduroy fabric, known for being one of the most comfortable for molding to the body. It is even very common in children's clothing.

Corduroy bedford

It is a fabric native to the United States and is known by the name of "corduroy", because its fabric is very similar to that of corduroy, but it is not really part of corduroy fabrics. What makes the difference is the thread pile that is not cut and its wales are much more subtle compared to the original corduroy fabric.

Basic corduroy garments for this winter

There are a lot of garments that stand out for being made of corduroy fabric, which are also ideal for the winter season. Would you like to know which ones you can use?
The Clotsy Brand , a sustainable clothing and vegan clothing store, stands out with its novelty in the corduroy clothing collection that you can use this winter. Stay warm with 100% organic and sustainable cotton clothing. Best of all, you won't stop being comfortable! Take a look at the clothes you can wear.

Corduroy Tile Overshirt

An ideal garment that will make your life easier during the winter, that you can use with any item of clothing in your closet. Its beautiful color will connect you with autumn and will make you look better than ever. We recommend you opt for a jacket to complement your look and we assure you that you will not feel cold at any time.

Blue Corduroy Pants

Looking impeccable this winter will be easier than you thought, because the blue corduroy pants will be your best option to stay warm and elegant at the same time.

Blue Corduroy Overalls

blue corduroy dungarees

Have you seen the corduroy dungarees yet? Run because you can't miss the opportunity to wear this incredible garment during the winter. Do not think twice! It has already been sold out once, and we do not promise to restock again.

 How to wash and care for your corduroy garments?

At the time of purchasing corduroy garments, you should consider that you cannot wash them like any other garment , you must do it as carefully as possible and take care of your welts, so that they do not squash or fluff up. We recommend you look at the label of your garment before washing, ironing and drying, to avoid damage.

If you are planning to use a washing machine, turn the garment inside out and do not put it together with lint-bearing fabrics, such as sweaters, fleece jackets, or towels. Generally, this type of fabric tends to attract a lot of lint and it can be very tedious to remove it.


The corduroy fabric has currently become a widely used fabric in trendy garments, however, it has always had a place in the heart of fashion, thanks to its versatility.

There are many garments made with this fabric that look incredible and are ideal for all seasons of the year. So much so that garments of this type have become a very good option for winter, since the fabric was used to make the suits of English workers in the industrial revolution.


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