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Vegan Clothing

Cruelty free clothing, ethical and sustainable production. Made with natural fibers (cotton, linen, tencel, viscose...) and recycled products.

Vegan Clothing for Men and Women

Vegan Ribbed Tops

A basic with details. Clotsy embroidered to the tone. Light and breathable to wear it 24/7, alone, with an overshirt, with dungarees... you'll always be right. 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane.

Vegan Gingham clothing

Designed in Valencia, ethically made in Madrid with recycled fabric.
Cotton so that it breathes and recycled plastic bottles so that it does not wrinkle

Vaqueros Veganos

Los denim veganos que no pueden faltar en tus looks de invierno, algodón reciclado y un poquito de elastano para que se adapten a tu silueta.

Vegan Sweaters

100% organic cotton. The fabric is thick and very soft, ideal for autumn/winter. They are one of those jerseys of extraordinary quality. One of those that is nice to touch.

Vegan Socks

The Clotsy Socks fall in love. 100% organic cotton... like your second skin . Made in a small town in Burgos. Respectful with your skin and with the planet.

Vegan Footwear

Recycle 0.5kg of waste with each pair of flip flops. Made from recycled mattresses. ♻️ Walk and recycle, at every step.👇🏽

Pañuelos Veganos

Los primeros pañuelos que hemos creado junto aIrene Nortes. ✨Hechos con 100% Viscosa. Confeccionados en un pequeño taller de Madrid.

Sustainable clothing and slow fashion. I bought myself an ecological and 100% vegan dress. Super comfortable and cool. A marvel.

AndreaClotsy's client

I bought two personal care t-shirts with a bit of fear because the white on the t-shirts is sometimes very transparent or marks the belly a lot or wrinkles with nothing and I'm delighted... They are beautiful and they fit super well, the fabric is wonderful, I don't mind I would remove them for nothing! In fact, I've already ordered your flip flops and it's going to be hard for me to wait for them to arrive!! ❤️❤️

CarmenClotsy's client

The best sustainable clothing brand online!!! I bought several clothes and I'm delighted ❤️

LorraineClotsy's Client

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Vegan Clothing FAQs

What is vegan clothing?

Vegan clothing refers to all clothing items that are not made from any type of animal product, be it fabric, fur, or wool. In other words, vegan clothing is one that does not contain any component of animal origin.

Why is vegan clothing important?

Vegan clothing is important because it is a way to reduce animal suffering. The clothing industry is responsible for cruelty to animals around the world. By buying vegan clothing, you are supporting a more ethical and sustainable way of producing clothing.

What materials are used to make vegan clothing?

Vegan clothing can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, linen, nylon, tencel... It can also be made from synthetic materials such as polyurethane and acrylic.


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