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Tencel and Viscose Clothing

Natural Fiber Clothing

Tencel and Viscose clothing is a category of clothing made from cellulosic fibers obtained from wood pulp. Tencel is a cellulosic fiber obtained from the pulp of eucalyptus, while viscose is obtained from the pulp of other woods and plants.

These fibers have the advantage of being soft, light and breathable, which makes them ideal for making comfortable and fresh garments. In addition, Tencel and viscose are sustainable fibers, since they come from renewable sources and are produced through more environmentally friendly processes than other artificial fibers.

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Made between Spain and Portugal

In local workshops with organic cotton, which takes care of the planet and your skin.

vegan dyes

We go one step further, taking care of both the planet and the animals.

free changes

Write to the chat if you have questions. If you still need to change, we will make it easy for you and at no cost.

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