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8 Colors that Combine with Brown (2024 Guide)

Brown has a characteristic ability to evoke a feeling of comfort and stability that makes it ideal to use at any time of the year and in any look. However, to get the most out of it, it is crucial to know what other colors to combine it with effectively. That is why in this post that we bring you today we will explain how to do it exactly, from what are the 8 best colors to combine with brown, which colors to avoid, to some outfit ideas, to the last we will give you advice so that you keep in mind when putting together your future looks.

What colors go with brown? The 8 best 2024


Brown is a basic that many of us have in our closet, but how can we combine it in the best way? Well, the 8 colors that best combine with it are:

The blue


Navy blue, in particular, highlights the warm tone of brown, creating a very elegant and harmonious contrast. If what you are looking for is a fresher and more modern style, sky blue or turquoise will provide the luminosity and softness you are looking for, but in any case they will continue to complement the darker tones of brown.

The pink



Pink and brown are a perfect pair when looking for a sweet but elegant look, it is also a very feminine but chic combination. Shades of pink, from pastel to fuchsia or coral , can soften brown, meaning this option is ideal when you want a monochromatic look with pops of color. In addition, it must be clarified that it is one of the few colors that combine with pink.

The orange

The earthy tones of orange naturally complement brown, making this pair an excellent choice for fall looks. In addition, orange can add a touch of dynamism without overloading the outfit.

The beige


Beige and brown are a classic combination that never goes out of style. Both colors belong to the same family of earth tones, allowing for a smooth and natural transition between them. There is no way to go wrong with this choice, which is why it is always convenient to have basics in both colors on hand.

The yellow



Yellow brings a touch of joy and luminosity when combined with brown, so it is the color we should look for when we want to create looks with a little energy and vitality. Softer shades of yellow, such as mustard or gold, can add extra warmth without being too flashy, creating perfect balance. If you want to learn what color combines with yellow in clothes besides brown, click the link.

The target


White and brown create a very simple combination that conveys formality. This duo is ideal for any season of the year, as they visually offer a clean and sharp contrast that can adapt to different types of styles , from the casual style to the most elegant, such as the preppy style .

The black

Just like beige, black is a combination that never fails. Both colors are the favorite basics of many and with good reason. You can swap them to create monochrome looks with a pop of color or simply to create two-tone looks or simply choose black when you have brown aesthetic clothing that you don't know what to combine with.




Shades of green, from olive green to emerald green, perfectly complement brown, bringing a touch of life and serenity. This combination is ideal for any spring look that you want to achieve without being too flashy or for formal summer looks.

What colors don't go with brown?

Although brown is a very combinable and versatile color, there are certain colors that you should avoid using with it, and these are:

The light gray

Light gray and brown in an outfit are a dull and lifeless combination. The lack of contrast and similarity in tones make the look look monotonous and boring. If you want to combine gray with brown in your clothing, it is better to opt for darker tones or add bright colored accents. And even more, if you want this to be an outfit for a birthday during the day, use an accessory such as a purse, glasses and similar that gives that contrast of light in striking tones.

The dark purple

Dark purple and brown in an outfit is a difficult combination to balance. Both colors are intense and visually compete with each other, creating a feeling of heaviness and darkness in the look. As a result of this, the mixture is overwhelming and unattractive, so it is better to avoid using them together in large proportions or simply use a lilac color that will give more luminosity to the look.

The bright red

The vibrant red overshadows the brown, creating a contrast that is too strong and not harmonious. To avoid this dissonance, it is better to opt for softer shades of red or use them in small doses.

The bone white

Off-white makes brown look dull and dirty in an outfit. This combination lacks the warmth and contrast necessary to create visual harmony. It is always better to choose cream or white tones with warm undertones to maintain the cohesion and warmth of the set. So, you now know what type of combination to wear for your fall and winter outfit this 2024

Outfits to combine the color brown

Now that you know what to do and what not to do when combining brown, we leave you 5 look ideas, all starting from a fine sweater of that color:

Option 1: Sweater plus corduroy skirt



For this first option we have decided to combine the brown sweater with two corduroy skirts, one burgundy and the other beige. Both colors perfectly complement brown, beige makes it look more formal and burgundy more casual. If you want to create more formal looks you can complete them with a blazer and shoes. If, on the other hand, you want something more casual, some boots and a jacket also in brown or black would go great.

Option 2: Jeans plus jersey



This is a basic look for everyday life. If you are one of those who don't like to think about what to wear every day, having a couple of fixed options is an excellent decision and this may be one of those options. A basic, comfortable and simple dark blue jean with a brown sweater goes great. If you are going out and would like to add something extra, complete the look with a black belt or a knitted jacket in brown tones as well.

Option 3: White pants with a print and brown sweater



So that you are not afraid of gingham prints we leave you this perfect option. The print of the pants is navy blue and the pants themselves are white, meaning that both colors complement the brown very well. This look is quite simple, but with a twist, you can wear it both to go out with your friends and to go to work. Complete the outfit with black boots and a sweater or jacket in dark tones as well, either brown or black.

Option 4: Bermuda and jersey



Finally we give you an option to use on nice spring days. To never use a bottom made of vegan denim fabric again , we present you this Bermuda shorts made of sustainable viscose fabric . With its characteristic pattern, medium waist and built-in belt, it manages to add life, volume and details to the outfit. On the other hand, the tone of green combines perfectly with the brown of the sweater. To make the look complete, use sustainable sandals and some other accessories such as dark sunglasses or a scarf in your hair.

Tips for combining the color brown

Knowing which colors match and which don't is not the only thing you need to create perfect looks, so we give you some extra tips:

Use complementary tones

If you are looking to always create harmonious and visually attractive outfits, choose shades that complement brown. Colors like navy blue, olive green and beige highlight the warm undertones of brown, achieving that balance you want.

Add textures

Brown will look more interesting if you incorporate it with different textures in your outfit. Materials such as corduroy and recycled cotton in brown tones provide depth and variety, preventing your look from looking monotonous.

Play with contrasts

So that brown doesn't dominate your look, add contrasting colors. Follow the colorimetry and choose lighter tones such as creamy white or beige, they manage to illuminate and balance the intensity of the brown. You can also use bright colors like orange or yellow to add energy and vitality.

Don't be afraid to use patterns

Integrating patterns into your clothing and accessories will give life to a look dominated by brown. Geometric, floral or ethnic-inspired patterns in colors that complement brown will add visual interest and personality to your look.

Consider the lighting

Lighting affects how brown looks in your outfit. Warm light brings out the reddish and golden tones of brown, while cool light makes brown appear duller. Adjust your look depending on the lighting to bring out the best in your color scheme.

Balance with neutral colors

When you want to create a sophisticated and balanced look, combine brown with other neutral colors such as black. These colors help tone down the intensity of the brown and create a sleek and modern minimalist style .

Use metallic accents

Metallic accents in gold, bronze or copper will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your brown looks. These metallic tones complement the brown and make your outfit look much more sophisticated and striking.

Consider the occasion

Brown is perfectly adaptable to different occasions depending on how you combine it. For formal events, use darker shades of brown combined with black or navy blue, for informal occasions, opt for lighter, warmer shades of brown, combined with beige or olive green.


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In conclusion, brown is a color that offers incredible flexibility and can adapt to a wide range of color combinations. From neutral tones to vibrant colors, the options are practically endless, allowing you to experiment and customize your style. In any case, beyond what does and doesn't look good, fashion is there to adapt to our tastes and make us feel good. That is to say that if you like it when creating a look with brown and you think it looks good, regardless of whether it has any of the colors that are not supposed to look good, use it.

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