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How to Combine Jeans and Elegant Looks: 16 Perfect Ideas

Known for their versatility and comfort, jeans are the ultimate staple in any wardrobe. Their ability to adapt to a wide variety of styles and looks makes them an essential element in fashion for all ages. Currently, the sustainable fashion trend has been gaining great relevance, being an increasingly important aspect for those looking to update their wardrobe. In this article we bring you 18 ideas of perfect looks for different occasions using our new collection of jeans.

How do I know if a jeans fits me?

Determining whether a pair of jeans fits you is essential to achieving a flawless look. First, pay attention to the fit at the waist; Jeans should fit comfortably without being tight or too loose.

The length is also crucial, the most convenient thing is that they reach the ankle, as they allow you to wear shoes in an elegant way. Then notice how they fit at the hips and thighs; They should follow the natural line of your body without wrinkles or excessive looseness. Lastly, check the butt; jeans that fit you well, highlight your curves without compressing.

Types of jeans: Which one to wear?

Well, this question is kind of in a gray area and there is no single ideal answer. For example, wide-leg jeans, currently in trend, offer comfort and a relaxed look. If you are looking to visually lengthen your legs, opt for jeans with slits at the hem, which add a dose of style. Straight cut ones are a classic and versatile option that adapts to almost any occasion.

If you are wondering if jeans can be part of an elegant look, the answer is yes. At formal events, do not hesitate to wear well-selected jeans, such as trendy cargo pants or even those with prints.

The key is knowing how to combine them appropriately with other clothing and accessories to convey what we want, while making us feel comfortable with ourselves.

Total denim trend

The total denim trend is here to stay. This bold and versatile style involves wearing jeans on both the top and bottom, creating a head-to-toe denim ensemble.

Combine your sustainable jeans with a denim shirt of the same tone or a denim vest. Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades and textures of denim for an even more striking effect.

Jeans for office days

It is precisely the versatility of jeans that makes them your best friends when dressing to go to the office. Often considered a casual garment, they can be adapted for the work environment with ease. Opting for slimmer fits and darker shades of jeans, paired with sleek blouses and structured jackets, allows you to create a professional look without sacrificing comfort. This smart fashion combination will allow you to feel comfortable with yourself and at the same time be comfortable. Here we leave you 4 ideas of looks for the office created with jeans from our new collection, to inspire you:


look brown pants and white shirt


look for black pants, blazer and top


look of jeans, vest and white t-shirt


black pants, black vest and t-shirt

Looks with jeans for the night

Helena Black Blouse
Just by changing a few key points, you can transform denim into your best option for nights out. The key is choosing jeans in dark colors or with striking details, combined with sensual blouses, eco-leather jackets and heels. Then, add statement accessories and perhaps a little more dramatic makeup to complement the look. These are 4 ideas for looks for the night with our dark denim from the new collection.





Street style with jeans

Black Alicia Jeans
Street style is a celebration of urban fashion and the personality of this iconic garment. On the streets of cities around the world, jeans became a fundamental piece in the wardrobe of those looking for a modern and relaxed style. Here, jeans are paired with graphic T-shirts, sneakers and accessories that scream your personality to create a fresh and contemporary look. Street style allows you to express individuality and creativity through combinations that reflect the energy and spirit of urban life. Here we leave you several options with our jeans:





Combinations with jeans for formal occasions

Dare to challenge the traditional notion that jeans are exclusively casual. Here, we share with you through images how jeans can be a sophisticated and appropriate choice for formal events if handled with skill. The secret is to select high-quality jeans, made of organic cotton, for example, and pair them with silk blouses, structured jackets, high heels and elegant accessories, among other things. These combinations create a perfect balance between comfort and a more formal style, thus transmitting seriousness as well as professionalism. Some options could be:





We can conclude by saying that you will love having perfect jeans in your closet, because you can adapt them for every day and every occasion. This way, you will reduce your consumption level, saving money and space. It is never too late to start consuming more consciously, because, in this world of constant evolution, Sustainable fashion has become an ethical and stylistic imperative. Jeans, with their ability to transform and adapt to different styles, are a smart choice for all those who want to combine elegance and environmental responsibility in their outfits.

Always choose clothes from the Clotsy brand, since it is a sustainable clothing store, it presents a variety of garments made of organic cotton , linen fabric , viscose and tencel. I recommend that you visit each of their collections, especially the 100% cotton women's clothing collection.

Furthermore, as we have seen throughout this article, in the new collection of jeans you can find what will be the cornerstone of your wardrobe, allowing you to transition effortlessly from day to night and from casual to formal. Look at all the types of jeans there are.

The next time you're faced with the dilemma of what to wear, remember that well-matched jeans can be the perfect answer, both for your personal style and for the planet.

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