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Coquette Aesthetic: How to wear it? Trends and garments

We know that fashions are changing all the time. In addition, there are as many fashions as personal tastes. We have talked about the oversize style , the monochromatic style, we have even given advice on colorimetry in fashion , the blocking color and how to combine green and its range but today we are going to tell you about the Coquette style. This style is characterized by giving new meaning to the feminine and taking it to the limit. It is not in itself an overloaded style, but it does aim to demonstrate femininity without leaving any doubt to whoever can see it. Ready to wear your pink clothes? This mod is perfect!

What is coquette aesthetic?

It is a super feminine approach that embodies subtle seduction and rescues naive touches. By definition, a coquette is "a flirtatious woman" and is the embodiment of femininity and seduction, yet subtle. A return to the lace and ruffles of the Victorian era, combined with elements such as ballerina shoes or long white stockings. Accentuating the feminine, the elegant and also the childish, is the central axis of the Coquette Aesthetic trend.

Where and how did the coquette style come about?

It is a look with roots in another social network: Tumblr. There, in the early 2010s, many young people began to appropriate the Lolita aesthetic, referring to the work of Vladimir Nabokov. With great fury in countries like China, Japan and South Korea, the style was adding details such as the color red and pronounced makeup. It is a vintage or old aesthetic trend where pastel tones, and especially pink, are the undisputed protagonists of it. But not only the colors, because other characteristics such as flower prints, bows, necklaces or hats are also very important. Garments and accessories form an ultra-feminine and vintage-style look to reflect that 'coquette' aesthetic that conquers Generation Z, those young people with a strong nostalgia for everything that has gone by.

As for the visual, it could be taken as a reference to Shabby Chic, a decorative trend, but with similarities to the Coquette, especially in terms of sophistication and the range of colors.

What style is inspired by the coquette aesthetic?

A historicist aesthetic, but with an eccentric and exaggerated touch, where there is room for ruffled collars, toupees or floral prints, which coexist with other decorative elements such as satin bows, pearl necklaces, hats or headdresses of all kinds. Although this trend accentuates the feminine, it also does so from a traditional place, since pink and white colors abound, along with pastel tones. In addition, it is linked to a stage of youth and adolescence, approaching the styles known as Soft Girl or the Lolita movement.

Characteristics of the coquette style

Floral outfits

Dresses, shirts, jackets with flowers are ideal. Nowadays we can even find stockings with drawings.


In the 'coquette aesthetic' they are present on the collars of the shirts, on the sleeves, on the bottom of the skirts.

White and pastel colors

You will not find very dark colors in this aesthetic, quite the opposite. White, off-white, pale pink, sky blue, water green and lilac are typical colors of the coquette style.

Lace or tulle

Fantasy and preciousness, rather light lace is used, in white and pink and tulle to give this sensation of cover and not at the same time. Tulle sleeves are a key accessory if they are not already on the garment.
Beyond the ballet aesthetic, this trend plunges into angelcore and royalcore with lace blouses, Mary Janes or Guillerminas combined with ruffled or woven stockings, touches of pearls and a palette of soft pastels and some flowers.

Pearls, the key accessory in jewelery

You can never miss in the 'coquette aesthetic' this little gem that we find in pendants, rings or earrings. But it is also very present in the clothes themselves, since it is common to see pearls as decorations on the buttons of the blouses or on the cuffs of the shirts.
soft makeup

You will not see heavy eyes or smokey eyes, but the subtle use of blush, pinks, and sometimes peach. Try brown mascara for a more subtle look.

Garments to become a coquette girl


Long, with lace, many folds, petticoats and ribbons. The Coquette trend seeks to return to that typical elegance of the Victorian era. Without neglecting embroidery, floral prints and lace. Remember the light colors here. In Clotsy you can find shirts, skirts and dresses

Light colored shirts

Going to the pink ones, the light orange ones and the light blue ones.

Light colored short beanbags

Preferably with buttons and ruffled details. The smaller it is, like shorts, it will be more faithful to the coquette style. Here we leave you one of Clotsy , in green.

Quadrille prints

More towards the style of farmhouses and life away from the city, the quadrille is a way to adopt this style in a tender but more relaxed way. Clotsy has this ideal set.


There are two shoe options that fit perfectly with the style. On the one hand, the boots, more commonly used. On the other, closed shoes, in keeping with the Lolita trend. The second option is somewhat more daring, since it allows the combination with white and long stockings. Any footwear in Coquette enables the use of tights and socks with lace or embroidery.


The hairstyles can be very varied, and it is possible to use them with both loose and collected hair. However, there is an element whose presence refers directly to the Coquette Aesthetic; the bow to hold the hair.

Outfits coquette aesthetic

We leave you some examples of Clotsy ready outfits


With bag and shorts with crew

A little more sober, you can combine it with dress pants and maintain the coquette aesthetic.

Clotsy also has a dungarees ideal for a more farmhouse aesthetic within Coquette.

Latest recommendations to avoid mistakes

Thinking that the size you choose doesn't matter

Give yourself the time to try on each garment and make sure you choose the size that corresponds to you (not too small, not too big). On the other hand, you can also consider making the necessary adjustments to make what you buy look excellent in every way. It seems not, but a little detail like this can make a total difference!

Do not look at the quality and finishes

Always check that each piece you buy is perfectly well finished. Of the points in which you should look the most: materials, seams and details such as fittings, buttons and applications.

Wearing dirty or unkempt clothing

Make sure that everything you carry is in perfect condition. To do this, you should always check that each piece is clean, without threads coming out between the seams, without lint, holes or anything that denotes a lack of care and maintenance towards your clothes and accessories.


Have you seen how easy it is to dress in this style? Surely you keep something at home of this aesthetic and you have the perfect excuse to go shopping. If you want to start more subtle, you can try tights or ruffled stockings and see how you feel. Be encouraged to play with the Can Can style stockings as one more accessory. You can add details in pink, light blue and pearls to develop this style in your wardrobe.

If this fashion has interested you and dressing well is something to which you dedicate time and importance, you should know the best styles in the world of fashion and thus wear an outfit according to each season, read about: preppy trend , look casual and aesthetic clothing

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