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Curvy Body: Complete Guide on How to Dress

The term "Curvy Body" has become increasingly prominent in the cultural and fashion conversation in recent years. Referring to the appreciation and acceptance of diverse and natural body shapes, the Curvy movement seeks to challenge conventional beauty standards that have long been dominating the industry.

Unlike the idealization of extremely thin figures, the focus on the Curvy Body encompasses a wide range of sizes and shapes. Body diversity is celebrated, promoting self-acceptance and self-confidence regardless of body dimensions.

This movement has not only manifested itself in fashion, where there has been a shift towards including models with more realistic bodies, but it has also influenced the general perception of beauty and personal worth. The idea is to break down unrealistic standards and promote the acceptance of beauty in all its shapes, sizes and colors.

The Curvy Body advocates the importance of physical and mental health, moving away from the obsession with extreme thinness and promoting a more balanced approach to overall well-being. Ultimately, it's about changing the narrative around body image and empowering people to feel comfortable and proud of their bodies just the way they are. This cultural change represents a step towards a more inclusive society that is respectful of diversity.

What is a curvy body?

The term "curvy body" refers to a body type that has pronounced curves, especially in the hips and bust area. It is often associated with women who have a more pronounced waist-to-hip ratio, creating a more rounded and voluptuous figure.

It is important to note that the definition of a "curvy body" has evolved over time and has been the subject of debate in society. Initially, the word "curvy" was used to describe larger or more prominently curvy bodies, but with growing awareness of body diversity, the term has expanded to encompass a variety of shapes and sizes.

Today, the body acceptance movement has helped redefine beauty standards, recognizing and celebrating the diversity of bodies. Therefore, the term "curvy body" can be applied to a wide range of figures, from those with more pronounced curves to those with softer shapes, as long as they reflect the natural beauty and diversity of the female anatomy.

How do I know if I'm curvy? Characteristics

Determining if you have a curvy body is not based solely on specific characteristics, since body diversity is unique for each person. The term "curvy" has expanded to include a variety of shapes and sizes, recognizing the beauty in diversity. However, some common characteristics associated with a curvy body may include:

Defined waist

People with curvy bodies often have a noticeable difference between waist and hip size, creating an hourglass-shaped figure.

Pronounced hips

Wider hips compared to the waist are a typical characteristic of curvy bodies.

Prominent bust

Many people with curvy bodies have a larger bust in proportion to the rest of their body.

Fuller thighs and buttocks

Curves are usually more evident in the lower part of the body, with fuller thighs and buttocks.

General rounded or voluptuous shape

A curvy body may have a more rounded or voluptuous overall appearance compared to slimmer bodies.

Difference between curvy and plus size

The categories "curvy" and "plus size" are often used in the fashion industry and in the conversation about size and body shape diversity, but they refer to slightly different concepts.


It mainly refers to the shape of the body, highlighting a figure with pronounced curves. It focuses on the proportion between the waist and hips, creating an hourglass-shaped silhouette.


Beyond specific sizing, the term "curvy" is used to celebrate and highlight the body's natural curves, regardless of its absolute size.

Plus Size

It specifically refers to the plus size or extended size category. This category generally encompasses clothing sizes that are larger than standard.


The "plus size" label is used for clothing and fashion, and is often associated with sizes that go beyond a certain standard. It can include a variety of shapes and proportions, not being limited to a curvy figure.

In short, while "curvy" focuses on body shape and proportion, "plus size" refers specifically to clothing size. It is important to recognize that both categories are inclusive and seek to embrace diversity in the fashion industry, promoting the acceptance of different body types and sizes.

What should you wear if you are a curvy woman?

Choosing clothing should be a positive experience and reflect your personal style, regardless of your body type. If you are a curvy woman and are interested in highlighting your curves or feeling more comfortable, here are some fashion tips that could help you:

Dress for your body shape: Choose clothes that highlight your strengths and make you feel comfortable. There is no one size fits all curves, so experiment with different styles until you find what you like. Examples would be the smart casual style and the office look.

Defined waist

Opt for clothes that highlight your waist. Dresses or tops with belts or details at the waist can accentuate this area and create an hourglass silhouette.

Suitable fabrics and cuts

Look for fabrics that fit comfortably and are not too tight or too baggy. Cuts that follow the line of the body without being too tight are usually flattering.

Strategic prints

Prints can be your allies. Opt for patterns that flow with your figure and avoid those that can visually increase certain areas.

Flattering accessories

Use accessories to draw attention to areas you want to highlight. For example, statement necklaces can draw eyes to your face.

Well-fitting jeans and pants

Look for jeans and pants that fit your figure well. Straight or slightly flared cuts can balance proportions and provide a sleek look.

Confidence and comfort

The key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Confidence is a key part of looking stylish, regardless of your body type.

The best clothes for curvy bodies

Choosing clothing for curvy bodies can vary depending on personal taste and individual preferences, but here are some general suggestions for  women's sustainable clothing from sustainable clothing store Clotsy, which are often flattering and can positively enhance curves:

A-line dresses

A-line dresses are ideal for highlighting the waist and creating an hourglass shape. These dresses fit at the top and flare out at the bottom, elegantly highlighting the hips.

Cherry Arrebol Dress by Clotsy Brands

Garments with belts

Using belts on dresses, blouses or jackets can help define the waist and create a slimmer figure.

Ana Belted Dress by Clotsy Brands

high waist jeans

High-waisted jeans can be flattering by visually lengthening your legs and highlighting your waist. Look for styles that fit well at the waist and hips.

Clotsy Brands High Waisted Dark Jeans

Wrap blouses and tops

Wrap-around or wrap blouses or tops can highlight the bust area and create a more balanced look.

Helena Black Blouse by Clotsy Brands

pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are a great option for highlighting your curves, as they fit at the waist and hips before falling straight down.

Cream Organic Cotton Skirt by Clotsy Brands

Loose but structured T-shirts and blouses

Loose but structured garments can provide comfort without losing shape. Avoid clothes that are too baggy, as they can hide your curves.

Slim-fit jackets and blazers

Jackets and blazers that fit at the waist can help highlight your figure and add an elegant touch to your outfit.

Burgundy Cotton Jacket by Clotsy Brands

Jumpsuits and jumpsuits

Jumpsuits and jumpsuits can be versatile options that hug your curves and create a fluid line from shoulders to feet.

Noja Navy Jumpsuit by Clotsy Brands

Bras and appropriate underwear

A well-fitting bra can make a big difference in how your clothes look and feel. Make sure you use the correct size for proper support.

Clotsy Brands Black Bralette and Panties

Colors to highlight a Curvy body

The choice of colors can influence visual perception and highlight certain areas of the body. Here are some color suggestions that could help highlight and enhance the curves of a curvy body:

Dark colors

Dark colors, such as black, navy blue, or deep shades of purple, can have a slimming effect and help create a slimmer look.

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Vertical color blocks

Clothes with vertical color blocking can visually elongate the figure and create a slimmer appearance. This can be achieved with vertical stripes or color panels on clothing.

Solid colors

Opt for solid colors rather than bold patterns, as solid colors tend to be more flattering and less eye-catching.

neutral tones

Neutral colors like beige, gray, and off-white can be stylish and versatile, providing a clean canvas that highlights the body's natural shapes.

Bright colors in strategic points

Use bright colors or bold prints in areas you want to stand out. For example, if you want to highlight your upper body, choose a blouse in a bright color or with a bold pattern.

Contrast between top and bottom

Play with the contrast between the upper and lower part of the body using colors that highlight each area. This can help visually balance the figure.

warm colors

Warm tones like red, orange or yellow can be attractive and add a vibrant touch to your outfit.

Small prints

If you prefer prints, choose smaller, subtle patterns that don't overwhelm your figure. This can be especially useful for garments that cover areas you want to minimize.

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Curvy fashion: Trends 2023

Inclusion of Diverse Models: The trend towards greater inclusion of models of different sizes, shapes and origins continues. Brands are recognizing the importance of representing real diversity in their campaigns and fashion shows.

Elegant Sportswear

Active fashion and sportswear have gained popularity in all sizes. Designers and brands are offering stylish and functional options for curvy women, including leggings, sports tops and fashionable workout sets.

Oversize Styles

The trend towards oversized clothing has been strong in fashion in general, and this is also reflected in curvy fashion. Oversized coats, sweaters, and shirts can be both comfortable and stylish. As you will see, the oversized style is great

Inclusive Underwear and Lingerie

The focus on inclusivity has extended to underwear and lingerie. Brands are launching lines that cater to a variety of sizes and shapes, with designs that embrace and enhance the natural beauty of each body.

Playful Prints and Textures

Curvy fashion is not limited to dark colors or simple styles. Bold prints and textures, such as florals, stripes, and textured fabrics, offer fun and expressive options.

A-line cut and flattering silhouettes

Garments with A-line cuts, which highlight the waist and fall softly on the hips, have been popular. Silhouettes that enhance the hourglass shape are timeless and flattering.

Denim and Elegant Pants

Designers are creating jeans and pants that are not only comfortable but also stylish. Flattering cuts and fashionable details are incorporated into denim options for curvy women.

Timeless Accessories

Accessories are an important part of curvy fashion. Belts, bags and jewelry can be used to accentuate and accessorize any outfit.

5 keys to dressing with curvy clothes

Wearing curvy clothes can be a fun and empowering experience. Here are five keys to help you choose and wear clothes that enhance and celebrate your curves:

Know your body type: Understanding your body type is essential to choosing clothes that flatter you. Identify your strengths and decide whether you want to highlight or balance certain areas. Knowing your shape will help you choose clothes that enhance your curves in a positive way.

Find the right size

It is essential to wear clothing that fits well. Don't opt ​​for sizes that are too big or too small. Well-fitting clothing will flatter your curves and make you feel more comfortable.

Highlight your waist

Garments that highlight the waist are especially flattering for curvy women. Wear belts, A-line dresses, or fitted garments to accentuate this area and create an hourglass silhouette.

Experiment with different styles

Don't be afraid to try different styles and trends. Experiment with pieces like dresses, skirts, blouses, and pants that enhance your curves in unique ways. Diversity in curvy fashion allows you to express your personal style.

Confidence and comfort are key

The most important key when dressing in curvy clothing is confidence and comfort. Choose clothes that make you feel good about yourself and reflect your personality. Confidence is an invaluable accessory that complements any outfit.

Famous curvy women with style

Ashley Graham

Lorena Duran

Marisa Jara


Wearing curvy clothing is an opportunity to express your personality and celebrate the unique beauty of your body. By knowing your body type, finding the right size, highlighting your waist, experimenting with various styles, and above all, focusing on confidence and comfort, you can build a wardrobe that makes you feel empowered and beautiful. Curvy fashion is about accepting and embracing the diversity of body shapes, challenging traditional beauty standards and allowing every woman to feel represented and respected in the fashion world. Remember that fashion is a form of personal expression, so don't be afraid to explore, experiment and have fun with your unique style. Trust yourself and wear your curves with pride!

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