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Triangle or pear body: what it is and best clothes / tips to wear

Fashion is a constantly evolving universe that gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and highlight our personality through the choice of clothing and accessories. In this context, one of the most important aspects to consider when dressing is the shape of our body, since each figure has its own particularities that can be enhanced with the appropriate choice of clothing. One of the most common types is the "triangle" or "pear", characterized by a narrower upper part than the lower part. Today we give you a guide on what it means to have a triangle or pear body, and we will provide you with tips and recommendations on the best clothes and techniques to dress it in a flattering way. If you want to enhance your style and feel more confident in your appearance, read on to discover how to get the most out of your figure!

What is a triangle body?

A triangle body, often also known as a pear body, is a type of figure characterized by having a narrower upper part compared to the lower part. People with this figure usually have narrower shoulders and bust in relation to their hips, thighs and buttocks.

Characteristics of a triangle body

To identify a triangle body more accurately, here are some key characteristics to look for:

  • The upper part of the body, including the shoulders and upper back, is narrower compared to the lower part.
  • Smaller or moderate bust in relation to your hips.
  • It features a well-defined waist, creating a smooth transition between the top and bottom.
  • The lower part of the body, including the hips, thighs and buttocks, tends to be broader and rounder compared to the upper part.
  • Body fat tends to accumulate mainly in the hips and thighs area.

How to dress if I have a triangle body?

Dressing a triangle body shape in a flattering way is about balancing and enhancing the natural proportions of your figure. Since the top is narrower, choose clothes that draw attention to this area. Opt for blouses with striking details on the neckline, such as ruffles, decorative collars or bold prints. V necklines are ideal for visually stretching the upper body and creating balance, as seen in the photo. Structured jackets, like blazers, add definition to your shoulders and create a more proportional look. Make sure the jacket fits well at the waist to highlight it.

Also straight leg pants help keep attention on your upper body and create cleaner lines on your figure. Additionally, jumpsuits and wrap dresses, which fit at the waist and highlight your natural curves, are an excellent option.

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Looks to dress a triangle-shaped body

Here are some ideas of looks that you can consider to get the most out of your figure:

Professional look

Casual look

Summer look

Fabrics and cuts for a pear body

When it comes to fabrics and cuts for a pear figure, you can:

  • Opt for soft fabrics such as silk, organic cotton and linen fabric as they fit your curves without adding unwanted bulk.
  • Textured fabrics on top: Textured fabrics on top, such as lace or knit, can add visual interest to your top and draw attention away from the bottom.
  • It is also an excellent option to add playing with the layers, adding an extra one on top with these materials, as seen in the image.
  • Garments with asymmetrical cuts can be an excellent option, as they break with the straight line and create a more balanced appearance.
  • Experiment with bold prints and colors on the top and keep the bottom in more neutral tones to balance the figure.

What should you avoid if you have a triangle-shaped silhouette?

To look your best with a triangle body, it's also important to know what to avoid:

Tight bottom pants

Avoid pants that are too tight in the hips and thighs, as they could make this area appear wider than desired.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts, which are tight at the bottom, would be the same as a tight jean as we mentioned in the previous point.

Long, loose T-shirts

T-shirts that are too long and baggy can hide your waist and make your figure appear less defined.

Large prints on the bottom

Large prints on the lower body draw too much attention to this area.

Wide hip belts

Avoid wide belts on the hips, as they highlight the width of this area.

Celebrities with a pear body. How do they dress it?

Many celebrities have triangle or pear bodies and know how to make the most of them. Some of them include Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. These stars often opt for outfits like this:

famous people with pear body

celebrities on the red carpet

The focus is always on marking the difference between the upper part of the body and the lower part, highlighting the waist.

Tips for dressing a body with a triangle or pear silhouette

Here are some additional tips for dressing a triangle or pear body shape successfully:

Know your body

The key to dressing well is knowing and accepting your body as it is. Learn to embrace your curves and accentuate your strengths.

Try different styles

Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and trends. Fashion is a form of personal expression, so have fun with it. Try trying the preppy trend , the casual look , the oversized style and even the aesthetic clothing .

Seek advice from a professional

If you're having trouble finding the right clothes, consider seeking the help of a stylist or image consultant who can provide personalized recommendations.

Confidence in yourself

Confidence in yourself is the key to looking good with any body type. If you feel good about yourself, that is reflected in your style.


In conclusion, understanding your body type is essential to achieving a personal style that makes you feel confident and comfortable on any occasion. The triangle or pear body, with its focus on a broader bottom, offers many opportunities to highlight your natural beauty and feel confident in your skin. When we feel good about ourselves, our confidence increases and that is contagious. Although knowing your body type helps create a more flattering style, don't deprive yourself of wearing the clothes you really like, the main thing is that you like them. At Clotsy we want to help our customers dress and feel good, while helping the planet by consuming consciously created, sustainable and vegan clothing . Dare to be part of sustainable fashion !

It is not necessary to sacrifice style to consume products that are friendly to the environment.

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