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Ecological Detergent What is it and how is it made?

Why is ecological detergent the best option?

Today we have a tendency to use a lot of cleaning products that are produced with toxic chemical ingredients, which harm the environment as well as our health. That is why acquiring ecological detergents is not only another alternative, but a necessity. In addition, with this small action we are contributing to maintaining sustainability

What is an ecological detergent?

It is a cleaning product made from renewable materials , which does not harm the environment and is not harmful to health. Therefore, if you want to consume products consciously, this is a good option to lead a sustainable lifestyle .

It usually comes in liquids, powder, capsules, among others. However, regardless of its presentation, it is important that you make sure that it is actually "eco".

Many people tend to believe that ecological detergent is not as efficient as common detergents, however, this is a belief that has been dragged on for decades with the first ecological cleaning product, but observations conclude that, even if it does not generate as much foam , completely removes all stains just like conventional detergent.

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wash bag

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Difference between biodegradable and synthetic detergents

Pay attention to the specifications of each type of detergent and consider which is the best option for you.

A biodegradable detergent has the following characteristics:

  • Use natural bleaches.
  • Its packaging is biodegradable.
  • It is produced with organic materials.
  • They are not tested on animals.
  • Does not contain synthetic perfumes.
  • It has a label that guarantees that the product has an ecological certification.
  • Its production is carried out with little energy consumption, implementing renewable energy.
  • Use natural surfactants that come from soapwort oil, coconut, among others.

On the other hand, synthetic detergents:

  • They are produced in factories that generate thousands of waste.
  • The carbon footprint it produces has a great impact, since its volatility index is high, which is why it causes air pollution.
  • Its ingredients are petrochemical based.
  • They pollute the water, causing eutrophication. 33% of the phosphate in the water comes from these detergents.
  • Contains toxic components such as nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, phosphonates, enzymes, perfumes, foam stabilizers, among others.
  • They cause skin irritations.

It is time to raise awareness of the impact generated by synthetic detergents. Is it really worth it? Causing so much damage when you can opt for a product that produces exactly the same washing effect, but without generating contamination.

Synthetic detergents and their impact on the environment

Surely you use a conventional detergent, but you do not know exactly the impact it causes on the planet, since no detergent packaging tells you its negative aspects . So below, we indicate all its effects on the environment.


The vast majority of detergents use phosphonates, percarboxylates, and phosphates as builders. These components work as fertilizer and cause algae to reproduce too much, causing oxygen depletion in the water, bad odors and a terrible imbalance in rivers and lakes.


Many detergents have antibacterial agents that cause complications for the bacterial life in the water.


Currently, the use of bleaches is not frequent, but it is important to mention that it produces organochlorine substances such as furans and dioxins, which cause health complications such as cancer, hormonal dysfunctions, malformations, among others.


Detergents are generally presented in plastic containers of different types that cannot be separated, which means that they cannot be recycled. Therefore, they only contribute to the pollution of the environment.


Detergents with a surfactant that discards 90% of its ability to reduce the surface tension of water, after 28 days of being discarded, can be considered as a biodegradable product.

For this reason, it is essential that you become aware of all its impact and act responsibly, since in this way you are protecting the planet. Being eco friendly is not only an alternative, but a much more sensible lifestyle that promotes the movement  zero waste .

Synthetic detergents and health effects

health effects of synthetic detergent

Almost all synthetic detergents have negative effects on health, due to all their toxic chemical components. On the other hand, synthetic products that harm your health are detergents, refrigerants, bleach, anti-limescale, disinfectants, cleaners and plungers.

All of these contain harmful ingredients, which cause effects such as irritations, allergies, nausea, nervous and immune system disorders, asthma, allergies, headaches, hormonal imbalance and vision disorders.

Now, not all products produce these effects, since depending on the detergent you can have only one of them.

How to know if a detergent is biodegradable?

Any brand of biodegradable detergents will take care of letting you know that their product is biodegradable. When choosing a detergent, it is necessary that you look at its list of ingredients and in this way make sure that its components are not toxic.

Another way to ensure that it is a biodegradable product is to look for certifications from reputable organizations such as Ecocert and EWG on the packaging.

Benefits of using ecological detergent

Ecological detergents not only protect the atmosphere and the planet, but also take care of your clothes and do not cause allergic skin reactions. Now, why is this type of detergent the best option? Read carefully each of its benefits and draw your own conclusions.

Avoid health complications

Ecological detergents do not contain harmful chemical components, since they are made with natural materials, so the chances of harming health like ordinary detergents are very low.

Use less packaging

Because some of the ecological detergents come in capsules, it is not necessary to use containers thanks to their high concentration. Avoiding pollution due to excess plastic.

Does not damage washing machines or pipes

As it does not contain chemical components, it does not damage the internal elements of the washing machine, thus avoiding problems that do not allow it to fulfill its function. In addition, as it contains bicarbonate, a component that has anti-limescale and deodorant properties, it keeps the pipes clean.

Save energy

Yeah! It is possible to save energy if you use this type of soap, since it is possible to use it at low temperatures, which means that it will not be necessary to use the water heater to wash your clothes.

If you want to know what energy is saved with these products, we invite you to read the article green energy .

Less CO2 emissions

Because the eco detergent in capsules takes up less space in transport, thousands of trucks are not needed to transport it to the stores, thus causing less CO2 emissions.

Ecological detergents for homemade clothes

ecological detergent to wash clothes in a homemade way


Next, we indicate a series of ecological detergents that you should consider when washing your clothes. Pay attention!


It is an ecological detergent produced with lavender essential oil. It is free of enzymes, phosphates, dyes, synthetic perfume, bleach, and all kinds of ingredients of animal origin and petrochemical origin. Which means that this product is suitable for someone who is vegan . On the other hand, thanks to the fact that it has the Ecocert Greenlife certification, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin.


Proto future is a hypoallergenic biodegradable detergent free of parabens and phosphates, with packaging that does not generate waste. On the other hand, it stands out for reducing the carbon footprint by 94%.


Known for being packaged in a water-soluble film, it is ideal for all types of garments, including sustainable clothing and suitable for the vegan community. In addition, it is produced with organic ingredients, so it completely prevents the contamination of the environment.


It is an economical alternative produced with plant-based active ingredients and completely biodegradable ingredients. It is excellent for reducing stains and for washing white and colored garments, whether they have cotton fibers or microfibers. Its packaging is made from recycled plastics and does not cause skin irritation.

Botanical Origin

It is characterized by having ingredients of botanical origin, free of artificial colors and polishes. Ideal for sensitive skin, since it does not leave abrasive chemicals on the garments and the washing of highly sustainable garments, such as vegan clothing .



Ecological detergent is one of the best alternatives to wash your clothes and not harm the environment, in addition to preventing skin reactions. Now, why is it so important to be aware? Conventional detergents generate great pollution in the atmosphere and harm living beings in the aquatic environment. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to purify and make water drinkable.

Contribute to the protection of the planet by choosing ecological detergents to wash your clothes and to carry out your daily household chores. Do not opt ​​for detergents from the market, do not be part of consumerism and buy the new detergents that come on the market just to prove their usefulness, many of them are harmful to the environment and their misleading advertising. Take small but important steps!


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