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Preppy Style What is it, clothes and how to get it right in 2024?


Fashion is one of the maximum expressions of the human being, different tastes and styles set trends year after year, one of them is the popular, very classic preppy style , but at the same time careful and elegant. If you want to know what it is, how to adopt it and what are the most appropriate clothes to wear regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, here we will tell you.

What is the preppy style?

The preppy style is a style of clothing that originated in the student culture of high schools and colleges in the United States in the 1950s. The term "preppy" is an abbreviation for "high school" and is associated with a polished, conservative and traditional

The preppy style is characterized by classic and timeless clothing items such as knitted sweaters, polo shirts, pleated skirts, chino pants, A-line dresses, and blazers. Colors are usually bright and cheery, such as pink, navy blue, color bloking , green, and yellow.

Learn to combine green and its range and colorimetry to make a good choice of clothes when dressing.

Surely you have heard a lot about this style, and it is that it was born with the aesthetics of prestigious universities in the United States, such as Harvard, NYC or Yale. It mainly reflects a formal but modern look, combining classic garments and neutral and nautical colors with current details. The preppy style is then related to the sophisticated, classy and at the same time youthful and sporty.

When did preppy fashion emerge?

This fashion or style emerged in the 70s when people who were not students of elite universities, began to adopt that style and wear clothes or accessories related to that type of life. In those years, the places of training were called 'Preparatory Course' and it is from there that the word preppy is derived, which focuses on the formal style, even a bit collegiate, with some unique details, such as long boots or garments. spacious (oversize).

Today several people continue to be fervent followers of this fashion, transferring all these elements to daily life.

How to have a preppy style? basic tips

Classic garments

Here it is essential that you choose timeless garments, shirts, blazers, chino pants, among others.

Neutral colors and prints

White, black, grey, navy blue, beige and classic prints such as polka dots, squares or stripes are part of this style. Likewise, a pastel tone doesn't look bad and you can combine it with other very 'preppy' clothes.

Well-fitting garments

The garment must fit the body, fit elegantly. It should highlight the figure, but without being too daring and much less vulgar.

Accessories such as belts and scarves

It is great to use these accessories, accessories are essential in this fashion, this is how leather belts, scarves or classic jewelry are required in preppy fashion.

Appropriate footwear, such as loafers or ballerinas

The right footwear is reinforced, it is trendy, comfortable but sophisticated, with quality materials and above all discreet colors. It is very important that it be a clean-cut shoe with a comfortable sole and that in no case does it look ordinary.

Knitwear, such as sweaters or cardigans

If these garments are knitted, they are very typical of this fashion, wool sweaters and adding layers to your outfits will give you style and will be very 'preppy'. They can even be unisex garments, since usually the prints of this type of fashion allow it. So don't be afraid to share this garment with your girl or boy.

Nautical-inspired garments

This is a classic, blue or red stripes on white do not fail. Incorporate sailor jackets, accessories that have anchors, rudders or something similar. It will give a very chic touch!

Combinations of formal and informal garments

The ability to combine formal and informal garments, for example, a traditional white shirt with jeans, blazer and sneakers or loafers. Or a jogger with a knitted or striped cardigan or sweater.

Accessories such as pearl necklaces or brooches

These are essential in this style, the idea is that they add a sophisticated and elegant touch. Try that when you use them they are protagonists and they take all the looks.

Care in personal presentation and grooming

Fundamental order in personal care, clean and well painted nails, with inconspicuous colors, impeccable hairstyle and very natural skin and makeup. In this case, remember that less is more, so simplicity is key for this style to prosper.

Famous icons of the preppy trend

There are some fashion icons that have been characterized by this style, making it even more popular among the people. Some examples of these 'celebrities' are: Grace Kelly (actress and princess of Monaco), Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl), Reese Witherspoon, Anya Taylor Joy, Nicky Hilton and Elle Fanning, among others.

10 preppy style clothes for women

If despite these data, you are not sure what to wear, we give you 10 ideas of clothes that you can find at, take note and put together your 2023 clothing style :

A-line dress

Denim blue dress with adjustable belt at the waist. Very basic and great for this fashion.

Striped sweater

Another basic of this style, combine them with chino pants and you will look spectacular.


Multiposition scarf, size: 70x70cm, ideal as a complement to your wardrobe.

Beige pants

Goes with everything! Simple, elegant and that you can combine with different colors or clothes.

Begur pants with vest

The bestseller of the first summer has returned in an improved version. High-waisted pants with a zipper, and two front and back pockets, combine it with a vest and it looks great.

Blue pants

Very flattering, comfortable, with zipper and pockets.

Checkered short

For the summer nothing more fresh and beautiful. Gingham check shorts. With elastic at the waist and two pockets.

Blue shirt



Loose fit denim blue shirt with matching buttons. Ideal to complement this fashion.

Brown vest

Beige vest with buttons so you can wear it open as a jacket or closed as a top.


Include some glasses in your casual look , there are many styles that can accommodate your tastes with a very preppy touch.

    We also give you some ideas of this fashion for men. Dare to try it!

    5 Preppy style clothes for men


    The touch of cotton and its quality make it a must in this style.

    Gray joggers

    Look for something to give it that touch of sophistication and you will see how the look rises.

    Pastel sweatshirt

    Even if it is sporty you can look elegant. It's about knowing how to combine and what better to achieve a style with a careless air, but perfectly impeccable with this pastel blue sweatshirt.

    Blue jogging pants

    Super comfortable and that you can adapt with other clothes to give it that style you want.

    Striped shirt or sweater

    This is a spectacular unisex. Remember that stripes are a preppy fashion staple, so incorporate them into your outfits.

      Remember that at Clotsy Brand you can make all your purchases and assemble your preppy style at will!


      Although they say that fashion is what suits you, it is true that today there are several garments that you can accommodate to give yourself a great and original style. Preppy fashion, for example, is elegant, basic and modern at the same time, so by reviewing different garments you can choose the one you like the most to follow this trend and look sophisticated or sophisticated, without losing validity or relevance. Do not wait any longer and try some of the ideas that we give you here, you will surely take more than one look.

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