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What is Green Friday? The alternative to Black Friday

Green Friday began to fight against consumerism and compulsive purchases that take place on Black Friday , also, due to the discounts that are available, thousands of individuals purchase unnecessary products. If you are interested in learning more about Green Friday, stick around to learn more about it!

What is Green Friday?

The Green Friday movement is known for promoting sustainability and environmental protection. It is an option that responds to Black Friday, a celebration that originated in the United States to celebrate the acquisition of products for the Christmas season, after Thanksgiving.

Green Friday began thanks to the European Commission, with the help of environmental organizations such as Ecodes, Ecoserveis and WWF. All this idea began with the purpose of reducing the level of compulsive purchases and promoting conscious and responsible consumption, considering the negative effect that consumerism brings with it.

We must be aware of what is really worth buying and what is not. It is important to understand how necessary it is to consume responsibly, satisfying daily needs, without having to harm the environment.

When is green friday?

The last Friday of November is Green Friday, after "Buy Nothing Day", also known as a celebration that encourages reducing consumerism and protecting the environment.

The focus of Green Day is to defend small businesses, recycling and second-hand products. Being a totally different movement compared to Black Friday that does not stop promoting unnecessary consumerism.

Why is green day celebrated?

The purpose is to face the consumerism caused by Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday , promoting the protection of the environment. In addition to raising awareness of the impact generated by electrical products or other elements that are sold at discounts, since the majority of citizens consume these products only on impulse and not out of necessity.

In addition, today there are more and more numerous products that are manufactured of poor quality on purpose to have a short period of use, forcing the consumer to discard it and replace it with another. Hence their cheap prices. For this reason, it is necessary to celebrate Green Day, because it is important to reduce the compulsive purchases that are generated year after year, and the impact that Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday generate on the planet.

The best alternative is to opt for products from local businesses and support the trade, buying Christmas gifts with respectful materials or second-hand, since they do not negatively affect our environment.

Green Friday vs. Black Friday

Some of the western countries welcomed this American celebration, known as Black Friday. However, NGOs and activists that promote the protection of the environment, took the initiative in demonstrating that there is another way of consumption, one that does not harm and that is sustainable, following the model offered by Fair Trade, a movement that encourages respectful actions. and sustainable in trade.

It is important to note that Green Friday is known as the “anti Black Friday”, followed by “Buy Nothing Day”. In these two cases, the purpose is to sensitize individuals so that they are aware of the huge effect that compulsive consumerism has on the planet. Betting on recycling and second-hand products.

The conflict with this day of offers is that they promote consumerism in an uncontrolled way, encouraging the citizen to obtain products just by buying them, that is, they do not acquire them out of necessity, and this is normally known as an irresponsible act with the environment. ambient.

Therefore, the best option is to act consciously with our environment, obtaining products that you really need and moving from Black Friday to Green Friday.

How can you support green day?

Although Black Friday is a day of sales and is generally perfect for buying many products at a good price. It is important to note that your commitment to the planet and opting for sustainability should have much more weight . However, you should promote sensible consumption and not fall for discounts. We recommend you think about whether you really need what you want to buy or it is simply a whim that does not meet any need in your daily life.

Therefore, the first point to be part of the Green Friday movement is to avoid making impulse purchases and be aware of your unsustainable actions. Another option you can opt for is to restore damaged products and avoid throwing them away if they can still be used. In addition, you can choose local products and support businesses in your neighborhood.

If you are still not sure what you should do to be part of this movement, here is what you should consider:

  • Avoid discounts and do not purchase products on Black Friday.
  • Opt for brands with the Green Friday initiative.
  • Think about whether you really need the product you want to buy.
  • Change damaged products instead of throwing them away.
  • Acquire second-hand and ecofriendly items, in addition to opting for local commerce.
  • Promote Green Friday and sustainability in order for people to opt for a better quality of life and protect the environment.
  • Avoid brands that do greenwashing .

How to act step by step?

  1. Write a month before, a list of things you need to buy.
  2. During the month of Black Friday you will see different offers. Write them down in a different section and after about 3 days think about whether you still need them. If not, delete them as they are impulses.
  3. On Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday follow the list you have made. If you buy an additional product that was not there, think a few days later if you really needed it and if not, you can return it or purchase the learning for next year.

What companies join the green friday?

The brands that join the Green Friday movement and opt for more sustainable and responsible consumption are the following:

  • Sepiia: they donate a garment every time they sell one to the organization "Your image, your opportunity", with the aim of supporting socially excluded people, with appropriate clothing for interviews and for their first days of work.
  • Ecoalf: carried out the campaign "Break the habit, not the Planet", to face Black Friday and reduce compulsive consumption.
  • Patagonia: is a forerunner in caring for the Planet, in addition to promoting environmental protection through its Patagonia Action Works platform.
  • Alohas: brand that offers discounted footwear with the motto “It takes Moxies to say no to Black Friday”, rewarding sustainable customers. However, it does not encourage compulsive buying.
  • Swyft: announced that it will not offer any discounts on Black Friday, with the aim of encouraging people to value the armchair they have in their home.
  • IKEA: establishes that customers can have a 50% discount on new products, when returning used IKEA furniture. Promoting an ecological lifestyle, encouraging people to make more responsible decisions when purchasing a new product.
  • Rituals: Offer your customers ideal promotions at your sustainable retailers so they don't have to discount an entire line of cosmetics. This brand prefers to take care of you, your wallet, and at the same time protect the planet with this initiative.
  • Sofology – launched a fully sustainable sofa that can be reused, handcrafted from durable, woven fabric. Sofology does not promote compulsive purchases, instead, it offers a product that is highly durable and does not harm the planet.
  • Teemill: It is a platform that is dedicated to the main circular economy around the world, which is developing, together with its 10,000 stores, asking its customers to return the clothes they do not use. The products that are developed will be renewed with Remill technology and will be completely new garments. As well as offering the customer a £5 credit towards their future purchase.


The Green Friday movement began with the aim of avoiding the compulsive purchases that Black Friday promotes, a whole day with promotional products that you don't necessarily need. For this reason, it is important to be aware of what elements you need to acquire and what not, which are necessary for your day to day? Opt for products from local shops, artisans and thrift stores. Do your bit and promote environmental protection, for a more responsible and sustainable world. Consider how crucial it is to take care of the planet and the massive pollution that consumerism generates.

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