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Clothing and Dress Styles: Best Guide 2024 Find yours!

If you are someone who likes to be fashionable and always looking for new trends to look amazing, then this article is perfect for you. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the most popular clothing styles for 2023, so you can find yours and look amazing. Let us begin!

Classic style

Sophisticated and elegant, it is based on timeless garments, neutral colours, elegant structured cuts, such as suits, blazers, shirts and pencil skirts. It is characterized by having simple lines and neutral colors.

Bohemian style

Inspired by nature and freedom, it combines loose garments, floral prints, light fabrics, ethnic accessories and bright colours. Different textures and ethnic elements are combined to create a free and relaxed look.

Minimalist style

It is characterized by simplicity and the absence of decorations, with garments with clean lines, neutral colors and quality materials. Visual harmony and functionality are sought in each garment, avoiding excesses and unnecessary decorations.

Retro style

Pay homage to decades past, like the 50s, 60s or 70s, with vintage clothing and accessories, retro prints and iconic silhouettes. In the retro style, we can find garments such as A-line dresses, blouses with large collars, flared pants, leather jackets, pencil skirts, and wool coats.

Sport style

Comfortable and functional, it is based on sportswear, such as sweatshirts, sneakers and leggings, combined with urban elements. The sporty style is a trend that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its comfort and practicality.

Romantic style

Feminine and delicate, it is characterized by garments with lace, ruffles, pastel colors and floral prints. This style can be adapted to different occasions, from formal events to casual and daily looks. This is an elegant and charming style that never goes out of style.

Rock style

Rebellious and bold, it is based on leather garments, studs, leopard prints and dark colors such as black and red. Look for a rebellious and casual look, inspired by punk and rock culture. preppy style

Inspired by the fashion of elite universities, it combines classic garments such as blazers, polo shirts, pleated skirts and traditional colors. The garments are usually of high quality and made from natural materials, such as cotton, silk or wool. Accessories are also important in this style, such as loafers, ties, scarves, and hats.

Urban style

Modern and edgy, it is characterized by street-inspired garments such as skinny jeans, graphic tees and trendy sneakers. The clothes are usually from popular brands and the colors are usually dark and neutral. Street style can also include oversized pieces, statement accessories, and designer details.

Urban Chic Style

It is a variant of the urban style that focuses on creating a more sophisticated and elegant look, using high-quality clothing and accessories with artistic details. It combines elements of streetwear with elements of couture fashion, such as fur coats, elegant leather boots, designer jewelery and designer bags.

Glamorous style

Elegant and striking, it is based on garments with glitter, sequins, satin fabrics and striking colors such as gold and silver. This style focuses on clothing and accessories that stand out and make a bold fashion statement. They can include evening dresses, beaded tops, sequined skirts, and silk pants.

Ethnic style

It incorporates elements and patterns from different cultures, such as tribal prints, handcrafted fabrics, and ethnic accessories. This style addresses cultural diversity and in celebrating the traditions of different ethnicities. Garments can include tunics, embroidered blouses, long skirts, and loose-fitting pants in natural fabrics such as cotton and silk.

Professional style

Sophisticated and polished, it focuses on tailored suits, elegant blouses, pencil skirts and heels, ideal for formal work settings. Typical garments for this style include suit jackets, dressy blouses, pencil skirts, and dress pants. Professional style is a way to present a polished, sophisticated, and confident image in the workplace and in formal situations.

Streetwear style

Based on urban fashion and street culture, it combines oversized garments, hoodies, hats and branded sneakers. Clothes can be from popular brands, and are often mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind custom look. This style is appealing to those seeking a relaxed yet distinctive look.

Gothic style

Dark and dramatic, it is characterized by garments in black tones, lace, leather, corsets and accessories with gothic details. Accessories that complement this look include lace chokers, cross hoop earrings, silver rings, and gothic print bags. The Gothic style is a form of individual expression and can be elegant and sophisticated.

Vintage style

Inspired by fashion from decades past, it draws on retro clothing and accessories, including pin-up dresses, vintage hats, and antique jewelry. Vintage is a way of bringing fashion from the past to the present, and it can be elegant, sophisticated and very feminine.

Casual-Chic Style

Comfortable, yet elegant, mix casual pieces like jeans and T-shirts with sophisticated elements like blazers and quality shoes. This style is comfortable and is based on the idea that fashion does not have to be rigid and formal to be elegant.

Artistic style

Creative and unique, it is based on original garments and accessories with artistic prints, vibrant colors and unusual combinations. It's a way to take fashion to the next level and create a look that is truly unique.

Retro-Modern Style

He fuses retro elements with modern touches, using vintage pieces mixed with contemporary pieces for a fresh and updated look. It focuses on clothing and accessories that have a retro feel, but also look current and contemporary.

Formal style

Geared towards special occasions, it relies on formal suits, elegant evening dresses and sophisticated accessories for a refined and polished look. Typical garments for this style include evening gowns, suit jackets, tuxedos, ties, and dress shoes. Colors are usually dark and neutral, such as black, gray, and navy blue, and fabrics are often high-quality, such as silk or velvet.

Aesthetic style

It focuses on creating a visually appealing and harmonious look, using elements of fashion and pop culture. This style is characterized by pastel colors, checkered patterns, oversized garments, sneakers, and branded accessories.

Cool style

The Cool Style is based on a relaxed and casual appearance, but with a touch of originality and personal style. Combine basic pieces, such as jeans and t-shirts, with creative and sophisticated elements, such as leather jackets and quality accessories.

What is the current fashion trend in 2023?

This 2023 is a year to reinvent yourself, after the pandemic that completely changed the way you look, which is much more remarkable in the next season, since the feminine silhouette will continue to be in trend in the transparencies that are present in blouses and in dresses of various cuts and lengths.

On the other hand, pants at the waist are another garment that will continue to stand out more and more. In addition, mini garments will continue to be essential, when it comes to revealing the skin and the gold color is one of the main fashion colors in this 2023 .

Sandals and short dresses will save your life this summer , as well as boots during the fall and party dresses with coats during the winter. In addition, throughout the year the combination of jeans with loafers or sneakers will not go out of style. So play with your clothes and look better than ever!

Make it sustainable!

Whatever your style and the type of clothing you like to wear, always implement a sustainable lifestyle . Always choose garments that are ecological and respectful of the environment, such as the sustainable clothing . You can start by visiting the Clotsy Brand store and discover the wide variety of vegan clothing that can be adapted to your style and that are also committed to protecting the planet. You will see that there are garments made of organic cotton , linen , viscose , lyocell , corduroy and vegan leather .

Remember that if you want to be part of sustainable fashion, whether you buy Clotsy clothes or not, you must check that said clothes comply with the Gots Certificate .


Go ahead and try these looks! And why not, combine some with the incredible glasses in the store, there is a variety of styles and colors.


Choosing a style of clothing and dress can be a challenging task, but it is an exciting opportunity to express your personality and lifestyle . Clothing styles range from casual to formal, vintage to artsy, meaning there's something for everyone.

In 2023, fashion will continue to evolve and offer new options, so look for the style that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and have fun experimenting with different combinations of clothes and accessories!

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