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What Clothes Favor Short Women? 20 Looks You're Going to Love

Dressing a petite body, which is characterized by being short and having smaller proportions, can be an exciting challenge in the fashion world. Although there are no strict rules when it comes to style and fashion, there are some general guidelines that can help enhance the beauty of people with petite bodies and highlight their assets. In this blog, we will explore tips and advice on how to dress and choose clothes that flatter those with this body type, highlighting your personal style and accentuating your figure in a harmonious way. From color choices to silhouettes and accessories, you'll discover how to create a wardrobe that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident and stylish.

What is a petite body?

A petite body refers to a shorter stature and smaller physical proportions compared to the average population. Although there is no specific definition or precise measurements for what constitutes a petite body, a person is generally considered to have a petite body if they are less than 5'4" (around 163 cm) in women or less than 5'8" (about 173 cm) in men. In addition to height, people typically have shorter limbs and torsos relative to their overall height, as well as a thinner or petite build. It is important to note that having a petite body is not related to age, shape or weight, since there are people of different ages and complexions who can have petite bodies. When it comes to dressing, many people with petite bodies look for clothes and styles that help balance their figure and create the illusion of a taller stature, as well as highlight their personal characteristics in a flattering way.

Characteristics of a petite body

Short stature

They are usually shorter than 5'4" (about 163 cm) in women and shorter than 5'8" (about 173 cm) in men.

Smaller proportions

In addition to short stature, people with petite bodies often have shorter limbs and torsos in relation to their overall height.

Small build

The build is usually slimmer, with narrow shoulders and hips.

Small sizes

They tend to wear smaller clothing sizes, such as XS, S, or 0-4 in women, and shorter clothing sizes in men.

Fewer prominent curves

In general, people with petite bodies tend to have less pronounced curves compared to taller people or those with a triangle or pear body shape.

Variable personal characteristics

Although these are common characteristics of a petite body, it is important to remember that each individual is unique and may have variations in their build, shape and height.

How to dress if you are short?

Tops and blouses


V-necklines are an excellent choice, as they visually elongate your neck and upper body, creating the illusion of height. Blouses with this type of neckline can be very flattering, both for petite women and for those who have an hourglass body.

Tight blouses

Opt for blouses that fit your figure well, but not too tight. This will highlight your curves without overwhelming you and will make you look taller.

Cropped blouses

Shorter tops, reaching the waist or top of the hips, can help visually lengthen the legs and give the impression of taller stature.

3/4 sleeve or rolled sleeves

Blouses with 3/4 sleeves or roll-up sleeves can help elongate your arms and create a slimmer look.

Patterns and vertical prints

Opt for tops with stripes or vertical patterns, as these can give the illusion of greater height. Avoid horizontal patterns, which can visually shorten your figure.

Blouses with vertical details

Look for blouses that have vertical details, such as pleats, seams, or buttons along the front. These details help create visual lines that elongate your figure.

Thin belts

If you wear longer blouses, consider adding a thin belt at the waist. This can create a split in your body and enhance your figure.

Sleeveless blouses or blouses with transparent sleeves

Sleeveless blouses or blouses with transparent sleeves can give the impression of longer, more slender arms.

Solid colors and neutral tones

Solid colors and neutral tones are ideal for creating a longer, sleeker look. Dark colors, such as black, navy blue, and gray, are particularly effective.

Asymmetrical blouses

Tops with asymmetrical hemlines or layers can add visual interest to your outfit without making you look smaller.

Avoid very long blouses

Avoid extremely long blouses that reach below the hips, as they can shorten your figure. Opt for blouses that stop at the waist or top of the hip.

Pants and skirts

Pants for petites

High-waisted pants

All types of jeans that are high-waisted, those that are worn at the waist, can visually lengthen the legs and create a taller appearance. They are an excellent option.

Flared or straight pants

Flared or straight pants, which fall over your shoes without dragging on the floor, are ideal for creating a slim silhouette.

Shorts or ankle pants

Pants that hit at or just above ankle length are a great choice, as they prevent fabric from bunching up around your ankles and make you look taller.

Avoid pants that are too wide

Excessively baggy pants can overwhelm your figure and make you look smaller. Opt for pants that fit your legs well without being too tight.

Dark colors

Dark colored pants, such as black or navy blue, are ideal for creating a slimmer, longer look.

Know the 7 trend colors

Skirts for petites

Waist skirts

As with pants, skirts worn at the waist help elongate the legs and create a taller appearance.

Medium or short length skirts

Skirts that reach or just above the knee are a good choice, as they prevent the skirt from being too long and dragging on the floor.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are fitted at the top and taper towards the bottom, which can enhance your curves and give a slim look.

Skirts with slits

Skirts with front or side slits can add a touch of style and help balance your figure.

Avoid skirts that are too voluminous

Skirts with a lot of volume or pleats can make you look smaller. Opt for skirts with a cleaner, more structured cut.

Colors and patterns

As with pants, skirts in dark colors and vertical patterns are ideal for elongating your look.


Dresses of suitable length

Opt for dresses that fall above or just above the knee. Shorter skirts will help elongate your legs and give the impression of greater height.

Waist-cut dresses

Dresses that have a cut at the waist or an accentuated belt in that area can help create a slimmer appearance and define your figure.

V neckline or U neckline

Dresses with a V or U-shaped neckline are ideal, as they visually lengthen the neck and upper part of the body, which can give the impression of greater height.

Fitted or empire-cut dresses

Bodycon dresses that highlight your curves or empire-line dresses that fit just below the bust are options that can be favored, as they create a more defined shape and elongate the appearance of the legs.

Avoid very long dresses

Extremely long dresses that drag on the floor can shorten your figure. Opt for medium or short length dresses.

Colors, prints and fabrics The best for you!

Dark colors

Dark colors, such as black, navy blue, and gray, are great for creating a slimmer, longer look. Additionally, these colors are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. Learn what colors combine with black

Neutral colors

Neutral colors, such as white, beige, nude and light gray, are an excellent base for your wardrobe and can be easily combined with other colors such as lilac for example.

Contrast colors

If you want to add a pop of color, consider contrasting colors like red, green, or yellow, but use them sparingly. You can incorporate these colors in details or accessories. Learn how to Combine green and its range by clicking on the link.

Tonal colors

Creating an outfit in similar shades or monochromatic (using different shades of the same color) can help elongate your figure and create a stylish look.

I recommend that you learn about colorimetry in fashion and color blocking in fashion.


Vertical prints

Patterns with vertical lines or thin stripes can visually elongate your figure and give the illusion of greater height.

Small prints

Small prints, such as polka dots or small checks, can be flattering as they don't overwhelm your figure.

Discreet prints

If you prefer prints, opt for subtle, understated patterns rather than big, bold prints.


Light fabrics

Light fabrics, such as organic cotton , linen or silk fabric are ideal for creating a fresh and fluid look. They prevent your sustainable clothing looks too bulky.

Elastic fabrics

Fabrics with a little stretch, like spandex, can offer comfort and allow your clothes to fit your figure well.

Opaque fabrics

Avoid transparent or very thin fabrics, as they can make your figure look less defined.

Structured fabrics

Structured fabrics, such as tweed or full-bodied fabric, can give a more defined look and add visual interest to your outfit.

What accessories to use if I am short?

High heels

Heeled shoes are one of the most effective ways to add height and visually lengthen your legs. High heels, wedges, or platform shoes can be great options. In addition, pointed shoes elongate the figure even more.

Long necklaces

Long necklaces, such as pendants or long chains, create vertical lines that can elongate the appearance of your torso.

Thin scarves

Opt for thin scarves rather than bulky scarves, as the latter can overwhelm your figure. Thin scarves add a touch of style without adding visual weight.

Thin belts

Thin belts worn at the waist can help define your figure and create a visual division between your upper and lower body.

Small sunglasses

Small or medium-sized sunglasses tend to be more flattering on people of short stature, as they do not hide much of the face or overwhelm it.

Bags provided

Opt for moderately sized bags rather than large bags, as bags that are too large can look disproportionate on a short person. A properly sized bag will complement your height.

Dangle Earrings

Dangling or elongated earrings can create vertical lines that elongate the appearance of your neck and upper body.

Delicate rings

Delicate and understated rings are ideal for adding a touch of elegance without overwhelming your hands.

Thin bracelets

Thin, stackable bracelets can be a great choice as they don't add unnecessary bulk to your wrists.

Accessories in similar shades

Maintain a consistent color palette for your accessories. This can help create a more harmonious appearance and avoid visual cuts that shorten your figure.

What should you avoid if you are a short woman?

Excessively long pants or skirts

Avoid pants or skirts that drag on the floor, as they can make you look smaller. Opt for clothing that hits at or just above ankle height.

Wide leg pants

Wide-leg pants, like palazzo pants, can overwhelm your figure and make you look shorter. Instead, choose slim-fit or straight-leg pants.

Extremely long skirts or dresses

Skirts or dresses that reach below your ankles can make you look smaller. Opt for medium or short length clothes.

Wide belts

Wide belts can create a visual divide that shortens the appearance of your torso. Instead, choose belts that are thinner and sit high on your waist.

Excessively large accessories

Avoid accessories that are too large, such as oversized bags or bulky jewelry, as they can overwhelm your figure. Opt for accessories proportioned to your height.

Large or overwhelming prints

Very large or overwhelming prints can make you look smaller. Opt for small prints or subtle patterns.

Garments with a lot of volume

Avoid clothing with a lot of volume, such as layers or excessive ruffles, as they can add visual weight to your figure. Look for more structured garments.

High boots

High-top boots can visually shorten your legs. Opt for low or mid-top boots to maintain a longer look.

Excessively long blouses or tops

Blouses or tops that are too long can make your torso appear shorter. Choose clothes that fit well at your waist or hit your hips.

Bermuda shorts or capri pants

Avoid shorts, Bermuda shorts, or capri pants, as they tend to visually cut into your legs and make them appear shorter. Opt for long pants or skirts that reach or above the knee.

20 Outfits for short women

Xàbia Vichy Sunset Shirt by Clotsy

Clotsy black top everywhere

Romina Bordeaux Skirt by Clotsy

Helena Blanca Blouse by Clotsy

Clotsy Provence Blouse

Tips for dressing a petite body

Fit is key

Look for clothes that fit your body properly, avoiding being too baggy or too tight. A good fit is essential to enhance your curves and create a more streamlined appearance.

High rise

Opt for high-waisted pants, skirts and shorts, as they will elongate your legs and create a taller appearance. Combine them with blouses or t-shirts tucked into the waist to elongate your figure even more.


Dressing in a single color or similar shades can create a longer, leaner appearance by avoiding visual cuts that could shorten your figure.


Use accessories to add visual interest to your outfit. Long necklaces, statement earrings and thin scarves are ideal options to complement your style without overwhelming your figure.

Structured garments

Look for structured pieces that hold their shape and define your curves, such as blazers, jackets, and dresses with precise cuts.


In conclusion, dressing a petite body, characterized by short stature and smaller proportions, can be an exciting experience in the fashion world. By following a few key tips, you can enhance your figure and create a stylish and flattering look.

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