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GOTS Certificate: What does it guarantee us and why does it matter?

In the world of sustainable fashion , there is a certificate that stands out for its rigor and transparency: the GOTS certificate . If you are interested in ethical fashion and want to know more about this certificate, stay!

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know, from what it is, what it guarantees and which are the brands that have this certificate. Join us on this adventure for sustainable fashion and discover how the GOTS certificate can be an important tool for the conscious consumer.

What is the GOTS certificate?

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate is an international standard for the production of textiles and clothing, which guarantees that textile products are produced in a sustainable and responsible manner from a social and environmental point of view. It is issued by the international organization GOTS, and is designed to provide independent and reliable certification for textile products that meet certain sustainability standards.

The GOTS certificate takes into account the entire clothing production process, from the raw material to the final product . To obtain it, companies must comply with several requirements, such as the use of organic fibers, the elimination of toxic and dangerous chemical products, respect for labor rights, and compliance with environmental and social criteria.

Its goal is to encourage the production of sustainable textile products and promote responsible business practices in the fashion industry. By choosing GOTS-certified products, consumers can be sure that they are buying items that are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and also have the assurance that you are leading a sustainable way of life .

Because it is important?

The GOTS certificate guarantees the sustainability of clothing production . This means that GOTS-certified textiles are produced in a sustainable and responsible way, which is essential to protect the planet and preserve natural resources.

On the other hand, it promotes sustainable and responsible fashion and protects the health of consumers . For this reason, certified companies must comply with safety regulations to guarantee that textile products do not contain toxic or dangerous substances that could put consumers' health at risk.

Promotes transparency in the fashion industry . Certified companies must disclose information about their production process and their suppliers. This enables consumers to make more informed and conscious purchasing decisions, which is critical to fostering a more transparent and responsible fashion industry.

Finally, the GOTS certificate contributes to the preservation of the environment . Promotes sustainable and responsible practices in the production of clothing, which reduces the environmental impact of the textile industry. In addition, the use of organic fibers contributes to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

What does it guarantee us?

The GOTS certificate guarantees several important aspects related to the production of textiles and garments:

Organic materials

It ensures that the materials used in the production of the garments are organic. This means that the fibers used in production are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which is important to protect the health of workers, biodiversity and the environment.

Respectful processes

The GOTS certificate indicates that the methods that are implemented in the manufacture of garments or textiles do not generate a great impact on the environment. Since the brands that have this certification are committed to the use of less polluting and more sustainable processes.

Fair working conditions

Workers involved in the production of clothing are treated fairly and respectfully. This includes respect for labor rights, the elimination of child and forced labor, as well as the promotion of safe and healthy working conditions.

For this reason, certified companies that comply with strict social responsibility standards guarantee that their employees work under decent working conditions.

End product quality

It guarantees that the final product, that is, the garments we buy, meet certain quality standards. This includes resistance to fading and wear, softness, comfort, and ease of care.

How do you get GOTS certification?

GOTS certification is obtained through an audit process carried out by a GOTS accredited certification organization. The certification process is divided into several stages:

Stage 1 - Application

The company applies for GOTS certification from a GOTS-accredited certification organization.

Stage 2 - Initial assessment

The certification organization carries out an initial assessment to determine whether the company meets the requirements of the GOTS standard.

Stage 3 - Certification audit

If the company meets the requirements of the GOTS standard, a certification audit is executed in which the company's compliance with all the criteria of the standard is assessed.

Stage 4 - Evaluation and approval

The organization evaluates the audit results and decides whether the company meets the requirements of the standard. If the company meets all the requirements, the GOTS certification is issued.

Stage 5 - Surveillance

The certification organization establishes regular surveillance audits to ensure that the company continues to meet the requirements of the GOTS standard.

It should be noted that the GOTS certification applies to the entire production process of organic textiles , from obtaining raw materials to the final product. Therefore, the company must meet the criteria set out in the GOTS standard at all stages of the production process.

Some of the criteria that are evaluated include the use of certified organic fibers, the elimination of toxic chemicals, the implementation of sustainable practices and the protection of labor rights.

Examples of GOTS Certified Trademarks

There are many brands around the world that have the GOTS certificate, however, on this occasion we will only mention a few of them. Pay attention!

Clotsy Brand

Clotsy Brand is a store of sustainable, vegan and ecological clothing , where many of its collections are made with materials such as, organic cotton , plastic bottles, vegan leather , corduroy fabric , recycled polyester, lyocell fabric , linen fabric , among others. Its objective is to reduce the impact on the environment by offering ecological and respectful articles.


Each of the categories of their vegan clothing is suitable for all skin types, so they do not cause itchy skin . Go ahead and look amazing with her clothes that are also slow fashion ! Try taking a look at the sustainable dresses made with lyocell fabric from their ¨ Respect ¨ collection, you will see that they are ideal for this summer.

Also check out her new collection of scarves, they are just beautiful and can be worn in so many different ways!


Ecoalf is a Spanish brand that offers sustainable clothing for men and women. They use recycled and organic materials as an alternative to produce items with the same quality of products made from non-recycled materials. On the other hand, they focus on the circular economy and on reducing textile waste.

Thinking Mu

Thinking Mu use organic cotton and sustainable materials to make their garments. Since, its main objective is to produce fashion with the least possible impact, working together with ethical companies in India and Portugal.


Skunkfunk is a sustainable fashion brand aimed at women. He usually uses organic cotton and recycled elements in the production of his garments. In addition, it focuses on local production, reducing its environmental footprint and guaranteeing optimal conditions for its producers.

Organic Cotton Colors

Organic Cotton Colors is a company known for using organic cotton without dyeing or bleaching, since it takes advantage of the natural colors of the seed (brown and raw green). In addition to this, they usually work with ethical factories in Spain.


The GOTS certificate is an important guarantee for consumers and for the textile industry in general, since it ensures that textile products are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, from obtaining raw materials to production and delivery. labelled. In addition, it also ensures that labor rights are respected and that fair and ethical production methods are used.

GOTS certification can be an incentive for companies to improve their practices and become leaders in sustainability and social responsibility.

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