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Comfy Style: What it is and Trending Garments

Today you no longer have to decide between being pretty or being comfortable, since the comfy style combines both. Inherited from the pandemic, where we were wearing joggers and large overalls all day, today it is a style that combines joggers with leather jackets and fabrics that are softer to the touch. You can mix between more elegant pieces above and more informal below, or vice versa. Here we will show you some options.

What is the comfy style?

Athleisure pants (joggers, leggings, even shorts) combined with formal tops, sweatshirts, under blazers and joggers with stilettos. The fashionable look is the comfy style that, as its name suggests, starts with comfortable clothes to achieve a chic look. Or, what is the same, a comfortable set without losing an iota of style. An ideal combination for these times! Comfy means comfortable, comfortable and this style is characterized by the search for comfort without giving up a chic and well-groomed look. It seems contradictory, but the truth is that this style has become a must for absolutely all occasions. We can use this type of outfit for work, for some informal outing or for more elegant events. We just have to take good care of how we do the combinations.

Origin of the comfy style

The explosion of the comfy style came in 2020 with the pandemic. And it is that this year completely transformed our lifestyle. From the time at home and the need to opt for more comfortable and relaxed looks, this trend was born that now jumps to street style. Of course, very evolved! From jogger pants with a sweatshirt and sneakers we have gone on to combinations with lingerie tops and stilettos. Undoubtedly, it is a style that continues to evolve, continuously discovering new combinations. The fabrics are also very important in the comfort of the garments, the qualities and processes of the materials have also improved a lot in recent years. We are increasingly aware of the importance they play and we are much more demanding when it comes to dressing.


How to incorporate Comfy clothing into your personal style

Mix and match with other clothes

We have seen this before, but basically it consists of being able to include more informal pieces to your formal pieces. Think, for example, of softer fabric pants. These are made with fabrics that adapt to the body and do not oppress, such as cargo, palazzos, those that show the ankle a bit. You can also think of jeans that are not necessarily rigid, but with an elasticated waist. To that you add a t-shirt and a wide diver and you get the style. You can opt for jogger-style pants with a shirt and a leather jacket or a blazer and heels.

Add accessories to give it a special touch

We have discussed it in other posts but you can always elevate your look using accessories. Try going for more sober options in gold or silver tones if you want to add elegance. A discreet and elegant watch can be the bow of this look.

Combine with fashion elements to create trendy looks

If you prefer a more daring look, you can choose to use the most fashionable clothes today. Cropped tops that reveal the navel, bright colors, and cargo pants can be a good complement, as well as a parachute-style jacket.

What clothes do you need to have a comfy style?

Oversized sweatshirts

Black zip sweatshirt •

Neutral color sweaters

Green Hygge sweater •

Neutral or patterned blazer

Baggy pants

Beige Begur trousers

Plain or patterned dungarees

Anaga Green and Blue Breastplate


Gray jogging pants •

Black jogging pants •

Mom jean

Neutral color sets

Ocean Set • Shirt + Pants

Oversized biker

Low platform sneakers or sandals

Corfu sandals • brown

Basic shirts with prints or phrases

Clotsy t-shirt female

Loose mid-calf and long dresses

Arrebol Beige Dress

Famous referents of comfy fashion

The comfy look has been prevailing among fashionistas who have begun to go out with a more comfortable and home style. This has been shown by some of the greatest fashion references such as Candela Vetrano or Florencia Torrente.

Cande Vetrano Florence Torrente

famous references

They have baggy clothes and a cotton set in a pastel color, a contribution to this season's trend. To this you can also add the wide dresses, pajama pants or loose shirts, even combined with ruffles and lace.

Another reference is Juanita Tinelli. Juanita began to take her first steps as an elite model at the beginning of 2022 in France and, since then, she has become a fashion benchmark for all girls her age who seek to copy or be inspired by her style. The brunette poses in front of the cameras with very played outfits to go out dancing and, during the day, with neutral clothes.

To travel, explore cities and relax, she usually opts for comfy outfits, in this case with wide black pants and overalls. I also choose to accessorize it with headphones. In the photograph you can see that Juana opted for a total black and baggy clothes, which became a trend because they are cancheras and comfortable for any activity. The oversize diver is from the famous Calvin Klein brand and its letters contrast in white with the garment.

Read about the oversize style in this link.

patterned clothing

Eugenia Silva has become a benchmark in the world of fashion. The model has shown us that, despite her sophisticated, 'chic' and elegant style, she knows how to wear 'comfy' looks without losing sight of her style.

Eugenia Silva

7 Ideas to combine comfy clothes with style

Look 1

Oversized t-shirt and leggings. Opt for a loose and comfortable t-shirt along with stretchy leggings. You can add some sneakers for a casual touch. Another option is to combine an oversized blazer in a soft fabric with a basic t-shirt and comfortable jeans. Add white sneakers to keep the look relaxed.

Look 2

Knitted sweater and boyfriend jeans. Pair a soft knit sweater with boyfriend jeans. Moccasins or slip-on shoes will complete this look.

Look 3

Shirt dress and sneakers. Choose a flowy shirtdress in a soft fabric and pair it with comfortable sneakers for a more elegant yet relaxed touch.

Look 4

Light blouse and elastic waist pants. Wear a loose but professional blouse along with some elastic waist pants to be comfortable during your work days at home. You can add a corduroy blazer in earth tones to elevate the look a bit.

Look 5

Opt for a matching set of pants and top in a soft fabric. You can find sets in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Look 6

baggy jumpsuit A loose and comfortable jumpsuit is a great option. You can combine it with sandals or white sneakers for an informal touch.

Look 7

Maxi dress. A flowy, lightweight maxi dress will provide you with comfort and style. Add some accessories to complete the look.

Comfy fabrics

There are certain fabrics that are naturally comfy. You can choose the following:


The linen It is a vegetable fiber that is composed mainly of cellulose.

It comes from the stem of the flax plant, whose edible seed is called linseed.


the fabric of Organic cotton is a fine, soft, all-natural fabric that is easy to dye and wash. With cotton, magnificent garments can be worked and spun, thanks to its properties; it can resist high temperatures, has a color fastness to washing, sweat, light and dry and wet rubbing.


Tencel spandex fabric has a unique softness and wears comfortably with a silky feel, attractive shapes and bright colors. Find out what tencel is to be able to differentiate it from other fabrics when buying a garment.


Viscose fabric is a very versatile fiber with which you can make a multitude of garments, all of them comfortable, light and modern.

Buy comfy at Clotsy Brand

If you liked this fashion (we EN-CAN-TA) we suggest you go to the website of clotsy . There you will find total looks (to match) as unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. There are also accessories, from comfortable shoes and design elements. No less, in addition to using comfortable fabrics, these are ecological.


Well dear, you have everything ready to encourage you to this look. Go ahead little by little to combine garments between the house with more formal ones. Don't worry, you don't have to leave the house in your pajamas, but already having some sports shoes will add a lot to your looks. You can start with monochrome looks in soft fabrics, like a sports outfit.

Take a look at other styles, read about them in the following articles: preppy trend , casual look and aesthetic clothing , rest assured that with each of them you will look splendid. Also, if you visit the blog carefully, you will see that there are many fashion tips, for example, it talks about the colorimetry in fashion , the blocking color and how to combine green and its range .

Dare to add more accessories and so you will elevate it. Above all, enjoy, that's what fashion is for!

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