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Hourglass Body: What It Is Like and Best Tips for Dressing It

The different body types refer to the different shapes and proportions that the human body can have. Each person has a unique physical constitution, and these differences can be grouped into several basic types. One of the most recognized body types is the "hourglass body." The hourglass body is characterized by having a narrow and well-defined waist, with hips and bust of a similar size, creating a balanced and harmonious silhouette.

What is an hourglass body?

It is a body type that is considered especially balanced and is often considered the ideal of beauty. In this body type, the waist is narrower and well defined, while the hips and bust are of a similar size. This creates a curvy and harmonious silhouette that resembles the shape of an hourglass. People with hourglass bodies typically have a proportional appearance and can wear a variety of clothing styles that enhance their natural curves. It is important to remember that beauty and self-esteem should not depend on body shape. Every body type is beautiful in its own way, and the key is to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Sustainable fashion and personal style, whether a comfy style or a Oversized style , they can help highlight the characteristics of each body type and enhance individual beauty.

How do you know if you have an hourglass body?

The hourglass body is characterized by a well-defined waist and balanced proportions in the hips and bust.

Take your measurements

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure your bust, waist and hips. Ask someone for help if necessary. Record these measurements in centimeters or inches.
Calculate the proportion

Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement

Also divide your bust measurement by your waist measurement. Ideal proportions for an hourglass body are usually around 0.7-0.75 for the waist-to-hip ratio and 0.7-0.75 for the waist-to-bust ratio.

Evaluate your results

If the calculated proportions are close to the ranges mentioned, you are more likely to have an hourglass body. This means that you have a narrower waist compared to your hips and bust, and your hips and bust are usually a similar size.

Observe your appearance

In addition to measurements, you can visually observe your figure. If you have a well-defined waist and your hips and bust are approximately the same size, you probably have an hourglass body.

How to dress an hourglass body?

Remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable and safe with your choice of sustainable clothing . There are no hard and fast rules, and fashion is a form of personal expression. Use these tips as a guide, but feel free to explore your own style and adapt them according to your preferences.

Highlight the waist

Opt for clothes that accentuate your waist, such as tight belts or fitted dresses and tops. A-line dresses with fitted silhouettes at the top that flare at the hips are ideal for highlighting your figure.


V and heart-shaped necklines are flattering to highlight your bust without exaggerating. Avoid high necklines, as they can make your chest appear smaller.

These types of V and sweetheart necklines also favor inverted triangle bodies .

Pants and skirts

Straight-leg or slightly flared pants are often an excellent choice for balancing your hips. Flare or A-line skirts also help to highlight your hips and highlight your figure.

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Colors and prints

Solid, dark colors on the bottom can help minimize the hips. Prints can be used on top to add interest and balance the figure. If you choose black garments for the bottom part and prints on top, but you are not sure what the color of that print should be, I recommend reading: Colors that combine with black

Fabrics and textures

Fabrics with some stretch, like spandex, can help enhance your curves. Avoid tight-fitting clothing that may make you feel uncomfortable.

Dresses and jumpsuits

Princess-line dresses or wide-leg jumpsuits are ideal for highlighting your shape.

Capes and jackets

A structured jacket or open cape can add dimension to your shoulders, which will balance your figure.


High heels can help lengthen your legs and improve your posture.


Use belts, long necklaces and earrings to draw attention to your waist and neckline.

Try different styles

Experiment with different styles and clothing items to find what works best for you. Every hourglass body is unique, and what works for one person may not work the same for another.

Fabrics and colors for an hourglass silhouette

If you have an hourglass silhouette, your main goal when choosing fabrics and colors is to enhance your natural curves and highlight the proportion of your waist to your hips and bust.

The best fabrics

Elastic fabrics

Opt for fabrics with some elasticity, such as spandex or elastane. These fabrics fit your curves and enhance your figure.

Denim fabric/denim

Jeans or denim skirts are an excellent option to highlight your curves. Look for denim fabrics that have a little stretch for a better fit (not overly structured jean, because it can ride up).

Satin and silk

Satin and silk fabrics can be elegant and flattering as they fall softly over your body.

Knit or jersey

The knit is comfortable and can be very flattering, especially in dresses or fitted tops.

Blunt point or neoprene

These fabrics are structured and maintain their shape, which helps define your curves.


Lace details on garments can add a feminine and sensual touch to your style.

The best colors

Next, we will talk a little about colorimetry in fashion :

Dark colors

Dark colors, such as black, navy blue or brown, can have a slimming effect and help visually minimize the areas you want to conceal.

Neutral tones

Neutral tones like white, gray or beige are versatile and stylish, and can be a solid foundation for your wardrobe. Another good option is the color green, learn how to combine green and its range

Monochrome colors

Wearing a single color from head to toe can help visually elongate your figure and keep attention on your curves.

Bright colors

Don't be afraid to use bright, bold colors on items you want to stand out, like a fitted dress or skirt.

Strategic prints

Prints can be used effectively to accentuate or minimize specific areas. For example, a print on the top can draw attention to your bust.

Color blocks

Playing with color blocks can help balance your figure. A dress or outfit with a dark color on the sides and a lighter color in the center can highlight your waist. To understand more, I recommend reading: color blocking

Looks for a slim hourglass body

Fitted dresses

Fitted dresses that follow the line of your body are ideal for highlighting your waist and curves. You can opt for sheath dresses, pencil dresses or wrap dresses.

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Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are an excellent option to highlight your figure. Pair them with fitted blouses or peplum tops to create a sophisticated ensemble.

This type of skirt is also ideal for a triangle or pear body shape, so if you know someone with this body type, recommend this garment to them.

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Dresses made to order

Tailored suits with tailored jackets and straight or slightly flared pants can enhance your curves and provide a professional and elegant look.

High waisted pants

High-waisted pants are ideal for highlighting your waist and curves. Combine them with fitted blouses or crop tops for a modern look.

Two-piece sets

Two-piece sets, like a crop top and matching skirt or pants, can be a great option for a coordinated look that shows off your curves.

Looks for a chubby hourglass body

A-line dresses

A-line dresses are a great option as they will highlight your curves while providing a balanced look. Look for dresses that are looser at the top and flare at the bottom.

Flared skirts

Full skirts, such as skater skirts or pleated skirts, can enhance your curves while hiding areas you don't want to highlight.

Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants can be comfortable and stylish. Opt for high-waisted pants that fit snugly at the waist and then flare out at the bottom.

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Peplum Cut Tops

Peplum tops have a silhouette that highlights the waist and hides problem areas. Pair them with matching pants or skirts.

Fitted tops and structured shirts

Fitted shirts and tops that follow your waist line can enhance your curves. Combine these clothes with pants or skirts that make you feel comfortable.

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Keys to highlight an hourglass silhouette

Highlighting an hourglass silhouette means highlighting the natural curves of your body, highlighting the proportion between the waist, hips and bust.

Fitted clothing

Opt for fitted clothes that follow the line of your body without being too tight. Dresses, tops and fitted skirts will enhance your curves and highlight your waist.


Belts are your best allies to highlight your waist. Use belts that fit snugly at the narrowest part of your waist to create an hourglass shape.

Flattering necklines

V and heart-shaped necklines are ideal for enhancing the bust without exaggerating. You can also opt for square necklines or boat necklines to accentuate your shoulders.

A-line dresses and skirts

A-line garments, which are tighter at the top and gradually flare at the bottom, are ideal for highlighting your hips and thighs while maintaining a defined waist.

Appropriate pants and jeans

Look for straight-leg or slightly flared pants that balance your hips and thighs. Avoid pants that are too tight as they can make you feel uncomfortable.

Celebrities with an hourglass body

Sofia Vergara


Scarlett Johansson


The hourglass body, whether slim or more curved, is one of the most balanced and flattering silhouettes in terms of proportion. It highlights the waist and natural curves, giving it an attractive and harmonious appearance. People with an hourglass silhouette have the advantage that many clothes suit them well. Both fitted dresses and flared skirts, wide-leg or A-line pants, among other styles, are options that can adapt to this figure. Both on slim bodies and on more curvy bodies, the key to highlighting the hourglass figure is to highlight the waist. Belts, fitted dresses and garments with details at the waist are essential elements to highlight this feature.

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